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Sniper Elite V2 – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

In the dark days of the end of World War Two
amidst the ruins of Berlin, one bullet can change history… but so does the Low Specs
Experience. My very own software that will allow you to
improve the performance of your favorite games! Without any further ado, let’s jump straight
into the guide section of this video. First of all, download the Low Specs Experience
from my website and then install it. Start it from your Desktop shortcut and then
go to the optimization catalog tab and select Sniper Elite V2 from this drop-down menu. Now press load the optimization and extract
this package to the folder where your game has been installed. After you did that go to that folder and start
the ragnotech control panel and this window will pop-up. Now select the method of optimization and
resolution you would like to run your game on. After you did that simply press optimize and
start your game. I’m leaving you now with the rest of this
gameplay to enjoy. Please do like and subscribe if you found
this video useful. Dislike it if you feel the complete opposite
and I’ll see you guys next time with a whole new video, til’ next time, take care and fly safely.

11 thoughts on “Sniper Elite V2 – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

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  2. I looked up this video last night, i also checked out the website and i can say, that it works greatly. It's been the first time, that a junk such as my laptop, could be helped by the RagnoTech Low Specs Experience Software.

    I'm glad that it works and i will recommend it to many people more. Thank you very much, for making me able to play Sniper Elite V2, without any issues. Keep up that good content and do more, it has really helped me out alot. Instead of me deleting the game, it made me play the game further.

    Best regards,

    de Valuab7e.

  3. ragnos this is wierd because my laptop and dads laptop have the same graphics card and ram but where different when im playing this i can get it to high with no lag but my dads laptop even in lowest is lag why is it? lol but thanks to this its fixes

  4. do i might need windows 10 64 bit to make it work? cuz literally non of ur lag fix works for me in windows 7 32 bit.

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