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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper Tactics: Basic Tactics Guide

Welcome to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Sniper Tactic’s Video SCOPE CALIBRATION Before taking a shot, there are several factors to be considered. Check the distance to your target and set your scope elevation accordingly, to compensate bullet drop. The red bar on your wind indicator will show you how far the bullet will be influenced by the wind for set distance. When everything is set, slowly exhale and pull the trigger. Remember. If you pull the trigger too fast, you will break the shot. POSITIONING Take advantage of your surroundings to maximize your efficiency while sniping. Use the environment to reduce weapon sway to a minimum. It is easier to aim your rifle when crouching, or laying down. Line up your shots to take down several enemies, with one bullet. When at a disadvantage, use special bullets to regain control. THE DRONE Recon is critical for planning and executing your mission. Use the drone to locate your enemies, sabotage objects, and enemy devices to gain a tactical overview of the mission area. Well-executed recon will expose weak points in enemy defenses allowing you to carry out your strategies with deadly precision. I hope you enjoyed this video on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and thanks for watching.

34 thoughts on “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper Tactics: Basic Tactics Guide

  1. Can't wait to play it on my PS4!
    One question: will hard mode remove all those big markers and arrows? I would like for this game to a bit more difficult, cause from what I can see on all the videos, its just so easy to play… :/

  2. can't wait everyday I look at my steam and think about this game 😍😍😍😍 pre ordered and can't wait for the Beta

  3. Ok, time to prepare before beta 😀 Good guide, I'm waiting for another 🙂 I'm registered and I can't wait until february 😛

  4. Mojej personie gra Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 nie uruchomi się na moim komputerze (za słaby) ale wierze, że gra studia CI Games przypadnie do gustu graczom, jak i krytykom.

  5. Pull your trigger too fast and break the shot" – Finally someone does this. This is the kind of thing that they need to implement into the yearly FP shooters to make the gameplay less "twitchy" and "breakneck." In call of DUty ther is absolutely no time for tactics or atleast no time for the kind of tactics we'd all think would work best in a modern warfare situation (atleast what we see in movies and television which is perfectly acceptable, immersive, and realistic, and then mimicked with our gaming controllers or huddled over a mouse and keyboard at the PC.)

  6. 3 months after release this game will be on sale. mark my words. Ghost Recon Wildlands or Sniper Elite4 looks a ton better

  7. anyone else notice when he says exhale and take the shot the character inhales? Ive been trained to send it on natural respiratory pause.

  8. Shot Breaking? As in, using the triggers controllers have had for a decade, the PRESSURE SENSITIVE TRIGGERS, as more than just digital yes and no buttons?


    Surely the end times are nigh.

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