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Snipers attack On the Ukraine War frontline

What has happened? From their side snipers began to shoot with large guns But we answered as usual that they ceased to do it, having violated the Minsk agreements. It is not the first time, it already in the nature of things. Open fire when it wants it We answer also silence. Not only snipers can, but also from other tools to work, do some shooting. Also from the PK, AGS as was in the afternoon today. Besides, much can shoot What to do, we answer of course. It is necessary to constrain their aggression somehow. Somehow so. So far there is nothing to add. What is your nickname? Abrel As whom did you work before war? Worked at the mine, in security worked. What it is better? What you do now or before war? What it is pleasant to you more? Now war generally. Before war quiet life was, worked simply. Did not think of anything. And now When war ends, I think everyone knows what will be engaged. How you think when war ends? It will end when in Ukraine include the brains and will put the president new. When he tells stop. Will return all on houses. Will give us our territories, but I do not think that it will be soon. I think it will last a years more two. From where you from? From Donetsk, from Makiivka. Do you have family? Yes. That do they think that you are at war? The wife approved. Children still small were, they did not think of it. Already grew up and too approve. What do you want to tell Poroshenko? Poroshenko? Let will hang itself probably. Because its after war will catch and will hang up. I so think. It at best. I think this. What else do you want to tell the world? To the people? You keep your people. Learned to be at war better, now new children come. Young people. Already more or less trained. Old men help, train them. Anyway we will win. A victory for us. With us God

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  2. Id rather you reported from the Ukrainian side, the actual legally elected and legitimate government, rather than a self proclaimed 'republic' thats nothing more than a land grab.

  3. Ukraine had a democratically elected country. Why did foreign countries interfere? US naming who they would put in power after the takeover in Kiev even. Blame Russia for the US meddling all over the World in everybody's business?

  4. Lmfao……Having your light on Makes you a PERFECT TARGET you Stupid dumb ass…😂🤣😅….Poke your head out with your Camera light on n see what happens

  5. If you can get a night vision gagles and or a aerial night vision hover craft. Your in good position .but without it your good as a sitting duck in your bunker.

  6. Okay next level of YouTuber, or should I say next level of warfare. Please subscribe…tell us in the comments what you want to see, should we advance, should we attack, should we kill those guys?

  7. I looted Patrick's death box, all he had was a level 1 helmet 2 energy drink and quickdraw mag for an SMG. Hey, next time don't land in Pochinki.

  8. i would think he is shooting at you because he sees your light. dont you think, after all thats what i would do if i was him. just because youre a reporter doesnt mean your bullet proof

  9. One guy, with a thermal scoped proper sniper rifle could clear out half of the damn front. Yet they toying around with pointless AK-s. What's next? They are going to go to war with medieval armor and swords?

  10. How much is 700 meters ? Can they show football field size diagrams in the videos please. “Like this is how far we are in football field measurements.” “ one and a half football field.” Here’s how far we are from a tank shown to you in football field measurements.’’ “One whole football field.” I need pictures sir. Idk what 700 meters looks rn I’m not tryna do all tht.

  11. You know that you are supposed to ride inside an APC right? Also the IR lighting on your camera will make you lit like a Christmas tree to those wearing night vision equipment.

  12. I know you won’t probably see this comment but you make amazing content, sir. You are also very brave to do this. God speed

  13. God I can't stand that look on his face at 4:00 and how he blinks and has his mouth in a weird position. So irritating and cringey. Looks exactly like burger planet

  14. Snipers… ya think? Dude…you are nuts being out there with your "Blair Witch Project " camera on…if they have proper NVGs they can see your camera lights from 5 Mike's away! You may as well light a campfire! Also, you are strolling around dressed in an OMON helmet, no Press markings… they are going to skin you alive If they catch you…i wish you luck, but I have zero idea what you are trying to accomplish out there.

  15. Thank you for these videos they’re very interesting.

    I note you speak fluent Russian but (rightly or wrongly) are Canadian ?

    Do you have Russian parents or something ? Actually with Lancaster as your surname I’d guess not !

    Anyway very interesting videos you’re a lot braver than I

    Oh another question, are these guys a militia supported by Russia or are they professional soldiers ?

  16. your videos are shitty and one sided. I hope a Ukrainian bomb lands on your head. You do realize Russia has invaded a sovereign country right?

  17. Glad to see what's truly happening. The media in here sold its souls long time ago. So it is way too bias for usa interests, always it's just one side of the story. Keep the good work!

  18. You do realise if the Ukrainians have IR night sights your IR lamp's gonna shine up nice!!
    How the fuck you didn't get mortered or shelled is beyond me.
    Sorry mate you endangered your whole position.
    Mk 1 eyeball kid, either that or next time you might not be so lucky.

  19. I would get rid of that tripod on your front mate from a distance it looks just like a weapon. If you wanna get pinged carry on carrying it like that

  20. bro, probably not a good idea to shine your IR light feom you camera at snipers who are probably using night-vision scopes. have some common sense.

  21. We need more journalists doing work like this. This is what journalism is, truth seeking. Keep up the good work brother and stay frosty out there! 🤙🏻

  22. be thankful they didn't rain some 152s on you guys. usually night time is the worst for it.

  23. Ukrainian forces have not good equipment. Even the food is of low quality. Rich Ukrainians must open their wallets.

  24. Im Bosnian, this brings back some memories. Kudos on your Journalism, well done. Corporate media MIA lol

  25. Would you be willing to report on both sides of the conflict? Getting the stories and reasoning oh who what why from both sides. In a unbiased way?

  26. I absolutely love your content brother, you are right in the thick of it with them boys. keep it up, ill definitely keep watching.

  27. Ты давай Патрик береги себя,ты нам нужен живым и счастливым

  28. The people of Crimea voted to be part of Russia, as we know. I am originally from Batesville somewhere in the deep south. Today I am away. In 1783, Queen Catherine the great decided to liberate some Turkish ruled kingdoms that were ruled for a number of centuries by the Ottomaan empire. Few American lawmakers with no knowledge of the old world seem to oppose Russians for no reason. The modern day American people / lawmaker is naive, and think just like the native American dead leaders, such as Pocahoncho and Sitting Bull and Pontiac. Many lawmakers think that there were airports in America and Crimea in 1783. Few American lawmakers are upset with Queen Catherine the great as she created a country called Ukraine in 1783 in the villages surrounding Kiev, while putting predominantly Russian speaking Crimea into Russia in 1783. I think she did the right thing by putting Crimea in Russia. A couple of lawmakers in the western hemisphere may try stunts such as by complaining to native American ex – leader Pontiac about Queen Catherine's correct decision to put predominantly Russian speaking tiny Crimea in Russia in 1783.

  29. Спасибо большое. То, что Вы делаете очень важно. Не обращайте внимание на тех, кто пропогандирует ненависть. Спасибо. Силы Вам.
    Донбас, Санкт-Петербург с тобой. Всем сердцем желаем Вам всем мира, спокойной жизни.

  30. Why if your reporter you are carrying weapon ammol for the Russians. And work for the washing Secret Service FSB that's why this in a vest one for you and you live that's why you wouldn't dare leave Russia

  31. That's why all the gunfire is coming from your side not from Ukrainian side. Ur a lier and traitor go to yoga to see how fast don't lock your ass up Fagget fake journalist good journalist for the Russian propaganda media lying about the war the divorce of the killing innocent Ukrainian civilians and bombing them.

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