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Sniper Elite Development Update

Hello and welcome to this special Sniper
Elite update from us all at Rebellion It’s amazing to think that nearly 20 million of you
have played Sniper Elite since it was first created in 2005 and we have been so amazed by the support
you’ve given us as fans and players over the years Today we have not one, not two, but three
announcements to do with Sniper Elite and how we are taking it to new hardware and new platforms But before we do that there’s an important and essential
update about something we know you’ve been waiting for I am delighted to be able to announce that we are
working on a sequel to Sniper Elite 4, it’s still very early in development. We are not gonna be
talking about it for at least a year, but the team here are busy here working away in the background
to create the latest greatest Sniper Elite experience Okay, let’s get on to the three other announcements
that we have to make today starting with the return to 1945 Berlin Sniper Elite V2 was the game that really launched the
series, almost 6 million of you have played it and it launched our now iconic x-ray kill cam Sniper Elite V2 Remastered reinvigorates the game
with enhanced 4k visuals, all the DLC, and a host of new features, including new playable characters,
a frame-by-frame photo mode, and a lot more Sniper Elite V2 Remastered releases this year on
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but it’ll also be launching day one on Nintendo Switch,
marking Sniper Elites debut on the platform Talking of the Nintendo Switch, we have
our second Sniper Elite project to show you 1942, most of Europe has been
crushed under the axis boot Making the war for North Africa crucial It has to end here The unforgiving terrain of
the western desert That’s why I’m here Snipers! Snipers are needed at the wall Because one bullet can change history Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition will make its debut for
a Nintendo system later this year and will feature all the content ever made for the game. We’ll
have much more to say about it soon, so stay tuned Finally, we have one more announcement to make.
Ever since we released Battlezone in 2016 on VR platforms, people have asked me “Why
don’t you do a Sniper Elite game?” Today, I am delighted to announce that we are working
with our friends Just Add Water on a new standalone Sniper Elite VR game Set in the same Mediterranean conflict as Sniper
Elite 4, were aiming to create the best VR sniping experience possible. Look out for more
information about this, later this year For all the latest news about Sniper Elite, we have
a new website SNIPER.COM and don’t forget to have your voice heard and join the community
at all the links we’ll share below So, on behalf of independent developers throughout
the UK thank you very much for your support and where ever you are in the world, I hope you
enjoy playing more Sniper Elite content in the future Thanks very much for watching

100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite Development Update

  1. I'm definitely adding Sniper Elite 5 to my 'Games to Get' list in the future.
    I wonder if it'll still be WW2 because I once heard of the possibilities of Karl Fairburne operating during the Cold War. Given how espionage heavy that era is and all the new tech that came with it a cold war Sniper game would RULE!

    I'd also be happy for a new stealth game now that Metal Gear is finished and Splinter Cell is in hiding.

  2. There's a possibility for the 5th installment to take place in Holland during Operation Market-Garden.
    That's what i've been thinking and that would be great

  3. Just doing the Sniper Elite 3 Main-game storymode now! .. And this video comes up in my feed list. Is this a joke. I mean is this really happening. -Big brother is watching what i play on my computer and Google and yt are listening, this is the proof!

  4. Plzzz remaster zombie army trilogy or make a new one you guys make awsome zombie games and you only made one trilogy long time ago its time for a new one dont you think? 🙁 if not then at least give us enhanced patch for xbox one x

  5. Is the melee system from Sniper Elite 4 gonna be on the remaster of V2 or is it just gonna be the neck snapping like the original.

  6. We also want the remastered of the first sniper elite
    I played of this one on xbox and it was stunning but with lots of bugs so a remaster wil be great

  7. 1 and 2 are best but 3 and 4 are not coz of no sniping location. im means who do sniping from this location ground 😑😑😑 at least a highground must be aewsom

  8. Been a hardcore rebellion fan for years ever since avp on atari jaguar which i was just playing a few weeks back then played my ps3 version. Playing sniper elite v2 on ps now waiting the remaster,rock on rebellion i have all your games except the upcoming ones and i will own those also. A nazi zombie 4 would also be awesome and a remaster of the original sniper elite would also be welcomed,thank you for your awesome work through the years rebellion. 😎👋

  9. I love you guys because your games are full of content and prices are so reasonable for DLC’s especially with the gameplay, story, and all the ways to kill a bunch of NAZI’S!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I'd actually love to have a MODERN TIME sniper elite game. You could drop a modern time game, then right after release another WW2 SE.

  11. I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! You have no IDEA how much my heart bleeds for this game! I cannot wait for Sniper Elite 5!<333333

  12. Can you please port zombie army trilogy to the switch ? With in game achievements. I would love that and I think the community would to, Please do it Rebellion.

