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Sniper in Shellnut – interactive

*cue suspensful music* oh man oh god Oh MAN, Oh Gawd Oh man Oh GOD Oh man OH GAWD Oh man! Oh GOD…! (volume warning) (rip headphone users) snoiper: lets have a go at it! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!- AHHHHHHHHH NAAADAAAGH
*pain* GOTCHA you pot bellied freak, fat jigglin’ lardarmed fat pot-bellied LARDASS! (cri) MEDIK mnedhik: yesh! *PAAAAIN* mekdic: (shit) HALP- *PAIN AGAIN* TOO SLOW, MEDICINE WOMAN (i’m gay) dumoh mehn: LEEEEHTS DOOOIIIT!!!1 *boosh* *SCOTTISH PAIN* TAGGEDYA you wobblin’ sbomb chuckin spom lobbin’ wastah gud spom lobbin’ WANKUH! (why) stedy… stedy… *woosh* *CRIT* spoi: *FRENCH PAIN* snoiper: (spiys… bludy usless…) skoot: WOOHOOO- *boom* ey nice shootin’ dhere! (wait, wot-) *PAINPAINPAIN* *DED* do-mi-na-ted! ya little ankl twitchy minituare spastic litle precious little POSIE. solyder: CHAAAAARGE *FWOOSH* *american pain* *pro jump* TAKE DHAT ya roket hopin sim- pickle-headed ton potato-head (doo dooooo) ahh, piss is a nice weapon steady… steady… (wooooooosh) headsup! spoi: is dis- snoiper: PISS. spoi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (CRIT)
*BAGUETTE PAIN) snoiper: (spies, bluddy useless) enjinar: woooeee will you look at-
(BO-BO-BOOM) wut *TEXAN PAIN* do-mi-nAE-ted! ya cactus-eatin’ egghead! damit phyo: wawaaaahm! *BOM-BOOM* *MMPH* (translation: pain) GOTCHA! ya mental DEFECTIVE. (sad violin music) (echo:mmmennntttallllll deffffeccctttiive) (liek if u cry evry tiem) steady… steady… *steb* *steb* *AUSTRALIAN PAI- *australian pain fade* no worries… M8. ♫YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEH♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ (menwile…) scot: snipe dat you fricken coward! snoiper: HAAAAAALP! solydr: you are a coward AND YOUV DIED LIKE ONE! snoiper: HELP MEH pyo: mumumumamuuuhmamuuhmumumaah hevy wepun goi: never… NEVER… make me angry! drunc blak scotish cyclops: I h8 you campers! everybody bloody hates you! snoiper: help eghed enji: nubudy likes a squater! mnedhik: all i can tell u about dis next procedur is zat it will be EXCRUCIATIN! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH- y dafuq u stil here??/ go bak and kil spoi scrub!1 gaypenis

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  1. So for those of you complaining on how it ain't interactive, youtube removed annotations and those were the only way to make videos interactive.

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