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Sniper Pug (Behind the Scenes)

This is like making one of those found footage films. Haha! Yeah, yeah. Five friends were on a bus, what happens next? Although there were more people on the bus
other than five people… DRAMA!! Some of them were demon humans!! But which ones? *Demon vocal noises* Oddly not him. STAND BY!! And… ACTION!! CUT! Yeah. How you feelin’ Ci Ca Ciaran O’Brien? Wanna try that again? How you feeelin’ C-C-Ciaran O’Brien? One more? How you feelin’ C-C- Ohh! I see a zoom! *Laughter* It’s good to be the talent, y’know? It’s good to have friends who respect your
acting abilities and err… How are you doing Dan? I’m doing alright thanks, how are you doing? Ohhh I’m doing good. Any acting jobs since Project Library? Anything on the cuff? Anything exciting? I’ve done a sketch, I’ve done a sketch for
Tom. Yeah. Done a sketch? Are you in this at all? Oh, I was in this. Yeah. Oh! Were you an army soldier I assume? Well, you can probably say I played one of
the rebels. Right! Right. Which one? The stunt man? Or the? No. There were some cool stunt men driving cars and stuff. Yeah, Yeah. No. It’s Art. It’s Art. It’s Art. Dan, have a gun. *Laughter* Oh my god! It’s so good!! I LOVE IT!! Can you goto the top of the hill please Miss Johnson? WHICH HILL?! That one there. All the way to the top. ALL THE WAY? Yep, all the way. ACTION!! *Random Miss Johnson Noises* CUT!! *Laughter* What time is it? It is 6:35am, that’s a lie it’s 6:25am. That’s how early it is. Come on Sammy! Shoes?! Shoes where are you?! Shoes?! K-I-ristal Smith, K-I-ristal Smith, K-A-Y-ristal Smith, It’s KR! K-R-Y it’s really hard to say! K-R-Y-istal Sm-Fuck! Sammy i’m going to do it. Got our welcome Geese. A family of Geese. They’re organised!! It is raining and we are hiding under a reflector cause Y’not. Because film shoots. Rainy is not my best. It’s cold. It is my least of my best. It’s really cold. I didn’t even think I needed one, and then
I needed one. *laughter* READY?! AND ACTION!! I don’t care if he’s a drinker! How did he
get in the army in the first place?! Oh do you want to bring back don’t ask don’t tell?! If the question is are you a dog then yes!! You won’t be so easy to question when Sergeant Pugsley save your ass from an AMBUSH! *Wooing* You! You need to be quiet! Both of you. Naughty. Errrr… I don’t want to be the guy, but… Walk yourself home! Errr, no! Alright! Let’s go get clean! Cool! It’s quite morbid that innit, Just Tommy Bear hanging there.

100 thoughts on “Sniper Pug (Behind the Scenes)

  1. Man, Tom gets almost a proper film crew for this! I wonder what program they used for the special effects

  2. What has me wondering is why they didn't use more of the setting given to them. Just look at how much of a setting they have, seriously looks like the ruins of a small stone-structure district.

  3. I want to learn how to do stuff like this cause I don't even know how to get started with it but it seems like it'd be a lot of fun

  4. It's amazing to see how many people were involved in the background… and also awesome how good you all worked together to produce such a good sketch =D

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