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Sniping a Slow Motion Camera – The Slow Mo Guys

[Gavin] Hello! I’m Gav. [Daniel] I’m Dan. We are the Slow Mo Guys. Yeah. Back in ‘Bama with this beast again. This is our new favorite beast. We had to use it for another video. In this video, we’re going to simulate what it might be like to get sniped in the eye with a .50 cal sniper. Just so you don’t have to. Just so you don’t have to go through that yourself. We’re going to use the V25.11 and a mirror placed at 45 degrees, so we don’t actually have to shoot the Phantom in the face. [Gavin] Full sun. We good? All right, Dan. Give me your best and only shot. [Gunshot] [Gunshot] I think we’re good. well, you broke the mirror yeah Wow [Gavin] Well, you broke the mirror. [Gavin laughs] [Gavin] Wow! Goodness. One second the mirror is there I looked again. It was just gone I looked again, Were you nervous at this point, I just wanted to get a shot, right You’ll see the closer That’s true that is the bullet that dot in front of the smoke is the bullet Wow? So this is going to get bigger and more soft until it hits the length. Thanks terrified I’ve never seen a bullet just not move in any direction apart from towards it yeah it was a damn good shot, let’s the light at the end of the tunnel right there Yeah, you think you know You’d hear the shot that killed you? Just there was like I disappeared that’s so weird I guess because I was focused through the mirror, but you were the same distance away as that firm behind it You can’t see the edge of the mirror. It just blurs off all right, so wait, so they’re both in focus And what’s behind them areas of focus I when I first saw it I didn’t even realize that the edges of the the mirror were There yes, the other mirror actually didn’t fill the frame But the blur made it look like it did it looks like I’m in some sort of weird vibe It’s just one unexpected side effect. I’m it’s an amazing shot and also it was an amazing shot. Oh, thanks Yeah, it’s good job and good job Well down that was some absolutely terrifying high-speed, I got so scary imagine if I’ve learned anything from this video It’s don’t get sniped by a 50 Cal sniper rifle Did you need to learn that I feel like I already knew it? But now I definitely it’s like 100% at this point Yeah, this is destined sniper Rifle if you would like to watch more content with this beast head on over to Destin channel smarter every day because he’s doing 50 Cal against bulletproof no no no I had it I Can’t have a new one Oh, it’s got poppers too. It’s going better than I All right whatever go check out, that’s this channel give him a little sub I’m taking this. Thanks for watching Yeah, you could just change grip without a sting and put an and you can you scribble out SD I’m just putting a there. Yeah, yeah

100 thoughts on “Sniping a Slow Motion Camera – The Slow Mo Guys

  1. 2:22 scientifically proven, you wouldnt.

    if the bullet is super sonic, that means its faster than sound, and most super sonic rounds take 100+ yards to go sub sonic so at that distance youd be dead before you hit the ground and long before you couldve heard it

    50 cal is best for sniping in the eye
    Cuz you die quickly
    And .22 is worst for sniping in the eye cuz you will take time to die and suffer from the pain

  3. I want to see this again with the focus set to the surface of the mirror so we see the bullet clearer as it gets closer.

  4. Was your finger on the trigger at the end of the video??? You never put your finger on the trigger unless you intend on using that gun. Safety first.

  5. Hmm somethings not right

    He shot a 50bmg which is supersonic meaning that the bullet travels faster then sound (wich is very useful for figuring out how far away a sniper is irl) however in the video we hear the gunshot before the bullet hits the mirror which would be impossible


  6. smarter everyday is an establishment schill and nothing more. his mind is boxed in almost completely. he may be an early gen xer, but in his thought process, he is the quintessential boomer.

  7. Just use the mirrored lens and you'll see the difference. This time you can see the bullet coming. use a kind of telescope and secure it to the camera's lent. place the camera so as not to be damaged

  8. For all this people who are saying “We just got clickbaited”, “Why didn’t you shoot the camera” and “you should’ve shot the camera you can afford it”. The footage of the bullet hitting the camera wouldn’t be able to be recover the footage because the bullet would go right through the camera, breaking it. So unless you had a bulletproof lens (for some reason) it would be impossible to get the footage back, the only possible way is to stream it, but regularly streams are delayed by a bit so you wouldn’t be able to see the bullet going into the camera, unless you had an unbelievable internet connection which would have to have the range of the UK. Thanks for reading the comment!

  9. Can you guys re do this but focus the camera on the mirror? I wanted to see the bullet moments before it hit the mirror 😞

  10. You guys have went trough the effort to catch the speed of light. Will you guys please try and record it in so many frames to be able to see the bullet till contact point?

  11. I just thought, guys, that u are cheating with the sound. I mean it seems like the sound of shooting a bullet or breaking something is instantly received in slow mo by the camera even if it quit far from the sound source. It's not possible, obviously

  12. The last part where Dan took destin's lab coat is so cringy. I know it's just for fun but I feel so bad for him😪😓

  13. Its not used to snipe people. Check channel FORGOTTEN WEAPONS. They explain history of this gun and what it was made for. Military it's not using it to sniping people. U watch too many movies.

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