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Snipers 狙击手 [2001] by James Lee

Here are the keys to the apartment. Wait for further instruction. What’s your name? Can I have a red bean soup? Sorry, we’re closed. Red bean soup please? It’s sold out, comeback tomorrow. Haven’t seen you before, just moved into the neighborhood? Yes, two days ago. Try this homemade cakes. Thanks! Bill! Okay. How much? Since you just moved in, it’s on me. Thanks! Welcome! Good morning, what do you want? Red Bean Soup. Want any cakes? Yes, same like yesterday. What do you do? I’m a killer. Killer? You mean a killer for hire? Yes, I’m a killer for hire. I’m Ling, what’s your name? I’m Loong. You must have killed some people? A lot, too many. How much to kill a person? Depends. If someone wants to kill me, how much would you charge? Why would someone want to kill you? Hard to tell, I’ve never thought a killer would come to my stall. Mr.Tan, that’ll be 2 ringgit. How much? It’s on me. Since you’re the first killer ever to eat here. Thanks! Welcome! Wai? Ah Wai! Here’s some red bean soup, extra flavored. Now everything from you will be extra flavored… Where have you been? It’s better you don’t know too much. Do you know how much I miss you? Is good that you miss me. Next time I won’t care about you. That’s what you say… but not what you feel. You’re an ass! Look after the stall. Don’t go… Sir, what can I get you? Good morning, red bean soup? Yes. Who is he? He’s Ah Loong. Ah Loong? What do you do? He’s a hired killer. What’s the matter? You should close the business. Why? Let’s go to the US and start anew. Why so sudden? It doesn’t matter and don’t talk too much with strangers. He’s not a stranger, he’s a regular customer and lives nearby. I don’t care where he lives, just stay clear from him. I’ve got to go now. I’ll return tonight. Sorry about that, he’s a bit cautious. How much? It’s on me! Thank you. He’s got to be dead by Friday. You’ll know where to find him. What can I get you? Cakes and soup. Sir, you’ve got to pay for those! Where’s Ah Wai? I don’t know, haven’t seen him. I heard he is back. I haven’t seen him. Don’t mess with me. Get lost or I’ll call the cops. I heard the cops looking for him too. Go call the cops. I’ll call the cops. Go ahead! You better leave now! I’m not leaving! I’m warning you! A lot of people is looking for Ah Wai, ask him to watch out. You think he can run away so easily. Red bean soup please. We’ll be back. Go. I’ll be leaving in two weeks time. We’re going to US. Selling the stall off. Why leave? He is in some sort of trouble. How much? It’s on me, since I won’t be here anymore. Thanks and take care I heard you’re closing your stall. Yes, I’m moving to US. So is anyone taking over the stall? Yeah… Your mother is going to take over. Scram you bitch. I’ll call the cops! Heard you’re going to US with your boyfriend. I am going to stab you. Tell me where is Ah Wai! Wai! You fucker, finally. Want to fight me with a chair? Come on! You fucker, drop the gun! Drop your gun, or I’ll kill her! Let’s go now! Here’ the soup. What? Have you called the agent? Yes, It’s tomorrow. One in the afternoon, somewhere in PJ. It’s a thousand plus square foot. It got a swimming pool, 24 hours security and a parking bay. We don’t have to worry about people taking our parking spot. A tennis court and reflexology park. It is in a nice neighborhood, we don’t have
to worry about stray dogs and overflowing drains. And I don’t have to worry about drunkards in the middle of the night. How much is it? Hundred ninety thousand, and it’s negotiable. Must it be so expensive? It’s a good investment. It’s the kind of place we’re looking for. The kind of home we’re planning ever since we’re students. And that was years ago. Sooner or later we’ve to move. Can’t stay here forever. Steve, we’ve been talking of setting up a family.
And we need more room when it happens. In the new place there’ll be facilities and safer. We really should take the opportunity, It’s time to make some decision. I just want us… I mean as long as you’re happy. Yes, I’m having breakfast across the road. Got to go. I’ll see you tonight. I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Come in. Morning Steve. Come, have a seat. Steve, I have something to discuss with you. You as our chief supervisor, you should know our sales have been plunging. I know is nobody’s fault. And no one expect it to happen, and it did. I have to take some drastic actions. I have to downsized. I am sorry Steve, it’s a tough decision, but
I need to go ahead with it. Please understand our situation, you’re one of our best staff, when times pick up, we’ll call you back. You’re late today. Had things to do. You had dinner? Want to go out to eat? Your father called me today. He said he’ll be coming to KL next Sunday. It has been awhile since we visited him in Ipoh. And he has been calling us every week… We should keep in touch with him more,
since your mom is no longer around. Your mobile phone bill. Steve, do you think we should let your father know about our new place? Linda, I think we should cancel the appointment with the agent? Why? Well, like I have always said. Is better to
be working for yourself then for other people. Being your own boss. I mean at least at
the end of the day I see results. Right? How long have you been working for this company? 5 years? And it’s not like you’re not churning out good results for them. And this is what you get when times are bad? Personally I don’t think it’s fair! And they tell you don’t have a choice in situation like this. People in this world, especially in this country.
