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Sniper Strat, Vol. 5 – 1 game, 12 rapiers, 1h40

S: man… you’re betting on it? S: against these guys? You’re crazy! A: man, what is she doing here already? S: she’s got an Orb of Venom & no regen! BH: what? S: that’s a support Spectre! A: we got two bounties? that’s cool A: wait, we can kill this guy, right? A: or maybe even him? S: we have no more control, but maybe O: root in 3 S: I have to go mid though A: root in 3, root in 3 S: I’m going mid S: do they all have Orb of Venom? What is this? BS: the mid Pangolier won’t have much use for it tho S: no, Windrunner is mid A: I can’t believe this, are we getting him? A: can you root him again? A: there we go, there we go! A: did you see that amazing bodyblock I did A: wasn’t it masterful? BS: you want a boost on your BH? A: oh, thanks dude! A: I am feeling appreciated A: it’s nice BH: nooooooo* A: oh man oh man oh man A: this doesn’t seem very good to me A: wait, he’s dying! BH: yeah? A: nicely done BH: gimme your gold BH: the mana cost of this is too damn high A: you got him and he wasted a salve too! BS: can I have the courier though S: what the heck is that guy doing here S: ah, I see how it is S: I gotta come A: yeah, you should come to the shrine BH: I can’t come, TP on cooldown O: I can’t heal A: holy cow O: there goes Sniper S: why are you telling me to come S: I’m just coming here to give MK an ultra kill S: nice of you to tell me to come but, guys… A: you’re good, you’ll survive A: come on, we believe in you A: your Phase Boots are on, you’ll be good A: that’s really good, very good A: watch out, don’t get hit by Pangolier! S: nooo, why are you rupturing HIM? S: the other guy’s worth so much more A: you tracked him? good BH: we’re getting him, guys BH: I’ll wreck him S: nice, I got the last hit A: I was getting real tired of this dude. S: a bunch of stacks here for you, Alch S: don’t know what you’re doing over there A: where? S: well, here BH: oh, here comes Windrunner BH: Alchemist is so dead BH: wait, maybe not BH: go wreck her BH: wow, she’s damaging you so much, it’s nuts, fuck BS: no…yes! BS: there we go. S: you gave him those Jingu stacks for regen. A: well, looks like this all worked out in the end A: well done BH: her hero just runs way too fast, what the hell BS: rapier is progressing along nicely BS: soon, she’ll have… S: is he running after me? A: on the WR? S: I’m shooting at both A: there we go! nice A: you didn’t even have a rapier yet? A: crazy A: alright, you gotta run away now BS: did that monkey manage to dodge it? wow S: it’s not that hard O: alright, let’s pose next to the statue S: why are you using glyph O: we’re having a little ceremony
to celebrate the arrival of a new rapier A: let’s do it then A: unlock it? O: there it is S: are they still around there? S: anyone wanna go there, invis? A: yeah, I can go there, I could just go bait there A: be careful, I think they might have seen
the rapier in your inventory already S: all I need is some vision A: yep, they’re all here A: go for it A: there we go! there we go! BH: the WR felt that medallion BH: ow, that Monkey hurts S: I can’t get close to that MK ult A: he’s dead, no bonus armor anymore, go for him O: he’s still got Aegis though A: be careful dude A: he’s still ruptured, you have vision S: I’m missing all my shots! A: ah! right, the aegis A: wait, that’s the real Slardar?! A: there he is S: yeah, I just don’t wanna get hit A: there we go BH: Sniper actually got a rampage A: it wasn’t just an ultra kill? A: oh yeah, you’re right A: that’s what it was BH: that Windrunner was taunting me, using her
Windrun, then she felt the power of the Medallion A: gotta be careful from now on, Spectre will be
