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Sniper vs Drone! – BBC

So this is 308 calibre rifle. So this is
the same calibre rifle I was trained on when I was a sniper in the marines. Um it’s a pretty
meaty bullet, packs a bit of a punch. This is probably something similar to the calibre
that would be used at somewhere like Gatwick or policeman marksman to take down that drone.
This range is now live so if everyone could move back When the drone reaches 300 metres
we turn its camera to face our position. I can hardly see the thing. You look at the
drone through the sight it’s incredibly small, at the minute its got a green backdrop so
we can see it and it’s still fairly difficult to see it’s tiny. If the sky is anything like
it is normally over the uk it’s grey and overcast like this, that drone at 300 metres or 200
metres you won’t be able to see it. Never mind shoot at it. Where is it? There we are.
I need to go a fair bit above it. When you fly a drone and it’s on GPS, the GPS is constantly moving it to keep it in position when the winds buffing it and that little movement
like that is enough for me to miss it. A moving drone at 300 metres is too tough to hit so
we bring it closer and stop moving it around so much. As if the operator paused to decide
what to do next. So what distance you got there?
200 exactly. 200. Let me do one more.
Yeah that will do. Got an error message on my drone, it says
motor obstruction. I mean I’ve shot it down yes but it was difficult,
it was harder, harder than I thought. On top of that, every single shot that I’ve taken
here the bullet has travelled into that bank for safety. This bullet here if I were to
fire it at that sort of angle there over that hill, could easily travel for 10 miles and
these will still kill on the way down. So really is it a viable option to shoot a drone
down? with a rifle I would say not very.

100 thoughts on “Sniper vs Drone! – BBC

  1. DJI (Drone manufacturer) are suing you the BBC, I now see why as you always portray drones as evil while you're supposed to be impartial!

  2. A 40mm medium velocity grenade might work. With special ammunition. A net deploying using the rotational force at a preset range.

  3. Clip from a **VERY** disingenuous 'documentary' read this for more info (and they only touch the tip of the iceberg of things that are wrong with it):

  4. The possibilities of drones are immense but as with every technical advancement, it will be used by the wrong people, hopefully, solutions will be found long before that day comes.

  5. I would assume that the best tool to take down a drone would be another drone or some sort of localized radio signal jamming.

  6. He could not take down the Drone at Gatwick, no matter what size of bullet. Because the Drone at Gatwick, did not exist!

  7. British snipers are rookies. An American sniper could have hit this at speed from 500m+.

  8. All this video does is show how dangerous it would be to have such a projectile weapon used in a built up area like an airport as all those "misses" dont stop once they pass the drone they will hit what is beyond the target be it building or human.

  9. Zero marksmanship principles being applied for a supposed Royal Marine sniper 😂😂 this Walt’s had your pants down BBC 😂😂

  10. Why are you using a sniper rifle to shoot something thats smaller than some birds? sounds like someones using there Willie as a hammer again.

    If you want to bring down a small airborn object use the right tool get a shotgun.

    Next the bbc will be showing how you cant catch fish with torpedoes.

    I hope your going to retrieve those lead bullets berried in the ground a badger could eat it accidentally whilst foraging for worms and get lead poisoning.

  11. Wow! Some "sniper" he is. A .308 travelling 10 miles? 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣 It's effective range with a 140-grain Accubond at 2,820 fps is about 1,000 meters and its reach could not will, but COULD be around 2,000 meters which is a far cry from the 16,000+ meters he's claiming. And his shooting was shit, at that range the drift would be around 10 inches. Even the US military and USMC have a difference of opinion in the effective range, (kill range) of a .308 Winchester 7.62x51mm NATO round which is between 800 and 1,000 meters depending on who offers the opinion. And to be unable to see a white target against a green background is ridiculous, sure against the cloud cover it would make it difficult but a direct contrast in colour? Oh please!

  12. Well we all know why he is a ex sniper now, plus BBC when you firer drones out of a cannon next time include some C4 make it more realistic, plus make the wing out of paper :p

  13. Think I would use another drone – killer drone- to get close and overpower normal signal with seize control signal, fly it back to me.
    Could make a Trojan Horse by quickly attaching an obscure location device, then returning to sender.
    Track sender all the way home.
    Or , considering sender has his own location device already aboard, simply dive it into the nearest high voltage tower.
    If wreckage is identifiable, someone will be knocking on his/her door.