Just don’t know how value good staff. You’re a good staff. You know, I mean. Lucky for me, I’ve got out of it. Got into direct sales and insurance. You should have join. If you join me last year probably you’re in a high position now. Steve, we both work hard. The different between you and me is that I’m making the money. Let’s not worry about that. Forget about that. Because it’s never too late. Last time I asked you, you said you’re too busy. Now I am sure you’ve got a lot of spare time. So what do you say? Join me? Sign up? Unless if you’ve got some other plans. Tell you what, I’ve got another appointment. You think about it, but not too long. One of my down-line just sign up five other guys.
I need to go and help him out. Bill please. Don’t worry, I’ll get this. Go home think about it, make up your mind and give me a call. You’ve got my number right? How was your day? Fine. I met up with Desmond. How’s he doing? He’s fine. We talked about insurance. You’re thinking of insurance sales? I guess everyone needs it. But still you should get a proper job. You could do insurance as a part time. Have you eaten yet? No. Come. I’ll cook tonight. What? Can I give you a lift to the office? It’s ok, CK is coming to pick me up. Don’t forget your father is coming down tomorrow. Don’t tell Pa about my situation. Why? I don’t want to worry him. Ok. Hi, okay, I’ll be right down. Bye, Steve. See you tonight. Earlier today the CEO of EBM, Datuk Chin
Kuay Lan has declared the company bankrupted. Leaving thousand of his factory workers uncompensated. The formal workers are planning to take legal action against the company. This evening the former DPM Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim was arrested
at his home by a special police task force. The riot police unit was called it to control
the large crowd and hindering the operation. So how’s work? It’s getting busier these days. They’ve put the expansion plans on hold. Times are bad, is good to at least be working. So when are you guys moving to a bigger place? Well, maybe next year. Once we found a suitable and affordable place. You must make sure you have the money. Of course. You don’t want to owe the back too much. They said interest rate dropped, but still better to have cash. Your company in good shape? Yes. Any chance of promotion? No. My only advice is you stick with the company. You’ve been with them for six years. Surely they’ll value your experience and what you’ve contributed. When you guys are free, comeback and visit me. Ipoh has changed a lot. Pa. Take care. Same to you guys. Police are still investigating the death of two gang member who
were shot in front of a stall in Bricksfield. Police are looking for the stall owner to help in the investigation. According to ballisctic report, the victims were shot by a special
high powered rifle rarely used in South East Asia. That’s the stall we have breakfast… The stall downstairs that we go every morning… That’s right outside our condominium. It’s unbelievable. What did she mean by high powered rifle? It’s rare to find in SEA, where do people get these ideas? The court found the bankruptcy of the company valid. It’s
now up to the trustees to compensate the workers. Well you know we’re unhappy with the decision
and we certainly going to appeal it. And I’ll personally ensure that the workers get what they deserve. These people have responsibility for their families. There’s something
else at stake here, the worker’s rights. And we are going to make sure that these workers
are treated like some people from undeveloped countries. These workers must realize they have rights and they have to
exercise those rights to be treated fairly. Thank you. Sports news after these break. It has been a while, tomorrow morning, a round of golf. Tonight I bring you to a new karaoke joint,
the chicks there are fresh and hot. So Anita was saying, we’ve had real problems
this year. It been downsizing, organizing resources. And it’s been painful. Just last week we have to lay off a couple of people. And these are the people who were with us when we started the business. So it’s terrible. It feels horrible. But there’s nothing much we can do. We’ve got no contracts for the coming year. Nothing at all. Our past projects a lot of people owe us a lot of money. We’re all in the same boat. How about your family business? You mean the restaurant business? Well, I left that to my brother. We’re steering clear from that. Ismail,you know him. He got curry running in his blood.
