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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Pre-Launch Trailer

Welcome to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Tactical, sandbox first-person shooter Never-before-seen sniping mechanics
allows you to line up the perfect shot Taking into consideration elevation, wind
and bullet drop A vast selection of sniper rifles, assault rifles and pistols Alone in enemy territory You must act quietly but lethally Five large, unique naps Twenty five contracts to complete Recon your surroundings, gain a tactical advantage Become the Seeker; deadly sniper
assassin Close combat, your last resort Execute targets Gain rewards Buy new gear And develop your skills Siberia awaits Seek justice

30 thoughts on “Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Pre-Launch Trailer

  1. I KNEW IT! IT WAS IN SYBERIA! SGW2 IT'S BACk oh it's a new game, hun.


  2. We are looking for a realistic and gripping First Person Shooter with great destructible environment since RED FACTION or CRYSIS. But till now, not one ceriously good Ego-Shooter with thrilling story and Singleplayer-Campaign was realised. Very sad 🙁 Every Publisher talks from high realism and awesome graphics with open world non-linear missions. But you still can't shoot thru wood chairs, wood doors, beton walls, etc. Maybe it is possible in RAINBOX SIX, but I haven't played it, because it isn't a Singleplayer-Game – uninteresting for me. I hope somebody will soon be able to make a Shooter again with descructible environment like MAX PAYNE or JUST CAUSE 3, but enhanced and as a Shooter, not a Third-Person-Actiongame.

  3. Ваааааау, убивать злых русских в заснеженной Сайбериа !!! Вот это оригинальность ! Выдавать в сотый раз одно и то же – это творческая импотенция

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