using her ult to jump on Sniper all the time BS: oh, mid! BH: there’s a Pangolier S: guys, don’t go too far, Monkey’s right here S: I can’t come, there’s a haste rune here tho S: took you long enough to react! S: let’s go T2 S: let’s take the T2 tower BH: you better fucking commend me A: that was truly amazing S: yeah I know, but I can’t come A: watch out Sniper, is she coming for you? S: no A: well played S: I’m still afraid of— A: Monkey King is on Sniper!! S: no Oracle on me? S: guys… BH: he got the Rapier BS: what the hell is this A: I was stunned for 30 years, sorry A: holy cow BS: I was disarmed S: you’re gonna have to hold the base
long enough for me to get a 2nd rapier O: this is bad BS: he almost has a second one A: wait, you bought a second one? A: nice, it’s already in your pockets A: “be ready” (laughs) A: wow, he sure died fast, huh A: nice! S: don’t push them that far back A: really? BH: he bought back… BH: take the shot! S: let’s get back S: don’t stay in that ult! Don’t go into Rosh— BH: duuuude, fuck S: guys— S: they took Rosh, let’s cut our losses & head back A: watch out S: there goes the Spectre ult A: she’s still on Sniper though BH: and there goes the OP shot A: (laughs) the point blank shot! A: holy cow!! S: yup… BH: what?! A: ok Sniper, run fast, and run very far away S: yeah, I have to regen BH: you gotta ult again, Sniper BH: oh, god damnit BS: get yourself some mangoes S: I regret my decision A: oh! there he is S: that was the anti-combo we needed BH: you gotta run A: aegis down BH: Oracle? Alright, good A: run to the base, Sniper S: yeah yeah S: time to buy Quelling Blades, I guess BS: I’m running so fast A: with some luck, I’m gonna force them
to come back here S: (…) nowhere on the map… A: I should’ve bought Boots of Travel earlier BH: she ults, she warps to me while I’m invis, and— A: watch out dude, they can come to you very fast A: don’t stay here! They might have a ward too A: what you’re doing is ultra risky S: yeah but how else do you want me to earn gold S: and my support isn’t with me, he’s at the fountain A: you see, here they are A: ult him! A: very good A: no, you should’ve ruptured the other guy S: alright, I’ll live A: I gotta say, I saw that one coming S: I had enough margin of error BH: *gasp* A: that was very close BH: god, man, there are no more trees BS: that’s deforestation, my dude A: deforestation… BH: not bad S: let’s go kill ’em BH: yeah, I’m dead BH: holy shit, that boundless strike, fuck BH: there goes 3/4 of my HP A: I might need— actually, nevermind A: you wanna take a shot at her? BH: Bloodseeker, buff Sniper! A: oh, she died instantly! A: that BKB charge was wasted right away! Love it S: where’s Monkey King? BH: dunno S: I can’t get out of the base then S: you’re on your own out there A: yeah but I got her, I don’t care O: he’s over there A: he might be coming to get me then? A: I dunno A: oh yeah, there he is, there he is! A: he’s here! Come over here! S: dude, I’m not going in there A: yeah, it’s my bad, sorry BH: (…) cut all trees down S: they’re afraid A: they really are. Did they get a Refresher Shard? O: trees grew back here A: that’s the third Rosh, right? S: it’s growing back, gotta cut those trees again A: yeah, I think I gotta buyback here A: Sniper needs help, Sniper needs help BS: I’m trying to run, but I’m getting blocked BH: take the shot BS: watch out for the circle BH: yeah, it kinda hurts BH: thankfully I have some armor BH: holy cow BH: wow, that damage BH: go for the shot O: why’s this guy going for the T4s O: he’s gotta calm down A: he still has the aegis S: ah, I can’t shoot BH: he’s got too much HP A: ah there he is! BH: ow A: nice! Now you can rush him and— S: why’d you use rupture already?! BS: shit A: let’s not miss this one, guys A: perfect A: down he goes S: that’s mine A: here we go again BS: ah, the rapier S: ah, back in the hands of its master A: this game is so nonsensical A: uh, Slardar & MK are back in 15 seconds A: careful, don’t know where Pango & Spectre are BS: here
A: ah, alright then S: as for myself, I have 4 rapiers now A: four?! BH: here’s the monkey A: maybe keep one as backup in your stash? S: yeah, maybe even two O: yeah, no buyback right now A: they have no rapier now, I guess I can farm
