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SNIPER FIRE! | The Nest (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

*WAPSH* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies!! My name is jacksepticeye
and welcome to The Nest. This is a sniping game as you can see I
have my bad ass rifle here, and sniping is Something that I have been really
interested in with the- the Vive. I- I can’t remember when thought about it. I was playing a Bow and arrow game and I was just like… “What if there’s a sniping game?” Wait is my mouse on screen? Ok *giggles* I
kept thinking what if there’s a sniping game that we can just like, look down the scope of
a gun like this like in real life How absolutely cool is that and when I-
if I close one eye I can actually see through it like I
would a normal gun, if i open up my second eye then everything gets messed up like it
would in real life cause I’m seeing two Different images so that kind of stuff is
so damn cool because you know my left Eye or my right eye or put it in the
middle and the mess up all my vision and then you can zoom It’s so cool and they said to put the
other controller in your back pocket Uahm… before you start because it will
become a secondary weapon later So let’s just do that thing ah, go in my
ass! There we go. Level select, game–oh god… What did I do what did I- did I click Something that I shouldn’t have clicked? Umm difficulty? We’ll go with normal. We’ll go with normal for now.
Oh God, the letters all like float right there That’s awesome! Okay. Wait what do I do? Spin
around touch pad for details zoom Ooooh that’s cool! Clicks on outer edge may not register
okay tink tink How do I start? Good god that’s a high-powered
rifle. *laughs* Enemy robots are destroyed by one shot ahead or two shots to the body or
limbs if alerted enemies will return fire take cover and dodge their attacks.
I have got this that is a high-power fucking gun this
is going to be weird as well cause I have to use one hand they did say they were making a
3d printable rifle so if you have a 3d printer you can
stick the controller in it and then I actually like he do this which would be awesome I think um right
press Start button for options what’s the start button I don’t know that cause my scroll
changed the- to shoot the nest to begin game I didn’t really shoot it though what is
this that’s cool! Okay, where are enemies? this is really dark …..oh, it’s so spooky oh wait maybe I actually ah ok I actually had to shoot it whoa what
was that okay here we go what’s happening fellas? what’s going on..? Where are- where are all the dudes? ok
this is going to be hard because my hand is like moving all over the place I don’t have like a shoulder stock to
keep it in place maybe you could do like this. Did I hit you? oh god I didn’t hit him, I didn’t hit him, I didn’t hit him! Fuckin’ hell! Dude! Oh god I got something in my eye What the fuck is inside- STOP IT! Christ! fucking he- ow god! I hit him, I hit him! I got him again! mother of fuck! that dude sucked, what the hell is
that? that’s insane! okay sometimes this the- th- is the zoom even
working? okay it is okay here we go dial it in, dial it
in and oh god it’s so hard to keep your aim straight! Crap jesus fucking Christ! You SUCK! sssstu- how are you able to get a shot off when I shoot you in the fuckin’ chest?!? AAAHH! CHRIST! Dude not cool! I thought you were dead! Where is he? AAAHH! Stop
it! Fuck-eeeh… Ass hole! God I can’t hit this dude. Guh.. S- there we fucking go! God… Tink tink tink. Am I ok? Am I a fucking robot or something? Okay, this is way WAY harder than it looks this would be much easier if I was lying
on the ground or something but having the controller just sticking in my hand…
makes it really hurt Shit I want to get a head shot. Oh! Body shots’ll do! Body shots’ll do, if that’s what it takes ok maybe you, maybe you, maybe you… Awww! I was
just about to pull the trigger! oh god. Aaaand… Bah! Head shot! Your not all going to get alerted and start fucking shooting me are ya? aww come on! their heads are tiny! it’s fucking hard, hit them! Crap! uuuuhg your accuracy 36% replay repla- *dick robot shoots him*
teh fuck I- I’m replaying! what part of “replay” you dont understa- he still wants to shoot me in the face! what a dick bag, aww man, what the menus like right there that’s so cool! Um ok, I want to go easy for a second Go easy on me- oooo! I can actually like flick the- the letters around that’s awesome! hahaha ok I wana g- I wana try easy for
a little bit there’s too many of them God, there we go! There we go! Okay my aim is on point now! Maybe, maybe, maybe ooh! oooh! Twist your nipples! Fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK! Okay oh god I actually wa- I actually wanted to touch the wall oh god is this like a one-shot kill then? anywhere Yeaah! Okay, I’ll ease my way into it then. Nice..
Time trial baby! Uh… God where are they? I can’t see them! n- no! no! no! no! bro! bro! BRO!
