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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered – Graphics Comparison Trailer

Graphics Comparison Remastered Original Remastered Stunning 4K HDR Visuals Original Remastered Optional 60FPS Mode Brilliant Environmental Detail Remastered. Original. Revamped Lighting & Shadows Remastered. Original. Remastered Characters Remastered Weapons Remastered Vehicles Enhanced Visual Effects Remastered. Original.

100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 Remastered – Graphics Comparison Trailer

  1. This is fake. "original" versions are blurry in the lowest quality options to create a fake comparison. I have the original on PC and looks like the "remastered" version. Not blurry and low resolution like here. This is sad. Rebellion you dont have to lie…, you dont have to put textures and resolutions in low and 240p…

  2. Hope in a future game Stg44 and Vampir would be included there. Or a M70 in .300 HH with match barrel and Unertl scope

  3. This is nonsense, you should make it clear that this is a console version comparison as the current PC version looks really good and nothing like that shown in the footage.

  4. Damn I was hoping it would release on the anniversary of the games launch on April 30th. Looks great though 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  5. This will keep me ticking over until Sniper Elite 5 comes out.

    I suffer from autism and therefore anxiety so there are very few games I can actually enjoy playing. I hate creeping around in games because of the anxiety of being seen and I hate time limits as I feel rushed. That's why I love Sniper Elite and MGS: The Phantom Pain. (and why I hate Nazi Zombie Trilogy).

    With these games I can do exactly what a sniper would actually do. I can camp an area for hours, tagging people and checking out movements. No one surprises me (except for those times when you think you have finished a level and sudden a whole bunch of things appear on the screen after a cut scene). I can take my time and systematically take out each and every person without raising an alarm. I can take 4 to 6 hours per level just watching people and taking them out.

    Nazi Zombie Trilogy can fuck right off lol. No matter how much watching you do, so many of them don't appear until you get right up close. I just couldn't handle it.

  6. Will there be the ability to adjust for distance like in sniper elite 4? Please answer, rebellion – I promise I'll buy the game if you do!!

  7. There is negligible difference between the remastered version and the original PC version running on a decent setup. If you own a good gaming PC, other than a few extra bells and whistles, I don't think it's worth the £30. If you're playing on consoles, then yes, the difference in quality is pretty clear.

    tl:dr: worth buying on console, worth avoiding on PC.

  8. Damn, I thought the game would be released later this year. I was hoping they would add a shooting range for practice like in the SE4.

  9. Anyone wanna help me get Zombie Army Trilogy platinum trophy? My PSN is SamSalsa411 and I have a mic. Just say in the friend request that it's for this game

  10. lol I just played this… no way the PC version looks like it does where it says " Original". Misleading in a way.

  11. Well, people of rebellion, one's for sure… I'm not buying a pig in a poke. At least not until you've made more statements about changes to the gameplay.
    How close is the quality of the gameplay to SE4? For example the ammunition supply for secondary weapons, the possibility to uninstall and relay misplaced mines,
    or the improvement of melee capabilities…?
    I'm looking forward to your answers…have a nice day!

  12. Well its a better remaster than the crap assassins creed 3 and liberation remasters that ubisoft done, hope sniper elite 3 and 4 also come to gog 🙂

  13. I have sniper elite 1 (old original xbox) (2,3,4 xbox one) and looking forward to the remastered version of sniper elite v2, would also like to see the first one remastered (hint hint rebellion)

  14. Why are you comparing this remastered PC version to 720p console version? That's really misleading and original on PC looks nowhere near so bad as you're making it out in this video. Difference between original on PC and this so-called remastered version on PC is almost non-existent.

  15. LOL, you lowered the settings in the original, look at the resolution, you can see ir blurry and with sharp lines, in 0:21 you can see clearly that it has not anisotropic filtering, look at the ground. I have this game (I recommend it, it's a very good game) and looks quite similar to the "remastered" one, the only things changed was some effects…

  16. Are you comparing this with the Wii U version!!??  

    And charge twice for the same product!! Take a lesson from Borderlands remaster.. all dlc, upgraded visuals with several new additions… which was FREE for existing owners!

  17. I never played the original SE2, so I am quite stoked about this remaster. If it's as enjoyable as SE4 then it's going to be a blast, I can't wait.

    [EDIT] Pre-ordered via

  18. Does it mean the AI is still from that era or have the AI been made more intelligent? I find the AI even in the 4th Sniper very stupid. I played on full difficulty and the game was still easy.

  19. Sniper elite v2 in the video looks worse than it actually is or is that console footage? I wish they remastered the first sniper elite game instead.

  20. The one thing they need to do is remaster that stupid sound – COD makes a joke of this.. Silly echos and funny noises. Crazy. Also the graphics on my PC are awesome in the original thankyou.. £7 down the toilet.

  21. Wait, so you're going to bill me again for something I already have just to update the graphics?

    Yup, no sale here.

