100 thoughts on “Sniper Rifle Upgrades L96 & VSR-10 ( Airsoft )

  1. i don't really know what he meant either but all i know is that is his barrel is 6.01 mm but i'm really confused too lol

  2. The bb's are polished to make them look more spherical and perfect, this polish leaves a slight residue on the BB that doesn't let it grip the hop up as well. This means the BB isn't quite as effective as it could be. -Fellow airsoft sniper

  3. Hey, can i have advice on how to zero an airsoft sniper? like what range i should try it at? if you don't know can you ask Jay or Ryan? Or if any of the viewers can help me thanks!!

  4. A suggestion for the non-sniper loadout interviews you might be doing is to focus the questions a bit more on loadout? Just a suggestion, as Snipers tend to focus a LOT more on the gun and internals where, although it happens in Support, I guess it tends to lean more towards the loadouts. If I'm wrong, of course disregard the comment 🙂

  5. I'm new to air soft and I want to get the equipment of a badass but I don't know what websites to check out can someone help?

  6. Hey Scout, Im an American living in the US. Id love to fly out there some day to play with you professionals, however I suggest you make a video just showing the areas you play at and do more commentary on things you like

  7. ask Andy why he doesn't like taking hits or why he full autos people at two feet away and never gets spoken too about it, not like I'm sore about it or anything

  8. I have an 6.01mm madbull tight barrel. Pdi Hop up. Shark tooth bucking. Bb fitted nub. New steel cylinder. New piston, m170 spring, spring guide. And stock cylinder head.

  9. I would really like to get this vsr10 but when i look online all i can find is the g-spec version. if anyone could send me a link to this to this gun it would be a lot of help. 

  10. hey, congratulations for the channel:PP Does anyone have an idea how you changed the body of the 'L96? seems covered in a strange green velvet.  iwanted to understand how it was made. Thank you: D

  11. Which gun would you guys recommend?
    L96 aws or the VSR-10
    Also is L96 that this guy use from Tokyo Marui or Matrix

  12. Wondering………. I have been playing airsoft for a while using friends guns. I want am usually a DM using an m14. I would like to buy a sniper rifle. What is better for a beginner-intermediate. VSR-10 clone or Warrior L96?

    Also for a secondary. Should I get a Co2 pistol, Gas pistol, or electric pistol? My friends say that my sniper should be at least 500 fps and pistol at leat 350 fps. I am open to anyone's opinion!

  13. I'm still deciding which of these 2 rifles I should buy 😛

    I've heard the WELL is less accurate than the Tokyo Marui, but is it worth the money? Which means… is the diffrence big?

    Scout love this video with Ryan and Jay giving away some of their secrets. since this video they have changed their rifles to gas. Would you and they be willing to let us in on what they have done to their new guns? I know you are a busy guy, maybe this is something you may be willing to do down the road. Thanks!

  15. see if i was u guys i would put a pdi bolt action bolt on it well good show see i have the silencer on my l96 bolt action sniper rifle 

  16. I love how when these guys do ghillie suits, they do ACTUAL ghillie suits. Not like all the douche bags over here in america that go buy the cheap crap from command post and don't even camo their guns.

  17. TM VSR-10,TM L96 or Well L96 which one is great?imagine that  all of them have full upgrade 🙂 Thx…

  18. It's kind of interesting. Many People with actual Military Backround seem to prefer the VSR-10. Noritsch uses it too, and he's the best german-speaking Sniper there is imo. This Gun must be a hell of a good choice..

  19. Hi! If On my vsr 10 i put an m150 spring, what characteristics the other component should have? Like piston, cylinder and sears? There are precautions to be taken?

  20. (TM) VSR10:
    – Lighter
    – Sleeker
    – More upgrade options
    (TM) L96:
    – More realistic weight
    – Looks sturdier
    – Sexier

    Out of the box, they both perform just as well as each other so it's just down to personal preference. You can still upgrade the L96 but you'll have a harder time finding the upgrade parts for it but don't let that put you off.

  21. Does anyone know what the specific scope is that Ryan.K is using, and also what the green material is on the rifle stock?

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