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Sniper known as Snow White is ‘liquidated’ in Ukraine

a sniper known as Snow White has been
killed in eastern Ukraine according to reports from the region pro-putin
fighter anastasius liberty and yuck 26 who was hailed for her exceptional
courage in bloody battles in the region he is said to have been killed by a
ukrainian sniper a twitter message read today in Donbass in sporadic district
our sniper wiped out snow white bitch murderer sadist
Givi got back his sweetheart she is said to have joined fighters after witnessing
the funeral of a five year old girl in a siege in slavyansk in 2014 when she saw
a photograph of the little girl with bows and in a white dress with a doll in
the coffin she knew that she just could not live at home any longer she would
not forgive herself said one account she was quoted as saying the unacceptable
cannot be accepted if you don’t stop the evil you become evil yourself in fact
she had earlier fought in the battle for Donetsk Airport when she was praised for
her bravery and hatred of cowardice I saw how this girl worked at Donetsk
Airport and I know she can become a warrior set an account by journalist
Gennady Devoy she was wounded when she was taking out and injured injured and
carried his heavy backpack and some two hours later she was keen to get back
into battle soldiers from different brigades were there at that time some
had to be pushed and this girl reacted with disgust to any signs of cowardice
her boyfriend was rebel commander Mikhail give a toast ich who was killed
in February this year by a Shmuel flamethrower rocket he had been on the
EU sanctions list her toll of victims is not known but pro Ukrainian forces
expressed elation when claiming her death she had refused to say why she had
chosen the name snow white but replied I am NOT from a fairytale
I am from Crimea it takes years to become a skillful sniper now I am just a
good shooter who does not use Kalashnikov but snipers gun I am doing
my best and I know I will succeed because there is no evil in me
after medical treatment in Russia she vowed to return early to fight again
most of all I am afraid of shame if I did nothing when the fate of country was
determined and the fate of my future children
she said the war taught me to value the life to live today because there may be
no tomorrow but if I am alive tomorrow I want to give birth to a son and to bring
him up a true man a Russian soldier who will protect
vulnerable and not hide in shelters like the majority of Russian men reports of
her death have not been disputed by officials in the DPR

100 thoughts on “Sniper known as Snow White is ‘liquidated’ in Ukraine

  1. This woman sounds like a lunatic. She wants to make Ukraine Russian so much she shoulda stayed in Russia. Ukraine is its own country whether you wanna say they are to close to the east or west autonomy has to mean something. People like this woman are fighting to take that autonomy away. Get their way Ukraine will be all Russia’s

  2. You need to be a real moron to call yourself a Russian when you were born and lived your whole life in Ukraine. Even Russians born in Canada call themselves Canadian.

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  5. please give me any if all information on her , I would like to write a bio on her , from all sides perspective please , family , facts, enemy contact, growing up , contact me at [email protected] with any tales , potage, or life stories please . regardless of side , she was a worthy fighter and that alone is a reason for the story to be told true. thank you , N

  6. She joined fighters after a 5 year old girls funeral, thats revenge, when setting out on the path of revenge, DIG 2 GRAVES….

  7. Damn I love this women. In a world of liberal snowflakes and fakeass feminist, this women is the real deal. RIP "Keep Up The Fire"

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    I guess constant shelling and murder by Ukranian artillery of civilians in their own homes makes them "brave" to blast apart 5yr old girl with artillery shell.??? They follow coup leader Poroshenko. All should be in Hell with other Nazis, Hitler and McCain.

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  14. I met her in Crimea she was training insurgents near donbass in volva. I kind of had a affair with her. Her husband was very abusive before

  15. " …a Russian Soldier who will protect vulnerable and not hide in shelters like the majority of Russian men…" Truer words have never been spoken. Rest in peace.

  16. Pro Russians destabilize the region and eventually start a war with Ukrainians –> " let's fight those filthy Ukrainians who may have never fired the shell which killed this little girl"

    logic : 0


  18. She talked about evil.The only evil going on in that area is the evil of Russia perpetuating and backing it so that it continues and civilians suffer

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