  22. so, you guys didn't say. but do current owners of sniper elite v2 on pc get this "Remaster" for free? or are you guys gonna charge us for a slightly better looking version of what we already have? given your track record my money is on making us pay for it. but i'd be happy to be proved wrong.

  23. Remastered But it doesn't have tessellation to cover these polygons 0:40 and doesn't have Parallax mapping 0:42 just little better textures, level of details distances & shadows No better animation, no Tessellation no parallax mapping, more physics objects & Nvidia physX for PC a PLEASE Update this graphics

  24. Guys, if you have doubts about the game and you think is only the graphics improvement then wait for review. I personally pre-order from scratch. I never play v2.

  25. I hope SE 5 has more enemy snipers, tanks and troops along with more dlc levels than se4. It would be cool to see some night missions or day to night time frames depending on how long you take to do a level. Rain and snow would also be a awesome effect as it effects your visibility. Keep up the good work rebellion! Bring back the long shot in each level.

  26. This LOOKS really good!
    The changes aren't really visible though unless you ACTUALLY pay attention to them which is not really a thing developers can change. It's just gamer nature to not really pay attention to the graphics that much unless they're bad.
    Nevertheless, the old graphics already looked pretty good but the remastered's look EVEN BETTER!!!
    Can't wait to hear the soundtrack again! Sooooooooooooooo many memories!

  27. Does it play like sniper elite 4 ? I remember buying sniper elite 3 and hating it because of the sprint changing the mouse sensivity

  28. 😕 Why not REMASTER THE 1ST SNIPER ELITE? That game had more missions with different settings & better story… With latest graphic tech you guys have, that would be awesome game tho… ☕

  29. I'll wait for a legit youtuber to do the comparison and not the company that made the game whho is trying to sell the remastered edition for 10$ to those who already own the original game.

  30. Is there any new content as in missions or is it just enhanced graphics, if its only graphics there's not much point in wasting money on it is there?

  31. Русофобская поделка 🙁 Игры от rebelion мертвы для России после этой игры. Как и игры от relic, после company of heroes 2. Games from rebellion are dead for Russia after this game. Like the games from relic, after their company of heroes 2.

  32. LOL I dont know what u guys are showing the original on but on my rig it looks even better than the remastered u are showing……

  33. Been Playing this on 4K Looks Excellent but Now That its remastered there`s Way more Detail and the Explosions are EXCELLENT-Cannot wait to see the Rest of IT! P.S-I play on 4K Computer-Best bang for the Buck seeing I built MYSELF!

  34. The graphics were prity good on the console problem was there was not enough enemmys but the zombies were good unfortunately the last sniper elite was a bit of a let down

  35. SO instead of remastering the first ever sniper elite game to be playable on this current gen and/or possibly the next gen consoles, your going to remaster the much more liner, more hand holding, and more over the top dramatic action game


    Hello everyone my name is Tyler Bricco and I have personally ownee every sniper elite to date and alone have over 1500 hours in se4. So because of this sniper elite is my favorite gaming series it always will be and I'll always support it this also means giving feedback as I know the ins and outs of this amazing series so I have some things I, as well as the rest of the community would love to see..

    e5 needs to have bigger levels longer shots, it needs to have a camo system all foliage should help hide the player not just a certain type like se4. Enemy snipers should move around the level dynamically this happened in se1 where I have had snipers sneak up on me with a supressed pistol. Tanks need to be harder to fight. Snipers should have traps, I know it was in se4 but only a couple times, more enemy types. Maybe a sniper and spotter team. More objectives that make you feel like you're actually doing something that serves a purpose, I only felt this a couple of times in the previous games except se1 I felt those mission objectives made sense and were very diverse. Bring back weapon parts I don't care how you do it. With the upgrades in sniper elite there was no fine tuning your favorite rifle to how you wanted. And windage zeroing as sometimes especially on authentic plus it was very hard to pull off long shots. Better custom difficulty I'll hand it to you it was waaay better in se4 from se2 and 3 but se1 was so in depth with custom difficulty look back at your list to see what I mean. Also it would be cool to have a watch like you did in se1 so that you can have objectives where an officer arrives at 0700 for example. This way it feels natural and not like you're being timed. Add back time bombs, where you can actually set the time like in se1. Smarter AI that work to kill you. I don't want a line of Germans continuously climbing the one ladder to my tower just to be mowed down. Add more enemy types, again I've said this before here are some ideas

    Trap disarmer- disarms traps allowing the other enemies to storm your location

    More historical German officers

    Actual mg crew

    Mortar crew

    Artillery crew

    Tank crew (can disembark if needed)

    Panzershreck teams

    Gerenade teams

    Enemies should be able to go prone like in se1 and 2

    Kill cams need to do a better job of showing bullet entrance and exit when there is no x-ray

    Make Karl customizable (clothing maybe hair and facial hair)

    That is all I have for now please share to spread the word if you agree!!!

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