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alright yo what’s going on guys hopefully you guys
are having a great day today I’m going to be talking about a attachment that I
didn’t think was useful until I started using it a few days ago and now it’s
like my favorite attachment up there with focus all right here it is it’s
called presence of mind and the description of it is extended hold
breath which we really don’t care about that but then under pros it says focus
which I don’t know necessarily exactly what it means it doesn’t really give me
any detail about it but either way I’m guessing that’s why my shot feels so
smooth while I’m using presence of mine I just never thought about using it and I
haven’t really seen anybody else use it and I don’t know all I know is I like how it
makes my shot feel maybe you will as well if you do let me know down in the
comments either way you might be able to tell the gameplay I’m about to show I’m
not gonna happen in commentary over it and I’ll let you guys just watch and
judge for yourselves just try and pay attention how much more
smooth the reticle is I also used a different type of reticle and the sniper
scope that way you’re able to see the reticle a lot more easier than just
seeing crosshairs but pay attention to that and just like wait the ADS looks I
don’t know it’s hard to explain like I said you’re gonna have to try for
yourself if you really want to get the feel for it anyways I’ll see you guys
right after this gameplay and that’s all the gameplay I recorded
sorry I didn’t record more but this is my first time doing this type of video
and I didn’t realize how long it take to time everything but hopefully you guys
were able to kind of see what I’m talking about with your shot being more
smoother like I said you’re gonna have to try it if you want to get the full
feel for it if you guys do have any questions about this perk then you can
just ask me down in the comments the rest of the video is just gonna be
sniping highlights that I hit while I’m live on Twitch if you ever want to come
stop by there’s a link down in the description to my twitch channel but
anyways that’s gonna be it for now hopefully you guys enjoy the rest of the
video and I will see you guys next time

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