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Sniper Team in the Hills VS EVERYONE (Long Range)

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to this game of king of the hill in the Austrian valleys our plan is to climb the Western Hill and hold the objective Hill from that position Since airsoft guns gained a massive range increase when shooting from elevated position We should be able to hit people well over 100 metres away Let’s jump Unfortunately while i was climbing up here Fabia’s bumped the scope camera on a tree Which means the scope and the camera aren’t aligned anymore and the scope is aimed lower than the camera You’re so hard to f****** spot, you’re so hard to f****** spot You can get so f****** high up back, holy sh** We suspect some enemy players hiding out of our line of sight so we moved down into a better location in order to engage them Unfortunately our team has lost the hill and therefore we lost round one our new strategy for round two is to fight to the Underground tunnel network and use it to hold control over the areas. We expect enemy players are gonna be using them Ah. Hit. Thanks for watching guys hit that Bell icon to make sure you get to see all the new videos and i hope to see you in the next one

100 thoughts on “Sniper Team in the Hills VS EVERYONE (Long Range)

  1. Grown men wishing they had of joined the army but didn't have the balls so have to pretend they are an elite solider

  2. Isnt BBs bad for the environment, it is basically indestructible plastic balls that stay there forever and become microplastics that you eat in your food

  3. Cool game, but the guys in the windows or in the opening must have never been in the military. Where are you guys playing this at? It looks fun.

  4. Omg he was only a few minutes on the hill and in the thumbnail it looks like he was on the hill but he was iin the middle of the hill

  5. 威力規制ないみたいだから

  6. Yesb bekar hai..
    Himmt hai to long range me dynamo ko maarke dikhao vo impossible type ki cheeje ho jaati hain😌…

  7. check out my sniper skills with a M24 and let me know what you think 😎

  8. Херня мы в белорусси на рогатках так прикольней и дешевле и эфект тотже)

  9. Когда Варламов играет в эту игру, ему не выдают шляпу

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