85 thoughts on “Sniper Kill Compilation | Airsoft Sniper

  1. Yo cleanshot I am a big fan yet I just started watching your videos. I really want to get into airsoft since you inspired me to play airsoft sniping and I was wondering what the field is you play at most of the time so that when I start playing airsoft I could maybe visit that field in the hopes of meeting you 🙂

  2. Love it, great content, great pace! It's really awesome to see you're not shooting everyone in the head/face, that shows they type of player you are. Keep up the engaging content, your channel is one of my favourite game play channels and my favourite sniper channel. Also thanks for the scope cam tutorial 😉

  3. Even if it´s compilation and "best of" I would say it´s your best vid so far. Keep it up bro. Watch out for them little killer birds 😉

  4. dus een mancraft hpa setje, AA hopup? en welke barrel, nub en hop up rubber gebruik je? ik lees zo af en toe je blog door 😅

  5. Hi Cleanshot, saw you on Airsoftology's video recommendation of the week. Subscribed after watching this video.
    Good luck with 2017 hope the channel goes massive!

  6. I am impressed by the quality of the video and shoot.
    I make videos myself and I will take your advice, occasionally spends a ride on my channel Youtube;)
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