to my heart’s content in the woods S: to your heart’s content, I don’t know S: but at least leave the lane creeps to me, they’re the only ones within my reach for the time being BS: Monkey’s here BH: it’s an illusion, dude— BH: never mind, it isn’t A: here, here S: yeah, but… BH: oh please A: you almost got the Monkey King, he dodged it S: I’m backing off, I’m grabbing all four rapiers A: yeah, we’re about to need them A: I wanna say, stay in the spawn S: here we go guys, the DPS is doubled (laughs) A: we’re doubling the DPS, let’s go! BH: you’re unleashing the artillery BH: the bazooka is readying up A: holy cow A: don’t overextend! BH: shit! S: come on BH A: you’re gonna give me a heart attack with that shit! S: but dude, don’t you realize that S: this part of the map is all blacked out for them S: they’re so afraid of getting any closer (laughs) A: yep, that’s true BH: him, there! BS: got the cast range? A: he didn’t die, what? A: that’s crazy BH: Monkey’s here! S: yeah but my Oracle is killing me BH: he’s got a rapier BH: he has a rapier. A: (…) just in the middle of the lane A: ah, again, here we go one more time BH: he has a rapier S: yeah, a rapier and two refresher shards S: he can strike thrice BH: that doesn’t work, dude, you can’t refresh twice S: yeah, thank god for that S: that’d sure be something BH: he threw away his desolator BH: he’s gonna lose some damage output A: he’s there… Pango’s got an Abyssal too A: oh! Are you alright? S: I might be able to kill someone A: yep, get over here, get over here S: nope, I missed, I missed BH: really dude S: yep, misclicked S: I’ll have it again soon, though BH: oh fuck A: there we go! A: good, they used Haunt. Who’s got the Refresh Shard? A: still him? A: he’s making a second rapier… A: it’s the war of the rapiers… BS: he understands this game
A: it’s the RAPIER WAR… A: ♫ “One quick last game before I go to bed!” ♫ BS: (laughs) A: holy crap! A: hit him if you can! S: no, I have to run to the fountain A: yeah, no, you’re right BH: they have no true sight BH: he’s really wrecking the buildings though A: alright, I’m going in BH: the spectre’s got radiance, she’s killing me with it! BH: they’re taking the rax tho BH: maybe not— BS: see ya! A: MK is respawning! A: oh, that bash!! A: that bash!! A: can I grab that? BS: rapier on the ground! A: yeah, I’ll just grab it BH: you should have left it for Sniper, dude S: I have many, I have enough, honestly (laughs) S: level 2 BoT in the courier BS: no TP on me BH: you’re wrecking the buildings S: only carrying one rapier BH: wow, that hurts BS: three buybacks—four buybacks! S: TP out, TP out S: wait, I don’t have my TP BH: maybe you could take a shot A: I’m gonna die, help! BS: naaaaah O: maybe try having buybacks before going for this S: I’m only carrying one rapier BH: run, run dude, run BH: you’re scaring me A: they smoked, be careful O: I’m here, no worries S: TP to base BS: we’re so fast BH: that’s the real one right there S: but I can’t attack her right now BS: I can rupture her from here S: are you fighting, guys? BH: there’s the Pangolier ult… okay S: I’ve got four rapiers on me BH: wow, holy cow S: buff me, buff me! BS: where are you? S: alright, the artillery’s here! BH: I’m dead [Sniper kills two off-screen] BS: *nyoooom* BS: *nyooooooom* A: go go go, I’m getting out of your way, run BS: *nyoooooom* A: ah, never mind, he goes even faster in the river BS: yeah but he’s running for his base S: guys, I gotta go back to base to drop my rapiers S: I can’t put my boots on anymore (laughs) O: Arcane rune here, Arcane rune here! O: TP on me A: here’s the WR, you might be able to grab her A: there we go! S: another shot ready! Give me vision? BH: you’ve got to back off S: no, I can kill him BH: oh please BS: oh, those punches! BS: hit ’em with those shovels! O: here’s a Clarity BH: you have a rapier