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Sniper Elite VR – E3 2019 What is Sniper Elite VR? | PS VR

Product not yet rated. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sniper Elite VR is kind of
a natural next evolution for Sniper Elite. We’ve moved the
gameplay to full first-person. It seemed like the natural fit for such an
immersive experience. You have full movement
control over the player. You can go everywhere. You can explore, much in the
same way you can through other games in the
Sniper Elite franchise. It was very important to us
not to make this an “on-rails” experience. It’s a completely
free-roaming, open Sniper game. The story for the game has been
written by Tony Schumacher who’s the author of the dramatic World
War II “John Rossett” novels. Set in Italy in World War II, the same region of the
world as Sniper Elite 4, but its a brand-new story
with brand-new levels. We have some really fantastic
levels to experience from picturesque villages to
air fields and airstrips, underground bunkers,
and things like that, so some really fantastic
places for you to play. One of the key
things in Sniper Elite is the authenticity
of the weapons. There are loads of the classic
World War II weaponry that you expect to see coming
back for the game. There’s submachine guns
and pistols and sneaky stuff like the Welrod
and that kind of thing. And, of course, there’s the
fantastic long-range shooting with the sniper rifle. We fully support the PlayStation
Aim Controller and the Move Controllers as well as
obviously the DualShock. And each of them brings a
different experience to the game. With the Move Controllers you get to use both your
hands independently. With the Aim Controller you get a really cool feel
of actually holding a rifle. For the first time you can
kind of lean over edges, lean around corners. When you bring that scope
up to your eye with the VR controllers and the scope
really comes up to your eyes, it’s really amazing. It blows you away. You really get this
sense of holding the gun, and the sense of weight and
power that comes with that is really impressive in VR. One of the key elements
of Snipper Elite is our slow motion bullet cam, where you can track a bullet
through the air to its target. We completely rebuilt the
bullet cam from the ground up, designed to work comfortably
with the VR experience. That’s something I’m very proud
of that we’ve managed to pull off because that was
something that we saw as being a difficulty in the development,
and it’s paying off brilliantly. It’s a whole new
level of intensity that you won’t have
experienced before.

100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite VR – E3 2019 What is Sniper Elite VR? | PS VR

  1. I hope the gun mechanics in the game are great because that is what makes a great realistic VR shooter game.

  2. Why are you people so against teleportation? It's the only way I can play games like this and not get sick. I'm sure it will be an option in the game, but still it has it's place.

  3. Until I see actual gameplay and not some blurry footage on a screen with a guy stood in front of it. I'm gonna give this a pass

  4. Hopefully you can actually reload with the move controllers. Would add real immersion to it. Sniping was amazing in killing floor incursions

  5. if this did come to PC it would probably be more realistic in how guns behave (pulling back on the chamber for example)

  6. Yet another reason to buy a PSVR. Dammit, Sony, you’re gonna send me to the poorhouse.

    P.s. We demand SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALS in VR! 😲

  7. Teleportation is not that relevant and not ruin the game because if you were a real sniper you wouldn't move at all. What you have to do as a sniper is to wait, wait, wait and wait. Golgo 13 waited the moment for the multiple doors which could be opened through to the target only once per 10 hours (See Golgo 13, episode 45). Shooting at a target through a scope with moving is only possible on Call of Duty and Battlefield which are quite unrealistic.

  8. Great! We get a game where you look down a rifle scope at a blurred blob and once the battery in the aim controller falls below its operating range you better shoot the millisecond you acquire the target because the drift will make it unplayable.

  9. Cant wait for this but please have FREE MOVEMENT available at launch. Nobody likes having TELEPORTATION as their ONLY option!

  10. Sniper is to be hidden… Not standing up on a building with 7 men shooting from various angles 👎but I suppose u get the real feal of holding a Rifle 😂 its a plastic toy… No doubt ill prob buy it tho……….

  11. I was totally interested until I noticed the "teleporting" instead of free motion. Didn't even know that was a thing, it looks goofy af

  12. Is it coming to real vr platforms like HTC and oculus as I feel psvr will hold it back from what it could be

  13. This looks awesome and I would LOVE to see zombie army trilogy in full in VR online coop included. Should be possible since the maps are so small.

  14. Definitely getting it. I just hope we can move properly, and the teleporting is just an option for those with weaker stomachs.

  15. Would 100% buy if didn't use teleport to move around… I understand it with smaller games but not games like this lol not played a decent vr game since I brought it (resident evil 7) 🙁

  16. i enjoy being tactical, having the adrenaline and punishment when you mis a shot. retreating, cursing and laughing that you missed the perfect shot you've been waiting for for 5 minutes. running back over your boobytraps, hoping it's enough for a backup plan. sniper elite has never been a ''shooter''. its a tactical game. i am worried this will be a huge disappointment in VR. i was ready for a new sniper elite game, but not this.

  17. Sony needs to make PSVR shoes instead of analog stick on the controler so we can move our legs like irl to walk

  18. says its realistic but yet the bolt on that sniper got pulled back by itself it needs to be like the sniper games i have played where i actually have to pull the bolt back load my rounds and put the bolt back

  19. Aim controller support, nice! But what the f.. with that teleportation movement?! Aim controller HAS two analog sticks, so no need for teleport movement. Will buy instantly, if movement is with analog sticks. Will not buy if only that stupid teleport is only movement

  20. hate teleportation…if it's teleport Im not interested…horrible. I understand that some people get motion sick but some don't. Hope it offers the option to select one or the other.

  21. I'm interested in the VR for SE but I've been watching someone stream SE 4 lately and that "authentic" setting seems to only be authentic in showing graphic injuries with most of it just an arcade game. Here's hoping the VR version will push "authentic" to a higher degree.

  22. I hate how consoles get more attention with this stuff. Are there some cool VR controllers out that are compatible with PC? I would rather use HTC Vive to play this than buy a playstation to play it.

  23. Another cool game to get people into VR other than sniper elite series is Ryse Son of Rome. Not really free movement you are a Centurion in formation and you fight off wave after wave after wave of barbarians or enemies.

  24. What would be really cool is if it came with a bundle pack. That includes a new aim controler that had a bolt to reaload built onto it. Make you really feel like you are cycling a weapon.

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