  13. Sniper Elite V2: Pre-ordered, downloaded, then deleted and called PSN for a refund. I can't imagine the hard work that goes into revamping graphics, but I was both incredibly disappointed and puzzled when I discovered that it was simply a visual remaster and that the game mechanics from Sniper Elite 4 wouldn't be part of this remastered version.

    While I love using the rifles (it is called "Sniper Elite" after all), I also enjoy close-quarter combat and the use of silenced pistols. Some may tell me to go play another game, but Sniper Elite 4 has some of the best CQC/stealth gameplay I've ever experienced in any game (including most of the Tom Clancy titles). If you guys ever decide to release a patch to overhaul the mechanics, I will purchase V2 in a heartbeat. Can't wait for your other projects! Keep up the good work! 👍

  14. You touched every sniper elite and not the original one?

    the first sniper elite is the best one ever!
    Please make sniper elite one available for online play.

  15. You guys should add a Character creation for Sniper Elite 5, for multi-player I mean, Fairburne should stay in story mode

  16. If remember the end of Sniper Elite V2, I think Sniper Elite 5 will be in Cold War setting or WW2 again, but in 1944.

  17. im a massive fan of sniper elite 2,3,4,5comming!!!
    so make soure you can create the game and ready for next year with hitler and mussolini and the rest of dicatatorship assasination as a DLC…
    best of luck REBELLION

  18. Would you ever consider taking sniper elite to modern day or more modern times like Vietnam or somewhere like Afghanistan or Iraq?

  19. I know this series is known for being WWII, but I'd really like to see a modern or futuristic game by this team. Their bullet physics are amazing. I'd really like to play with more advanced technology.

  20. Better fix the sniper elite 4 multiplayer there’s a lot of cheaters and I’m sick of people calling me cheater because I’m good at it

  21. You guys should do the Korean War for sniper elite 5. No one ever does that war and it's only a few years after WW2.

  22. I can’t wait for sniper elite 5…
    I never got to play 4 but am getting it tomorrow when it comes out for free on ps plus

  23. Some ideas
    – Vietnam
    – Korean War
    – Stalingrad
    – ww2 but you are a German
    – Cold War
    – pacific front in ww2
    – ww1
    – some conflict in the Middle East
    – something in South America

  24. Can i upload sniper elite 4 gameplay on youtube without any issue? I means strike, community guideline etc…

  25. Please would be amazing to do the 1st Sniper Elite game ps2 remastered for ps4 and xbox one please! Is an amazing game.

  26. WHOOOAAAAA, I watch your Modern History TV channel, and I DID NOT expect to see you here! I'm genuinely shocked! Also more intrigued in the development now.

  27. Still remember when I first time experienced the "bullet time" cam shot back in 2006 on my PC, it was freaking awesome at that time because not a single other game was so unique as this one. My personal opinion is that Sniper Elite series is one if not the best War/World War oriented games 🙂
    It would be nice to have in the next SE:
    1. Build in recorded kill cams with a freeview around the bullet (optional to turn On/Off)
    2. Tilting over the fences (there is a problem when an enemy is so near under you that they can shoot you but you can't shoot them so it would be nice to extend some tilting)
    3. Free swimming and jumping, just add those two features to complet a perfected SE
    Edit: "free roam"? Maybe? :-))

  28. I would like to see an add-on with modern chambers available. Modern tech and integration with spotter. No snowflake difficulty settings, only realistic. TERRIFYING enemies. Failure. Hurt feelings. Reality. Rather than coddle us with "No ramifications for failure": allow us to lose all that we worked for and earned when we are careless. NO linear gameplay! Wide-open. AND: most importantly – what are snipers FOR? Support of fellow troops, mainly. Let's please see this. An add-on for only the most awesome gamers. How many of us set difficulty to it's highest possible setting? Even THAT can't ever be truly realistic! It should be a celebration of what a sniper has to do. A job that gamers would cry and whine and complain about. You don't readily see anti-personnel mines or booby-traps glowing in real life. The enemy sometimes is one dastardly sneaky devil.

  29. Sniper elite is a very cool series. I wonder if they ever try to make a mission where you play as a russian sniper in winter.

  30. Can you please make a sniper elite where it’s like the setting of sniper elite V2 but instead of focusing on the V2 rocket production I want the game to be similar to the COD WaW mission Vendetta where you have to be deep in the enemy territory and you basically have to take out high ranked officers one by one till you get to the Führer himself but I want the campaign to be real slow and take realism into account like having limited Ammo and maybe even having an AI squad mate that can help you as well, I could probably go on all day because WW2 is one of my favourite settings for a game and I hope there’ll be many more to come out

  31. My favourite game specially in multiplayer emotionally attached with this game lol 🙃 i mean i really miss that time when i started playing first time 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🎮 India

  32. Doing sniper elite in Vietnam would be cool. Marine Scout Snipers we're big in Vietnam and some of the most famous Snipers came out of Vietnam…


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