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South Carolina Motorcycle Laws – Carrying a Firearm | Charleston Criminal Attorney David Aylor

In the state of South Carolina, where should one carry a firearm when traveling on a motorcycle? I’d like to answer that question today, and
explain a few parameters related to it. My name is David Aylor and i’m a
criminal defense and personal injury attorney based out of the Charleston, South
Carolina area. When individual is riding a motorcycle
in South Carolina, and does not possess a concealed weapons permit, there’s only two places that they are
able to legally carry a firearm. The first place that a person may be able
to carry a firearm on a motorcycle in south carolina is a saddlebag. They may also carry it in any container
that is attached to the motorcycle, whether it be permanently, or temporarily. If stopped by law enforcement, it’s very important to advise the
officer immediately that a firearm is present either in the saddle bag or the
container that’s attached to the motorcycle. Without a concealed weapons permit you
should never carry the firearm while riding on a motorcycle in your backpack or on your person
whether it be in your pocket, in a holster, or attached to your ankle
or boot. If you are found to be carrying a
firearm in a place that is considered illegal, you’ll most likely be arrested for
unlawful carrying of that pistol regardless of whether or not you legally
own it. I’ve shared this information with you so you can get a basic knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice
system here in the state of South Carolina. If you like this please subscribe to my YouTube channel, share with your friends or post comments
below. For further questions related criminal
defense or personal injury claims you can always contact me at my office 843-577-5530 or on the web at

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  1. Do you by law have to inform the officer that you have a firearm in the saddlebag? Or is it just good too? From what I understand by reading sc law, you are required to only if you have cwp and are carrying. Thanks

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