too? BS: shovel hits! shovel hits! BH: oh yeah BH: your damage!! BH: too bad you didn’t use acid, would’ve killed her A: yeah, yeah, I—ah, she went that way A: well, no big deal A: oh what? He’s here! O: gotta defend top A: guys, need help over here A: they’re gonna get a rapier O: yeah, well, what can you do O: why are you heading back there S: my BoT is on cooldown A: oh, well played!! A: you know what? I’m teleporting to base. BH: well played. S: Oracle, will you be fine, with that gem? TP out? A: has he made another rapier or not? A: he’s making another one… A: I’m gonna make a Moon Shard, I’ll attack so fast BH: you know, I was right next to you back there BH: invisible, clicking on you over and over BH: so that I could grab the rapier when you died A: ah, I see, what you’re telling me
is that you’re a vulture!! BH: I just didn’t want them to grab it A: yeah, right S: Mjollnir & Moon Shard in stash, just in case (laughs) A: not a bad idea S: yeah, getting ready for the late game (laughs) A: could we keep Rosh warded, please? BH: oh boy S: Alch, buy some wards— A: they’re coming to get me! O: I don’t have my dagon equipped A: they’re coming to get me, guys S: we can’t come help you O: we can’t do anything about it BH: wow, you’re hurting him bad A: okay, they got one rapier back, no big deal S: they got it? A: yeah, they got that rapier back O: yeah, and where’s your buyback? S: I couldn’t have fought there, that’s too far away BS: he’s so indulgent A: he sure is, we very much agree on this BH: get Spectre A: she doesn’t have her ult either— A: oh, nicely done! S: that Windrunner was annoying me BH: there’s Spectre too A: rupture her, maybe? A: what? BH: oh shit A: yeah, that Ethereal… BH: you should’ve held back just a bit longer S: you bought Ethereal Blade?! BH: yeah, you should’ve waited, I used it to slow her A: watch out, here comes Pango A: we don’t know where MK is either… BH: he’s on me A: ah, there he is BH: he has two rapiers A: he— ah, so that’s how it is A: he didn’t take the talent for 100 armor in ring A: it’s still like 40, but whatever BH: re-equip your Radiance, alch S: dunno if that really matters BS: well, it does help— A: you know what matters? Getting the next Rosh. S: why? A: well, there it is. O: I’ve lost hope in this game A: nah, don’t lose hope! We’ll win it… eventually BS: Oracle is now a landscaper, that’s understandable S: (laughs) we’re just not going to lose it O: yep, that’s what it is A: see, we have our not-lose condition,
but we don’t have our win condition yet S: that’s exactly it (laughs) A: that’s exactly it. S: though, like I said, if they got off their asses, S: they could get 4 level 2 BoTs, jump on me
after a Spectre ult, they’d be happy BH: fuck, I sure am creating some space BH: what the hell? BS: where’s Sniper? What’s he doing here? BH: they only ever go for me! A: oh man, that level 2 BoT… S: yep, see, that’s getting dangerous for me A: maybe we could do something about this S: yep, we could fight bot. I’m running there. But slowly. BH: can you take a shot? BH: what the hell? She— BH: Aegis is gone BH: his Aegis was blown away A: holy cow!! He dodged? He dodged. S: they’re gonna lvl 2 BoT onto me… BH: you have 12k gold, Alch, buy us some Aghs! A: yeah, don’t worry, I’m getting started on them A: problem is, I need to reach the Secret Shop for that A: I can try ulting my way there, but— A: he’s here!! BH: a monkey passing by S: I’m not within reach S: I can get him, though, can you throw acid down? A: oh, you got them?! A: I grabbed only one of those rapiers S: I’m getting Spectre’d BH: oh fuck, run, Sniper S: all good S: yep, no problem BH: oh come on BH: please BH: I keep missing S: is her Blade Mail on CD? A: there we go BH: I’m not feeling so good A: oh, was that the Maelstrom proc? A: that was the Maelstrom proc (laughs) BS: that’s 200 magical damage BH: what a hit A: so you’re going for a 6-rapier game, right? S: yep, sure can