  14. DJI/ Mavik type photography drones are slow, big, and an easy target. I don't think he would ever be able to hit a freestyle or racing drone through a sniper scope to save his life doing 90+ mph.

  15. Unfortunately this was a disappointing documentary, poor reserch and testing I am deeply saddened at the quality of this show. Try harder next time BBC and stop wasting my TV licence fees on this content.

  16. Disgusting behavior of the BBC but that's what we have come to expect now. Ilustrating the dangers of shooting down a drone? Did you know if you shoot at a drone you can face prosecution for endangering an aircraft? No the BBC didn't tell you that did they?

  17. Aldo Kane couldn't hit a bull up the ar$e in a tunnel! He even went on London Live and backtracked quicker than Michael Jackson on speed doing the moonwalk! The programme was biased, unscientific scaremongering tosh!!

  18. Aww… Cute metal/carbon rods added to the test cannon.. Decreased & concentrated surface area. Outdated and already damaged wing. Stupid test

  19. As someone mentioned on Facebook. I think with all this scare mongering by the BBC the only injury that can potentially be caused is a member of the public attacking a law abiding drone pilot!!! I've seen many videos of people attacking pilots for no reason but for some reason they think they are entitled to abuse another member of the public because of all this media hype! Well done BBC, insighting violence!

  20. Another shit video by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Despite the fact it's illegal to interfere with an aircraft in flight. What about all the stray bullets? Where does the liability lay if a bullet hits someone or the drone drops on someone because it's not under the operators/pilots control anymore? Morons.

  21. what unbelievable rubbish, sensational journalism on par with the stories in the gutter newspapers, well done BBC you have stooped to a new low

  22. Seeing as this terrible documentary is already the subject of countless complaints I am amazed you want to add to the extreem bias and misleading statements already made.

  23. “Used at Gatwick” – we’ll first there has to actually be a drone to shoot in the first place. All those cameras and no footage? Besides, look at my channel, you couldn’t shoot one of those with a rifle, probably not with a shotgun either.

    This video is bunkum.

  24. Utter rubbish from start to finish. Many complaints have been made about this "documentary" to the BBC. The ex marine sniper who couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo has since been on TV admitting it was all a load of rubbish.

  25. Horizon was once respected for science, far less so after this show with its flawed attempts at clickbait science.

  26. What a lot of shit. Ffs. Could have hit that with an SA80 on Iron sights at 500mtrs. What a crap shot.

  27. Thank you for repeating just how terrible Aldo Kane was as a sniper, the US armed forces probably fell off their chairs laughing after seeing this shit!

  28. Hmm, I think it's generally agreed that shooting at drones (or indeed most things) is bad.
    Also, didn't this come from your sensationalist, scaremongering and biased 'documentary' about how drones are evil and will definitely kill everyone?
    This is why I have absolutely nothing to do with the BBC or any of it's services.

  29. Aldo Kane, you may not be able to hit a drone but you certainly shot yourself in the foot presenting this biased unsubstantiated flawed scaremongering drivel as a factual documentary. Of course drones could be dangerous in the hands of a terrorist just like a kitchen knife, rucksack, van etc. You never once mention the excellent safety record of drone users in the uk. Sorry but this was a missed opportunity for you to deliver an interesting and informative programme. BBC you should hang your head in shame.

    Why do you support such lies BBC?
    This video is full of lies and negative propaganda
    The reporter himself said it was all FAKED
    pull this video down and dont show again !!!!!

  31. Like to see the bbc shoot down my racer at 90+mph. Idiots. It's our money that were flying around in the sky. Why would we be stupid with it. I know you get some idiots who like flying the cheap ones like morons. But a true hobbyist isn't doing it to cause harm. We consider where we fly and take precautions. BBC can kiss my ass for doing this s**t like.

  32. Dont forget it's actually illegal to shoot at an aircraft but dont worry about giving that little nugget of info out bbc will you

  33. Posted even after massive backlash about the wild bias in this "documentary" farce. BBC should be ashamed…

  34. Can see why he left the Marines, couldn`t hit and barndoor spring to mind, lets look at what some U.S. Policemen can do with handguns and smalller faster moving drones

  35. A fact-less mocumentary broadcast as the real thing. Lies, innuendo and anecdotes. The sniper bit goes beyond stupid. "shoot at the drone"! Falling bullets much? Option 2: Damaged drone becomes flyaway & hits anything up to 30K ft up and up to 20 miles away. Option 2: you hit battery and have BURNING, falling object! Truly the actions of a total moron. Signal jam, so drone performs RTH (Return to Home). No danger to anyone or anything. BBC should be fined for airing this programme. And to think, I thought Love Island was a stupid as TV could get.