He’s going to carry on the family business. What about you? You guys came back during the worse time of our economy. We know we wanted to be closer to our grassroots, so we
just sold the loft in New York and came back. You’ll never guess who we sold the loft to. Let’s just say she wears pink to the Oscars… And I have family here still, and my uncle said
this is the best time to buy properties. So we thought we would give it a try. Basement bottom prices. I still kind of miss New York. Don’t you? There’s where they have like real traffic police. And real gourmet coffee. And everybody just so civilized. Yes, lots of random shootings. I’m not feeling well. Sorry, he has not been very well lately. You’re not sick, why do you leave? Why didn’t you stay? They’re your friends as well. Why are you so rude? Steve, what’s the matter? I’m not feeling well, I’ll go to bed now. Fucker, can’t you see where you’re going? The road is so big, you have to walk near my car. Bastard! Hello Amy, tonight? Can… Fuck… Where are you going so late? See you tonight… Steve, this is CK. Steve is my husband. CK started work recently. Hi CK, very nice of you to drop
by. Pickup and send my wife everyday. Oh, anytime. You must have a lot of free time. Why don’t you go read some of this? Sorry… Same time tomorrow? What is wrong? Would you just tell me? Nothing. What was all that about? If there’s a problem between us, just tell me. I can’t take much more of this. Okay, I just want to know if you and CK are seeing each other? What did you just said? Are you and CK fucking each other? In further development of the arrest of the former DPM, thousands of supporters
went upon to the street demanding the release of the former DPM. The riot police was called in to prevent unruly incidents. Mr. Hisham wants to see you. Dear, I have got some tickets to Siti’s concert. The concert is tonight. What? You want to watch KRU’s concert? Babe, who wants to see some young guys jumping around like monkeys? We check out Siti’s concert. I have got the tickets for half priced. We’re three rows from the front. After the concert we can dine in the hotel, nasi lemak and tea. Then we can go elsewhere. Mr. Ismail, is nice to see you again. You wanted to see me? Yes. You’re a regular here. You’ve been winning, losing and borrowing heavily from us. In fact, in the past six months your tab has exceeded its limit. And you’re been borrowing from us more than you can actually pay. This is the amount you owe us. I promised if you give me three months, I’ll settle the debt. I want it settle in two weeks time. In two weeks time I want to see the cash. But how am going to get that amount
of money in such a short time. Mr. Ismail, two weeks. Okay… two months. I’ll guarantee with my life, I’ll clear the debt. You heard, I want to see the money in two weeks time. If you don’t I’m going to take your restaurant in Sri Hartamas. That’s blackmail… Blackmail? For your information, you signed for the money you
borrowed, we’ve got the contracts to proof it. If you can’t settle your debt, I’m going to take whatever you owe us. So I’ll see you in two weeks time. And have a nice day. Hello, Ismail here, yeah. I got a problem. Can I borrow some money from you? No? Okay. Nevermind. John, is me. Can I borrow some money? August I paid you. Please, you don’t say things.. if you don’t help, okay… okay… Can I speak to Karim? Hello, this is Ismail. Yeah… Can I see you? Mr. Ismail. Have a seat. No. Thank you. So what can I do for you today? I’m here to tell you I won’t be able to
settle the debt in that amount of time. And you’re not touching my fucking restaurant. Okay? Bye. I think you need to learn a bit of manners and respect. Fuck you, you stupid fuck! You hooligan! Get him! Self-defense for coffee shops owner. Sweep away the hand and follow with a strike to the solar plexus. Like this. See, it’s easy. Now for the next opponent. His punch is badly timed. Is easy to avoid. Follow up with a palm strike to the nose. And a roundhouse kick to his hamstring. The first attacker grabs me from behind. This is a mistake. First, break his toes with your heels. Then break the lock. Follow up with an elbow jab to his ear. A swift punch to complete the process. That’s how you do it. In a case of a continuous attack, multiple punches
should be parried in a smooth fashion. Finally grabs the opponent’s wrist twist his arm. And break his shoulder. This is the infamous Shaolin temple snake fist. In a hand of a master it can be deadly. But when employed by an idiot. it’s easily dealt with. And to finish, a simple punch. Mr. Hisham is ready to see you now! Mr. Ismail! Have a seat! Thank you… So what can I do for you today? Mr. Hisham I’m sorry, I need more time. My restaurant is very important to me, it’s a
family business. My father left it to me. I cannot give it up. Have you ever killed anybody? No? Why? Would you kill a person in exchange for your restaurant? What? What I mean is we will not take your restaurant and you don’t have
to pay us a single cent, if you kill this person for us. Who? This person who’s been giving me and my friends
trouble. That’s all you need to know. Kill them? You decide. You still got eight more days. Remember if you kill this person, we won’t take
your restaurant, and your debt will be clear. Is good you have decided. Everything will go according to plan.This is his address. Good. We’ll provide the gun. Everything will go according to plan. All you have to do, go to the
set up point. Here is the address. The target usually have his morning coffee between 9-10am. Once you kill him, go home and wait for our call around midnight. When we meet, you just have to bring the gun. You just have to bring the gun. Here are the contract, you can have it. Give us the rifle. By the way you did a good job. Mr. Ismail, everything is over. Come, can we have the rifle back? Everything is over. You can even have your restaurant back. Bastard, get him! Darling, I don’t think I can make it to the concert… Bye darling…

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