BH: jesus fucking christ S: working on the sixth A: my buyback costs me 4400 gold A: you’d think this is a turbo game S: I’ll be able to one-shot the Pangolier for sure S: just scaring them off BS: that barely hurt them A: how many rapiers was that? S: 0, I’m luring them into a sense of false confidence A: I’m losing the rapier, help! A: I died right away BH: that Monkey’s got so many rapiers BS: I’m dying like a piece of shit again! A: that Monkey’s got four rapiers! Four! BH: grab those rapiers, Sniper A: yep, I agree, start equipping them A: you got all six on? A: you got all six!! BH: here’s the Monkey! Shoot him! BH: he’s here! A: holy cow!! BS: the rapiers! S: is there anything a bit less easy, guys? (laughs) BS: Bounty’s got one, and there’s still one! A: they’re on the ground A: Bounty’s got one, everybody’s got one A: everyone’s got a rapier! A: yeah, I’ll grab the Aegis, I just bought back, so… A: Refresher Shard? Yeah, whatever. S: just sell it all, guys, sell it all S: I’ve got seven rapiers now BH: oh, you’re fucking kidding me A: are you alright? BH: I should be? Oh fuck— BH: not feeling good over here BH: I can tank tho BH: I do have 3.5k HP [Sniper dies due to lack of Ghost Scepter.] S: fuck A: holy crap, I killed myself on the Blade Mail, damn S: no, don’t take them A: I killed myself on that Blade Mail… S: guys, guys, I gotta get my rapiers back S: 17 seconds to Boots of Travel S: don’t let Spectre— BH: you died? S: I didn’t have my Ghost Scepter… S: but I still have many rapiers A: I’m muted, I’m backing off S: get outta here, TP out if you can S: I’m coming to help you out BH: did you have all 6? Ah, no, good BS: please!! S: okay, I have to run now S: I still have four rapiers A: I’m gonna need help too S: just get to base BS: did she just miss you? BH: how’d you die, Sniper? BH: ah, Blade Mail S: yeah, I wanted to kill Slardar A: so, how many rapiers do you have now A: everybody has a rapier, this is communism BH: guys… Slardar got 3400 gold A: WHAT A: ah, well, that’s already one down A: real one? A: yep, real one BH: thanks for the gold A: and there’s a rapier A: come pick it up O: watch mid S: Oracle, can you go put this in the fountain A: he’s got three, and nothing else S: I have five rapiers S: is there one up there? BH: this game is so awful S: fucking appalling A: it’s super funny! BS: it’s too damn long! S: “it’s too long”!! (laughs) BS: (yawns) S: 4500… BH: Slardar has a rapier S: I already— A: be careful, be careful, if— BH: no worries, they have no detection right now S: I almost want to BoT in A: come on, let’s go on them A: ah, I guess he— A: alright, we gotta stun him or something BH: shit, that wasn’t good BH: we’re getting him anyway A: rapier on the ground. BS: I wouldn’t mind that BH: well I took it A: too late, it was taken S: I don’t need 15 anyway, 5 is enough BS: I don’t have any rapiers, come on guys BS: I’ll just buy my own A: do you even deserve one? BS: maybe more than you do! A: we now have more rapiers in this game
than can be held onto by players A: what’s happening now? A: you’re dying mid? BH: just the Oracle A: that’s a lost rapier and a lost gem A: that sucks S: he’s gonna jump on me, that dude’s up there BH: is he? S: yep, I saw him leap across on my minimap A: yep, he’s there BH: there he is S: yeah, but you gotta cut those trees A: maybe you have a force staff S: we gotta prevent him in the first place A: he jumped back to the left S: if I don’t pay attention, you guys will never see him S: you’re too busy memeing around BS: oh fuck, why me BH: that’s the real one S: I can’t get too close, guys A: he whiffed his ult A: still really hurts though BH: (…) 20s for both A: is that Monkey King bottom? I saw something BS: they’re over there S: no, Ghost Scepter is 15s A: yep, he’s there S: wait, that’s due to my CDR A: they’re all in the trees, place a Tinker ward! S: I only have one rapier on A: he’s still here! O: why only one equipped?
