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Sniper:Holy dooley,look at bloody a*$^@## [Sniper slaped and laughing. Spy scare Sniper] Spy:What’s up Sniper? Sniper:Hey Spy,what’s up bloody Spy! Spy:You sloggy Sniper b^tch [Sniper and Spy laughing] [OH MY…] Scout:What the f*ck is a fat bolt bastard you freaking Spy Spy:Hello again Dumbbell! Scout:I am only if you fat bolt fat*ss Sniper:Your bony another use for that Scout? Sniper:Like a bony head wanker Spy:Time to make that ugly face a little prettier [Sniper and Spy laughing] [WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!!!] Scout:No seriously? what the hell is you guys problem Sniper:You know what? You wanna hear something funny? Scout:Uh…What? [Sniper saying N word] [Scout screamed and flying away and crashes. And they laughing again] Spy:You N [Spy too said N word] [WHAT AGAIN?!!!!] [Dr.Hax said that N word] Sniper and Spy:OHHHHHHHHHH Sniper and Spy:It’s Dr.Hax!!! Sniper and Spy:Dr.HaAaAaAax!!!! Dr.Hax:F*ck you boner shit toast mama f&$ker!!!!!!!!! [Dr.Hax attacks Sniper and Spy] [Explosed] Spy:If you forget about me? Sniper:Let’s go to the DJ wanker!!! Spy:But of curse Sniper:Let’s get in the car bloody Spy!!! [OHH I’M SICK THIS!!!!! STOPH!!!!!!!] [Sniper and Spy riding away] [Sniper and Spy dancing in the DJ] [Soldier scared and bed broken] [Soldier get angry] [Sniper and Spy dancing in the DJ] [Soldier triggered] [Soldier triggered at Sniper and Spy,and breaking DJ] Sniper:Holy dooley! Sniper:What the…But you all just happened? Soldier:Are you all trying for a sax grenade Soldier:You are scum! Sniper:What? Sniper:English MotherF#%#$^ do you speak it?!!! [Soldier shooting Sniper] Spy:You’re disgust me Soldier! [Soldier kills Spy] Sniper:Soldier in my car!!! [Car actualy destroyed] Sniper:Bloody georgeous… [Soldier attacking Sniper] [Heavy beated Soldier] Soldier:That Heavy is pear-shaped fast Soldier:There all maggots you scum sucking fruit baskets Heavy:What’s the matter with you?! Heavy:You’re killing this man. Tell me,how dare you to killed Spy?! Soldier:If me i just kick this spy Soldier:Words cannot express how much i hate music right now! Heavy:Next time. I will crush you like a potato!!! Soldier:No! Heavy:Dah! Soldier:No! Heavy:You’re gay! [Heavy and Sniper laughing at Soldier] Soldier:I’m going to enjoy killing each and everyone with you Santa’s scum Soldier:When you witch for Heavy to kill you?! Soldier:Yes…I will fight you scums son of a b*tch!!! [Heavy VS Soldier] [Soldier] [Heavy] Ready? FIGHT!!!! [Heavy VS Soldier] ULTRA COMBO!!!!!!! Heavy:Never…NEVER make me angry! Supreme Victory Sniper:Thanks for standing still Heavy! Heavy:No problem Sniper! [Heavy laughing] Heavy:Good times [Sniper laughing] [Unikitty breaked] Sniper:OH NO!!!! [Unikitty attacking freaking Sniper] [Explosed] THE END!!!

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    I thought Unikitty wouldn't appear in this as she did in the thumbnail, but when I saw her appear behind Sniper, it got me real well! :O

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