SNN: The Gun Writer: Firearms training

Lee Williams joins me now. Good morning. I’m pretty excited about this. It’ll make you abetter shooter. This works. It’s called the Mantis Firearms Training System. It’s a training system in a box. I’ve been using it for 8 months and it’s made
me a much better shooter. It has a unique device for your pistol or
rifle and it helps you trigger pull. It’s key for pistols. You’re gonna miss your shot. This thing takes a reading before your shot
and after the shot. It has Bluetooth technology and sends information
to your phone. The first thing you do is download a free
app. 100 would be a perfect shot. I’ve been working with it for 8 months and
it’s drastically improved my shooting. I shoot all the time. Boy, this thing is terrible on the ego when
you first start using it but it’s accurate. It’ll show you what your problems are, charging
really quickly. It’s completely amazing. Like having a coach with you when you’re shooting. The best thing to do is improve your trigger
pull and this will help. It’s tiny, what’s the price? It’s about 150 bucks. For someone who’s a professional shooter or
wants to be better, that’s a pretty good deal. We tested it. It’s made me a better shooter. Pretty amazing. I’ll have to try it out with you. I recommend it. Thank you. We’ll see you guys after the break.

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