You don’t have buyback anyway A: well played BH: he’s dead O: Sniper, why do you only equip one rapier,
you don’t have buyback anyway S: because I need to move around to get to the fight A: how many on the ground? A: man! We’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… still 7? Huh? A: wait, there’s the stash… A: 8, 9, 10, 11! A: we’ve got ELEVEN rapiers in the team, guys! A: eleven. A: ELEVEN!! O: well played… A: I didn’t buyback in time. S: no, you don’t need to buyback— A: I meant, I didn’t BKB in time, sorry A: well, they’re getting one back A: is there still one rapier on the ground over there? A: you’ve got three, Bloodseeker? What?! A: oh no A: okay, he’ll be getting his buyback again at 97mn A: they’re doing Rosh again? BH: they bought a gem BH: they got a gem. The Monkey’s— A: dude, there’s 30 gems and 50 rapiers in this game A: come on. BH: gem on Monkey. BH: he has no damage? BH: ah, still one rapier. A: here we go again, three rapiers swapping. O: you don’t even have buyback A: uh, can we defend that mid rax BH: holy shit A: oh, nice! BH: guess not, but BS: what is this A: I think you can shoot her again, Sniper S: yeah, but she needs to be armor-debuffed BS: oh, there’s a gem there A: oh y’know, there’s stuff all over the ground anyway A: I don’t think we care much anymore O: look at the Monkey over there S: is he coming to strike bottom? BH: he’s so dead A: oh!! you got him?! S: of course. S: he’s got four rapiers and no armor! S: I have four rapiers too, therefore… O: leave them on the ground, no use picking them up A: place a Tinker ward over there O: leave the rapiers there BS: he’ll come pick them up A: we could bait him when he comes back A: oh, so that’s why they… S: look, they can’t even pick up the Aegis anymore!
They don’t know what to do. A: they denied it, ahah A: 95 minutes of intense gameplay S: I’m teleporting onto BH BH: shoot? BS: oh come on. S: not my fault if you guys
agree to do this strat everytime A: don’t run away! BH: dude, I’m missing all my hits! A: well, that’s one killed, good BH: WR is chasing you BS: no!!! BS: come the fuck on, the ra— BS: the Radiance got me— A: holy cow! A: what just happened?!? A: beware, we don’t know where Monkey King is A: the rapiers are still over there A: ah! he’s mid BH: yeah that’s a hard no, I’m getting outta here dude S: I can BoT mid soon, hang on BH: what? They have vision over me? A: guess it’s a gem? A: hurricane pike? Onto the cliff, maybe? BS: that won’t be enough BS: what’s this throw S: don’t worry guys A: well at least there are two dead on the other team S: the base is safe S: if I have wards & sentries, they can’t touch me BH: wow, he almost got that strike off S: this works A: I got the Monkey King! BH: you did? Well played BH: gotta get those rapiers S: shooting in 3, 2, 1… S: can you give me vision? S: no, that won’t work… wait? A: he BKB’d as if it could’ve prevented the damage! A: is he going to grab his rapiers? S: yeah, let’s go there! BH: he has no items A: what if he thinks we already picked those up A: it’s a secret rapier place now, you see S: yep, they’re there S: wait, can I get one or two from there? S: only three. Well that’s good. So I’m—wait, shit S: oh no S: they’re not droppable! S: they’re not droppable! No! O: of course they’re not droppable, they were— BS: well, you have backup rapiers, so… S: I’m stuck with four rapier slots, help S: oh no S: now I’m stuck with four rapiers, they’re locked in BH: Spectre over there, let’s kill her S: I can BoT in on