Sniper- Official Teaser | Protecting World’s Rarest Penguins | Conservation Dogs | New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand is home to the most endangered Penguin
in the World Yellow-eyed Penguin Their numbers are heading
for a rock bottom.. Down from nearly 7000 two decades ago there are just 3000 birds left today Predators, Disease, Global Warming… Life for a Yellow-eyed Penguin
is no walk on the beach Their existence is in peril But hope is not lost… Searching hard for concealed nests
or treating injured penguins.. a huge effort is put in to stabilise
the dwindling population In order to help the birds It’s important to monitor their nests But tracking down these
elusive penguins is tricky Is there a simple way to find them? Yes! Send out Sniper She’s one of a kind.. fully trained to detect
Yellow-eyed Penguins She’s changing the way of finding
the world’s rarest penguins

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