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Speargun reviews in action – Pathos Sniper-R 115

Hello my friends! As from this episode, a new series of videos related to a great passion of mine begins; Everyone knows I’m a speargun fanatic I like to hunt with various models and I have a personal collection of over 25 guns As a publisher of Deep and Deep Worldwide magazines I ‘ve hunted with almost every speargun in the world So, we decided with the deep team to take it to the next level by making videos of testing spearguns in real action conditions and sharing the results and the overall experience with you We will begin with a speargun prototype the Pathos Sniper-R 115 This speargun has been under testing from the company for a long time however, it was only until last December that my friend and owner of Pathos, Aggelos Michalopoulos gave me one prototype for field testing during my recent blue water hunting trip to Zanzibar Pathos Sniper-R –R for roller– is the first and only one, as far I know, industrial production roller speargun meaning that it’s not a customized conventional one or a wooden or carbon speargun that also considered to be semi-custom This speargun was designed as a roller and is manufactured in special molds And that’s what makes it one of a kind It has a cuttle shape barrel and also this innovative hard plastic floater which has three positions for the roller band This extra part offers more rigidness and better buoyancy It is a common practice in most roller manufacturers to use an extra “conventional” rubber band which is called “the Booster” There’s a reason for the booster’s existence; the roller band has an acceleration lag so, the booster gives that extra acceleration force to the shaft right after the shaft is released form the trigger mechanism Now, how do we load it? We pull out the roller band under the speargun and putting it under the booster we adjust the wishbone to the loading tab This small “sharkfin” pin in the middle of the shaft, serves only for easier rubber band loading and nothing more So, after adjusting the cord at the loading tab, we turn the speargun upside down and pull the band to the position we like and then we return to the top and load the band like in a regular way Finally, we load the booster Another thing that impressed me on the Sniper-R was its excellent buoyancy in the water This particular gun was by default equipped with a 7,5 mm shaft I chose this shaft thickness in order to take advantage of the roller’s strength It’s a rather thick shaft for Mediterranean standards, however a thin-to-medium one for ocean hunting So, with this 7,5 mm shaft, the speargun has neutral buoyancy at any depth whether you leave it at at the surface or at 15 meters That’s a great spec for those who want a light gun for their ambush without the annoying positive buoyancy that lifts the hand at the same time There’s also an option for adding ballast although the roller guns are supposed to eliminate recoil that an equally-sized conventional gun would have and offer thus better shots, so there’s no need for extra ballasting That’s of course a very controversial subject that we will discuss during our next videos with conventional spearguns The ocean offers a plentiful of species, so, I was very lucky, right from the first dive, to test the speargun on a fish My first shot with Sniper-r was on a green jobfish, or “jobbie” An excellent and tasteful fish, something between a dentex and a sea bass a relatively challenging species, as it requires a long bottom time to approach Jobbies are usually decent sized, meaning they provide the spearo with a good fight too! The Sniper-R’s shot was excellent! Before that, I had the chance to try it to a vertical shot on a trevally where I was able to realize that indeed there is no recoil in the way that we are used from the conventional guns Soon enough I tried a shot on another green jobfish and even though it was far enough, about 3 meters away from the tip of the shaft, the shot was smooth, quiet, and resulted to a nice fish These jobfish helped me understand I was holding a top-quality speargun Of course one could say that in comparison to the conventionals rollers shoot a bit lower which essentially is a matter of aiming and familiarization with the differently directed rubber bands action after the shot I overcame this very quickly, I just had to aim slightly higher than usual and the shot accurately went were it meant to go The great surprise came at my next dive with the gun when a dogtooth tuna one of the finest game of the oceans came within range Not too close, I would say more than 3 meters away from the shaft’s tip And Sniper-R was officially baptized a Blue Water Speargun! Up to this date, the company produces Sniper-R with lengths up to 125 cm and we strongly recommend it!

20 thoughts on “Speargun reviews in action – Pathos Sniper-R 115

  1. ottima spiegazione…Grande Roller…Lo uso anch'io e ne sono soddisfatto…Complimenti anche x la cattura…un saluto….

  2. Δημητρη καταρχήν καλη σου μερα
    Καλο θα ηταν οταν οπλίζεται να βαλεις και πως στήνεται το σχοινάκι μπροστα
    Χρονια ψαροντουφεκάς και παρόλα αυτα δυσκολεύτηκα να το στήσω

  3. Muchas gracias por el vídeo. acabo de comprar uno idéntico. misma medida. muy buena información para cargar el fusil con la doble liga. saludos desde Merida Yucatan México

  4. ποια ειναι η δουλεια που σε αναγκαζει να ψαρεψεις με σχεδον ολα τα ψαροντουφεκα του κοσμου? Να το πω αλλιως, ποια ειναι η επαγγελματικη ενασχοληση με το ψαροντουφεκο? τι επαγγελεστε? ευχαριστω…

  5. καλησπερα που μπορουμε να βρουμε κανα αυτοκολητο deep ευχαριστω

  6. hello.. where is it sold in Greece? or is it only sold online?
    and do you personally prefer the Sniper or the Sniper Roller?

  7. Μπραβο για τις ιδεες και την παραγωγη παιδια, ομως ακομα περιμενουμε καινουργια επεισοδια!! Περισσοτερα ψαροντουφεκα παραγωγης και βιντεο με ψαρεματα! Που ειστε: Ελπιζω κι ευχομαι να ειστε ολοι καλα και να ανεβασετε συντομα νεα βιντεο!

  8. Hi , very good video !!
    I am just starting with this magnificent sport and would like to upgrade my gun. If i can bother you for advice which gun wouldbe beter for mediteranean sea (im from Malta), Cressi cherokee open 110, or some of the pathos sniper series and which size ?
    Thank you!

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