  36. Imbecile and scaremongering program ..the presenter should be ashamed of himself and the BBC should be sued for misleading information .This was sensationalistic unreasonable stupic and extremely unfair . Never a balance and educational program..Shame on you BBC Shame on you Aldo !!

  37. Yet more horse manure from the BBC, if you want to see how competent shooters (i.e. Not Aldo) fair against 100mph racing drones that are a third of the size, at a similar distance, without training, and with HAND GUNS ALONE, watch this:

    Spoiler: it only took the one cop three attempt before he bough the drone down.

  38. I remember when Horizon used to be good, balanced and truthful…that seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs these days. The #BBC still have not learned their lesson after Cliff Richard, report the news don't try and make it. Its got more hyperbole than Donald Trump…

  39. Worst documentary I've ever seen, totally inaccurate take off speeds of commercial airliners, and using a wing off an older plane that isn't to current spec, as for Aldo Kane he couldn't hit a Goodyear blimp at a 100 meters, totally biased and didn't show any good that our community can provide either commercially or as a hobby.

  40. Voted down. A very biased, scaremongering, unbalanced, inaccurate documentary.

    Even the idiot presenter with the gun said the tests were unfair and not very scientific. Says it all.

    BBC can whistle for next years TV license fee if this is what I’m paying for.

  41. I lost all respect for this guy after the BBC documentary, completely biased, the drone at Gatwick has never actually been proven to be a drone, no mention of responsible drone pilots out there trying to run a business after spending crazy money getting their pfco, all the BBC wants to do is give drones a bad name while ruining drone businesses at the same time. Oh and this dude can't shoot for shit either!

  42. I don’t know an awful lot about drones but this documentary was terrible. Talk about misrepresentation and misinformation. Very poor work from the bbc.

  43. Hi bbc is it true they used an uncertified drone pilot to shoot some video. Dod ypu do any due diligence at all. Well for the first time in my life I would like to see the BBC privatised so I no longer have to pay for the like of this drivel. Good luck with your future. Aldo was the unlicensed pilot a pal of yours.

  44. For such an apparent hard man he seems to be very scared of a little bit of plastic, or has he sold his soul to the BBC media machine?

  45. does anyone in bbc actually fly drones or you just do what you are payed and told to do. also, at what stage is all common sense lost in a news reporter?

  46. What kind of a muppet is this guy. Who the hell is going to use a full caliber rifle on a drone. Or anything else for that matter . Where does he get his “Facts”. Can’t see it at 200 meters? Well, you can fly legally at 500 with full site of the drone.
    Are we expected to believe this rubbish “because he’s on the telly?
    The B.B.C. Can do better than this organic refuse. Scare mongering of the poorest kind. It makes the “Daily Sport” look like a news paper… almost.

  47. We all appear to be loosing site of the fact that , so far, there is not a spread of proof that a drone has ever invaded an aerodrome, it’s controlled space, or been close to or in contact with an aircraft.
    Yes a terrorist may use one. But they are far more likely to put a bomb on a bus, in the tube, or mow down pedestrians with a vehicle. So let’s get our priorities sorted.

  48. A remarkably ill thought out “documentary”. Poorly informed and biased. Alas BBC this narrow field journalism is now what I expect from what used to be the greatest broadcasting organisation in the world and is now a sensationalistic farce

  49. Why you don't shoot down a drone with a rifle is the same reason why people don't duck hunt with a bolt action. If you wanted to down a drone, there's PLENTY of better options.

  50. As a PFCO holder and drone business operator I'm disgusted that I'm forced to fund an organisation that uses my money to damage my business with this biased and totally non balanced programming. Then to boot they decide to release this kind of sensationalist rubbish on YouTube. It's time for the BBC to be closed down, it's an out of date system forcing biased content upon an audience that has no choice about whether to subscribe.

  51. Irresponsible idiot. Why anyone would take notice of this person is beyond belief. The only thing being sniped is the truth. We all know that the BBC are not familiar with facts which is why this drivel gets published. Shameful.

  52. im confused. how is this fear mongering? i think they made it too easy for this guy. the drone should have been flown at a higher altitude and shooting laser beams at him while he's trying to snipe it.

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