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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 – How to Reduce Lag and Boost & Improve Performance

Some of the mid-end hardware has finally caught
up with the not so polished Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Yes, it is still hard to run this game on
60+ frames-per-second even after all these years. If you do not have an older high-end graphics
card or a more modern mid-end graphics card, I would highly suggest you to aim for playable
30+ frames-per-second. It’s just the reality of how things are
going for this game. And this sadly will not all of a sudden make
your game run at three times more framerate than before. This is not a video that will show you: what
it’s like to play the game on certain hardware. This is a video that will show you: what it’s
like to improve the performance of the game on certain hardware. Before we proceed with the optimization process,
you will need to head over to my website and download the installation package for the
Low Specs Experience. The download link is located in the description
of this video. Low Specs Experience is a game optimization
tool that I developed that will allow you to optimize your favorite games for maximum
performance. Now start the installation process for the
Low Specs Experience. Once it’s done, start it from your Desktop
shortcut, and head over to the optimization catalog section. From this drop-down menu select Sniper: Ghost
Warrior 3 and then press ‘load the optimization package.’ Now, select the destination folder where your
game has been installed, press OK and the optimization control panel will load. When the optimization control panel loads,
simply select the method of optimization and resolution you would like to run your game
on. This is something you will need to experiment
on your own, in order to see what works for your system the best. Once you decide which optimization method
and resolution you’re going to use, press the ‘execute optimization’ button and
then start your game. Also, if you are not satisfied with what you
see – simply choose the restore default option which will restore your game to default settings. That’s all from me for now. If you like what I do, please be sure to like
the video and subscribe to the channel for more similar content. Anyway, I’ll see you all next time.

5 thoughts on “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 – How to Reduce Lag and Boost & Improve Performance

  1. Suggest me some popular games that I can play with these specs using your optimizations

    And a4 pro dual core 2.8ghz
    And Radeon r4
    4gb ddr4 ram (single channel)

    I can run GTA v now. So what games can I run

  2. Thanks very much. Nicely worked on my Ghost Recon Wildlands.

    There is a problem in the game itself. When I load it, the game gives ~47 fps (I use fraps) but after opening the map, it gives ~33 fps(lowest 25 at the building areas). Which means the map uses my gpu in the background continuously even after closing it! ;-; Is there any way to stop the map using my gpu? Yeah it's just ubisoft's fault, but it literally kills low end pcs.


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