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Sniper Elite 4 – The Most Refined Stealth Mechanics In A Game

Hey guys! My name is IndianAgent47 and welcome back
to a new video. I was going to title this video ‘Top games
like Hitman!’ originally and Sniper Elite 4 was on the top spot. Then I decided to ditch it cause this great
game deserves its own video. So one day I was going through the Playstation
Store and came across Sniper Elite 4 on a huge discount. Now I had hardly ever heard of this franchise
but looking at the trailer it seemed like a third person stealth game with varied locations,
mechanics and weapons, a lot like Hitman! As you would gather from looking at my channel
I’m a huge Hitman as well as a stealth games fan so I bought it and it completely hooked
me in. But can I just talk about how much I love
stealth games? The sneakiness, tacticalness. Don’t get caught! In my opinion there are 3 laws of School that
make a stealth game: 1.The Stealth Mechanics
2.The Setting/World or the Locations And 3.The Level Design Hitman for example is excellent stealth game
because it performs brilliantly in all these 3 laws. It has got a very good stealth system with
a ton of well designed mechanics like, say, the bullet distractions, disguises, target
lockdowns which give extra oppertunities, how you use almost any everyday item to knock,
kill or cause oil leaks among other things, you get the point. It’s really unique because of these features. And the setting, every mission takes place
in a different location of the world and the level design itself is nothing short of amazing. (Though there are some faults here and there,
for example the Marrakech level is in my opinion the most beautiful level in the game, it’s
level design is really bad on the other hand, with very restrictive layout and hence very
few possible routes. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, though not having
a very good stealth system, excels by the huge number of fun and tactical augmentations
and options for lethal and non lethal takedowns. It has a great cyberpunk setting and well
rounded level design allowing creativity to make routes. Same is with games like Dishnored, the old
Thief games, Metal Gear Solid V and the entire stealth genre. So now I can get on Sniper Elite 4. Hoooh! I’m really surprised how small it’s community
and fan base it by the way. I know it is niche franchise or in other words
more of a ‘stealth’ genre but Hitman is in the exact same category and it has a considerable
following. For the basics It takes place in Italy in
WW2 and you play as this dude. Now I did say a Stealth “game” has these
3 laws but then again stealth itself is a part of a bigger game, with storyline and
all that stuff but the story of sniper Sniper Elite 4 is not its best feature so I won’t
discuss anything about that in this video. It’s really good in all the three “laws”,
but it performs in the mechanics category perhaps the best in the stealth gaming history
(in my opinion). Let’s just take a look at the stuff we have
here: 1.A very well made stealth system – with various
ways of play input, from walk, jog, sprint, to crouch, crouch sprint and laying on the
ground. 2.Light and shadow based stealth which is
imo the best mechanic because of how well it is implemented. In the mini map you have a circle which shows
how visible you are within a radius. It’s really this feature which blew my mind. 3.Foliage stealth, bushes act as a way to
hide yourself. Then again this might not seem much but it
adds to the already creative number of ways you can hide yourself. 4.Bullet drop and distance and every pistol
and rifle being different – About the actual sniping, you have a lot of consider before
taking your shot. You have wind, distance, bullet type(if its
suppressed or not), your rifle’s power and stats and your character’s breath which
you can stabilize by using empty lung(which is another feature). 5.Soundmasking your unsilenced gunshots(possible
with a lot of ways – from using generators, or moments after an explosion, or the sound
of a plane, and a lot of unique ways which are tied to specific levels. It’s an awesome feature and something really
unique to SE4. What’s really cool is all weapons have a
sound radius or the area till where the emit the sound, and pistols have a pretty small
radius! So you can fire them in the air, unsuppressed
and no one will hear it. So you can…try sniping with a pistol if
you don’t want to waste the precious suppressed ammo. 6.X-Ray kill cam – though I’m not a very
big fan of it, its really satisfying when you’re playing on a tough difficulty and
the game doesn’t tell you where the bullet’s gonna go so you have to figure out yourself
and you take the shot and it hits the guy exactly where you wanted and you get this
mini cinematic. It’s brilliant and another unique or exclusive
feature of SE4. 7.The entire transversal system with ledges,
pipes and various ways to access areas. Just like HitmanTM. 8.Now I’m not able to remember what it’s
called but it’s something along the lines of ‘transpose’ or something where if the
guards hear a gunshot they slowly try to get near where they heard it or in other words
try to pinpoint the location and you can use it to your advantage. It’s pretty neat. And all of this is with the fact that it is
a ‘Sniper’ game where sniping from long distances is intended to be the main point. And while the list may seem small, I’m not
including the brilliant open ended level design and the beautiful locations! Bitanti Village is just like Sapienza from
Hitman and unlike that game you can climb on a lot of rooftops. I think Deathstorm: Part 2 is among the best
stealth levels ever created. Just impeccable level design of this huge
town and the beautiful evening atmosphere. But really my biggest point is how smooth
and consistent it is with all these mechanics in play. I mean Hitman is of similar caliber but that
game is full of bugs and inconsistencies. In my opinion these guys need to be recognized
for the great work they’ve done with this game. And they’ve recently announced Sniper Elite
5 is in the works and I’m really hyped and wish them all the best. Of course there are some cons too, for example
a lot of the times I was confused why a lot of spots are blocked from entering – for example
here, we could’ve used this path to enter the town and it would’ve been a pretty cool
way to access the area, in comparison to the lame-o chain option you have. And when you think about it, the entire game
is just killing nazis, over and over again in each level! Sure every level has different objectives,
from retreiving, or killing someone to stopping a rail gun but all in all you’re just killing
nazis every level, what’s worst is that this game awards loads of XP depending on
how you kill them so a no kill no knockout run, in the style of silent assassin, Suit
only run from Hitman, is possible but not really worth it since the game gives no incentive
to do so. You’ve also got challenges in the vien of
Hitman but there are like 5 per level and they’re all very different, for example
you get an achivement for completing the Regolino Viaduct level in 15 minutes but this is the
only level which has this challenge. Every level should have it , in addition to
challenges like “kill everyone” or “Don’t ever get spotted” this would give every
level a really good reason to replay. Overall this game is a gem for a stealth game
fan and if you’re one I really suggest getting this! So that brings us to the end of this video! I hope you all enjoyed it. This video was very late from the schedule
but from now on I’ll try to keep up. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all

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