Sit down! What are you doing? Where are you going… HELL THATS WHERE! Because when- when you close one eye in the actual VIVE like, the resolution isn’t
perfect, it’s not like looking at a perfectly flat image you see all like,
the little pixels. So when you get in super close and you have to- you have to see
where you’re aiming it makes it kind of hard because it’s all blurry! Fuck
you! so what you’re seeing on screen, is a lot
easier to see than what I’m seeing in game fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fUCK YOU oh come back out, come back out bro, come back out! Ah! Fuuuuukn asshole that is it, no more mr. nice
guy no more mr. cle-e-e-ean [Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper btw] Oh! Sh… Good night Sally whoa that feels good, that makes me feel
awesome, makes me feel powerful where’s that last guy he was out here
somewhere…Where are ya bro? Where are ya bro- come on out, come on out, no
one’s going to bite ya I’m just gonna shoot you a little… Woo! 68% accuracy that was
awesome woo! yeah! what what do I do with this fucking
controller in my back pocket not doin’ anything okay, night time?! oh no… whoa… this is… madly
impressive! so freaking cool! can I just like jump
down and shoot them Oh I have a night vision scope.. Ah that’s so cool! *laughs* ok night vision it is… that makes it so much easier to see! ’cause, ok, developers, I’m not trying to
tell you how to make your game or anything but it’s in the daylight mode
it’s super hard to distinguish the enemies from the environment this makes it a lot easier ok i’d- maybe not… Uhm, doesn’t make it
that easy got him, got him, got him. Ah, he got me! *stumbles back in pretend pain* *powers up…?* Whoooo, I’m back to full health bitch. …Shit. okay come on, come on, come on ahah! now I don’t even have to close one
eye now I can actually just see it up close
with two eyes like this! Ah shit Where you goin’ duder, where you
goin’ duder? Oh, come on out pal come on out, come on out… atta boy Oh baby’s first day at death school
couldn’t even see my cross-hair there for a second I. feel like. a. badass right now I feel
like a fucking superhero. …is that him? oh that was him, oh that was him! o beauty oh *kisses the gun three times* oh beautiful gun! doing- doing jackaboy’s work Oh goin’ behind a wall are ya? I dunno why I’m
talking to you because you’re fucking DEAD you can’t SPEAK anymore oh yeah OH feels good, oh feels good shit no bro no bro it’s kinda hard to
see my crosshair now could have been illuminated one crap …….no not today don’t feel like dying thanks! Don’t feel
like dying thanks!! Do you guys feel like dying? is dying something you guys are fond
of? it seems to be because you’re doing a
lot right now or maybe I’m just too awesome. Who’s left? Is there one the end? Hello? Hey, Jerry ………where are you? Seriously?! Where’s the last guy? Oh hi! Oh, god. Is that him? That is hard to see Oh sixty-six percent accuracy time trial
mode. NO! I wanna go to go the next level wait is there only two levels day and night *sings*
day and night! *hums* yeah! okay it takes a while to get your
eyes kind of adjusted to it Okay. I’m going for a hundred percent accuracy. A
hundred percent accuracy! wait for it wait for it dammit you hairy
nipple clamps NO-HO-HO-HO!! Someone is feeling a little
down on themselves wait so much feeling a little dead right now
stick your head out and you are doing the same to you come on your little robot head out! Little robot? Oh nighty night yeah yeah yeah Jackie is good yeah yeah yeah jack is GREAT haha also is this a MEC? that’s awesome! hello! Oh God. too close! too close! stranger danger!
stranger danger! Where are ya? Oh, he left… dammit! ok there’s more guys to take
out there is more trash to be taken out today HAROLD I told you to take out the
trash! Why didn’t you take out the trash today oh god okay back up back up back up NOOOO
oh WHOOOOOOOOOO fuck it i was going for great accuracy on that
time the first few shots were AWESOME that feels good feels good seventy-seven percent accuracy HOO HOO HOO!!
ok well i guess i’m gonna leave this episode here then that’s funny as all hell what do we need
my second controller let me let me go back out i’m trying i
go to the menu next I don’t know oh god that’s a lot of my fuckin ear..
do not shoot right next to my ear! Umm…. turn? what? oh! no thanks no thanks can i just go back
to the- OHH crap..ohhh i did a bad! I-I
broke it I probably ok game modes are just
progression times right there’s not really much else to do real life? what? what the fuck is real life oh did you
just get me back out the- *giggles* is it actually loading something? well it just exited to get your haha you
should say quit game instead of real life that gets confusing ok WHOO that was awesome there was a ton of FUN I looks like sniping
games I love just sniping all the time whenever I play like first person
shooter sniping is something that I love doing and everybody and all the
battlefield games and sniping and that was super fun remember way Metal Gear Solid 3 sniping
in that was awesome so to actually have a game- what was- silent scope was another
arcade game I used to play that was a sniper game and that was so much fun to
like the feeling of actually having a gun there and if any of you have used
like a rifle in real-life with the scope on it to be actually able to get hold of
the gun and then hold it up to your eye and see so far magnified me up like warp
it and move it around and everything and be able to like see the two images from
real life and through the scope and everything that was very realistic that
was very impressive that’s super cool I don’t remember where i saw that
i saw it i don’t know i saw the clip somewhere maybe maybe on Twitter
maybe HTC vive actually tweeting out about it and then I got in
touch with developers and asking for a code for it so it’s not out to play yet
i think it’s an early game still and they’re gonna really something later for
people in the public to be able to play so I apologize for that but it’s super
cool how much see more of that I just just a few little suggestions again I don’t want to try and make it
sound like I’m telling people how to make their game or anything but it is
very hard to see to distinguish enemies from environment and stuff in the
distance gets a bit blurry and it’s just it’s very hard to see sometimes the
nighttime was much easier because stuff stood out and then the dudes in the
actual level will or blue and then you can hover you’re going over them and
then zoom and you can see them a lot easier through the night vision so maybe
something in between that regard to make it to be easy to see what we’re looking
forward to see what the rest of that game has to offer really cool idea and I’m hoping to
see more sniping games in the future where you’re actually just like lying
down with a gun in your – is twisting around much like a sniper elite game
just not third person like a first-person sniper game when you run
around and then you camp then you have to shoot bunch of dudes in the distance ah can’t wait! anyway thank you guys so much
for watching this video if you liked it PUNCH that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS!! AND high fives all around! thank you guys and i will see all you dudes…IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOOO What even is my hair after these videos… Good lord!

100 thoughts on “SNIPER FIRE! | The Nest (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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