100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Remastered – Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 remaster collection please. I would most definitely buy that. I'm not kidding either. When are we getting that collection??

  2. Did anyone even ask for this, I would personally Rather want to get SKATE 3 remastered because thats what everyone wants I am pretty sure

  3. IMHO
    why "Sniper elite 2 remastered"? i mean yes its one of a great game of this franchise, but there are lot of war front that u guys haven't explore/exploit yet, like Pacific or Eastern front or maybe far East(with a great DLC like kill the emperor)

  4. Codemasters u there? 🙁
    Grid Race Driver Remaster….
    Rebellion hats off🎩,, I swear I was planning to buy ps3, again just for Grid and Sniper V2

  5. I like Sniper Elite, but can we please take a break from this franchise and give us a new AAA Aliens Vs. Predator or Judge Dredd game?

  6. Sniper elite is the most detailed game since it was release in 2005-2019 Sniper elite 1-Sniper elite V2 Remastered

  7. I played this game in all dificultties in my 360, but never had the chance of playing the dlc's. Now I will.

  8. Ремастер первой части куда более уместен и разумен)))

  9. Gta 4, metal gear 1-3-(5), black flag, tenchu 2, dead space (1,2,3), manhunt, shenmue 1-2 (shenmue 3 engine), last of us 1 (last of us 2 engine), silent hill 2 PLEASE REMASTERED

  10. I played sniper elite 4 on ps4 many years ago .. even sniper elite 3 and 2 .. but sniper elite 5 I hope .. i think it's fake nothing happen about sniper 5 .I don't think so I don't know but … I hope it's TRUE I love this game so much .. this is true leader number 10 on no cross number 400 on the world on sniper elite 4 ….
    Thank u all …

  11. I pre-ordered on Steam. Also ı like it trailer soundtrack. is there anyone who knows?
    What is the Trailer Soundtrack Name ? 0:27

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