that BH: she’s running at you BH: she’s running at you, Alchemist S: that’s a good bait, S: I’m coming in 5 seconds onto BH S: BH, don’t get too close to Spectre A: watch out, here’s MK BH: I got wrecked S: someone needs to step further away S: good, now I can jump in BH: how long does this last A: will you live? BH: I think I won’t die BH: not sure S: that’s the real one, guys A: hit her, hit her BH: my Heart of Tarrasque will regen me BH: she hurts A: perfect A: I need help, I’m about to die S: Windrunner! I need vision on Windrunner! S: Bloodseeker! A: there she is! A: perfect A: what is happening… did we get ’em all? A: what the hell just happened S: do you have an Urn to regen me? BS: an Urn? BS: why an Urn? BH: if Pango’s on 50% HP, I crit him once, he’s dead S: I was talking to Oracle S: but you can bloodrage me so I can heal A: what happened was so nonsensical S: I’m coming, I’m coming! BH: wow, that hit S: I tried, but I missed S: are we getting out of here, or…? BH: that Windrunner! S: thought that would’ve killed her A: she seems dead to me BH: oh please! BH: I couldn’t Ethereal Blade her A: hit that bot tower, it’s only one hit away O: Sniper, TP back and then BoT back here S: yeah. BS: Spectre has mentally forfeited this game BH: that damage… A: be careful A: Sniper’s about to die!! S: I’ll come back in with mana A: I’ll be back in 30 seconds, same as MK A: it’s actually worrisome BH: oh, this sucks BH: Slardar is horrible, so fucking annoying BS: no big deal, I got a buyback A: oh, well played! This is a good trade, actually A: dragging her down into the grave with you A: 101 minutes, guys, 101 minutes! A: I bought another gem if anyone wants one S: guys… I have 18k gold S: I don’t know what to do anymore (laughs) A: does everyone have a Moon Shard yet? O: no, I don’t have one A: Bloodseeker doesn’t… A: you know, it’s actually great on Oracle BH: on me, dude S: think I’ll buy Skadi A: yeah, and Bounty too O: getting Ethereal Blade to save Sniper now S: getting Skadi & Daedalus, alright S: just in case I need to buyback BS: but you’ll have no slots! S: I will, in my stash! S: I’ll put my stuff on the ground. S: this corner is mine, okay? S: this will be my little secret garden. (laughs) A: oh, MK’s coming into the base! BH: he has three rapiers—and he’s dead. S: is that the real Spectre? S: let’s kill her, punish her BH: alright, we’ve won S: I have an announcement to make, I sold my Midas. BH: incredible. BH: at 103 minutes. A: what? S: she died from shrapnel. S: they’re trying to split push. BH: well, we’re ending the game over here. S: god damn A: that was a somewhat anticlimatic ending S: Bloodseeker? Bloodseeker? S: we are dedicating this game to you BS: I’m off to bed S: just one last little game! O: he was dead for 22 minutes A: sorry, what? A: let me see A: holy cow… BH: and me, how long? O: 20. BH: 20 minutes. Okay. A: 263 thousand hero damage!! S: not bad! (laughs) S: good, good O: those graphs… O: they sure have some spikes A: you were close to 100k networth A: that is crazy A: how is that even possible? Lots of gold? S: and if I had— S: well, 6 rapiers on me, 6 rapiers in the stash, S: that’s already a lot! A: yep, indeed! S: plus three items in the backpack!

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  1. Does anyone if it's possible to contact Gaben and have him remotely uninstall Dota 2 from five people's computers? or do I have to fly to France and stop this madness myself?

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