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Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 – Xbox 360 Gameplay

hey guys game over 24/7 here and welcome
to my Sniper Elite 3 playthrough for the Xbox 360
so everyone I’ve never played any of these games before like the Sniper Elite
Series so I really don’t know what to expect I’ve seen gameplay though and it
does look really cool so I’m really excited to play it so let’s kick it off
everyone here we go and just a member if you enjoyed this part all this series
please remember to Like comment subscribe thanks a lot guys
ah here we go marksman difficulty most of Europe has been crushed under the
axis boot forcing an allied retreat their supply lines for food and raw
materials are crippled the Suez Canal is a life line connecting Britain with its
empire and Middle Eastern oil making the war in North Africa crucial as the
British and axis armies face each other across the Libyan Egypt border the front
line swings like a pendulum across the western desert a harsh unforgiving strip
of land between the Mediterranean and the sahara mechanized warfare has come
of age here tanks our King Dan have arrived into Brook of a boat filled with
replacements and reinforcements young men blindly rushing to their deaths
none of them are comfortable having someone like me around suits me fine
most of them won’t make it out of here alive Rommel was kicked out during
Operation Crusader but Axis forces are once again sweeping across the western
desert the Ghazala gallop began with the Allied retreat and Rommel is at the
city’s throat there’s no time for tactics 35,000 of us at one order hold
to Brooke alrigth n seems very interesting pick your moment carefully empty lung
okay to do that picture the were lured to design Li dispatch
your enemies a close-range oh here we go snipers sniper something in the wall let’s do this here we go
kill kill package em in my desk hold RB to steady your aim when empty
lung is used a red diamond indicates where the bullet land okay here we go
it should be a direct headshot oh my god that’s just a little bit brutal let’s
make this shot count here we go everyone through the eye hopefully hopefully
through the eye socket here we go this is great
oh just above the ER oh oh my god excellent search for more spotters okay Wow we have one more guy to kill when I
breath on a thing yeah we go studying out my breathing here we go this is gonna hurt o stranger lens oh my god alright here we go destroy vehicles by shooting weak spots
tag vehicles to highlight these some weak spots may may require multiple
shots yeah there’s a weak spot a little gas tank
there time to die good boy
mr. flack cannon whatever black truck isn’t it I don’t know the it’s
called half truck that’s it
you go off track I’m pretty sure either way
it’s going now oh sweet well okay the Germans are using Nebel workers have
to do something about them how to heal myself of appalling that looks pretty good on the Xbox 360
my little eye hole to look at the map oh wow look at this cool so just up here’s
where I need to go okay gonna calm my heart down a bit
which if I crouch lose idiot they’ll kill Oh Sacha’s body 5m unground
bullets so sniper bullets in yep excellent search his body as well med kit sweet this is a good time to use
the will rider only headshots kill instantly thank you that game there we
go icons will appear above enemies you
allure these will disappear when they are attacking okay get away from to shoot that gun again he didn’t die he didn’t die again what
do those two headshots just then what were they I could’ve swore a Sean boy
from the hair is T open pool that was weird as does a surge thing ever go
away or don’t suck of a stayed forever yeah moved us today hey guys one pint of
y’all and there goes the other one thanks for playing pal more sniper bullets lots of sniper bullets here Vantage nice
I don’t want some ammunition for my pistol though nothing in here at all okay let’s go hang on a second this everyone we got
some problems here hot base full of them button here we go hello mr. Nazi oh my god nothing found him apparently trying stealth kill just go off a can
yeah alright how I’m insane for the he’ll Seimei wait a minute where the s this guy well little
punk he saw me somehow good night art I got him like I got him dude oh my
god hey as multiple enemies coming now he’s idiots on full alert
great that’s not good yeah the the range in this guy’s done Wow okay that
was crazy dude what’s just to everyone see I can get a kill with a sniper here nope
yeah I got that kill then no way oh what’d I hit headshot I still killed him here we go yeah I search the bodies just
heal up quickly a grenade Vantage full nothing found alright okay
yeah it’s just sound master you know about that
okay everyone that was pretty crazy game seems quite difficult to be honest bandage okay right for another noise to
happen if there is gonna be now noise I don’t
know if there will be right through the temple dude it’s gonna hurt oh my god goodnight all right this idiot up here haha all right what
have you got on you nothing more sniper bullets my way to have to get near
everyone what the h### was that go so just saw a ghost this ghost me I mean I know we can see
me over here I’m we got some people here don’t know where the h### he came from s### there we go that weapon part cool dynamites drilling it a collapse shot here no way
oh my god cooler yeah that is how it’s done everyone it didn’t kill him
you’re kidding me didn’t kill him then Swain how many vertical at man
that’s awesome I might as well check the ridge poor guys got owned scrum what
sniper bullets trying to search this guy’s body there we go
more sniper bullets man head up in this tower quickly shall we what are these
ammunition clips for what though and one grande again that’s pretty cool is to go
up here killed six people what the h### why not just do oh my God look at this
everyone sniper’s nest you can break off the thing I don’t even know that it’s
pretty funny alright it’s roll hobb a look at 100 buddy out here we go tanks and I was just the in
charge sweet now what’s gonna happen kills yes so that’s weapon parts
collected sniper’s nest yeah okay optional objectives fouled that one
longest shot half a mile okay we lost to Brooke but my work had John the
attention of British naval intelligence they’ve been following one of Hitler’s
Protege sent to Africa a ruthless advocate of nerve agents in the last war
general Franz Valen their informant close to Valen has gone dark so they
want me to investigate my first port of call is the gap around wases an access
transport hub Scout teams and commanders pass through here along with Intel I
have the cover of darkness on my side there’s a few officers in the area so
that’s where I’ll start my search anything I could see plenty of elevation
around the lake perfect to set up my rifle it volunteen here there’ll be a
trail and I’ll find it okay British intelligence has recruited
you for your skills okay then cool word out

21 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 3 Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 – Xbox 360 Gameplay

  1. yo dude! do you remember me? Ive been subbed since you did the Lcpdfr swat videos! Hope you reply! Your friend Bob!

  2. freaking awesome dude ,and vince i just got out from transformers age of extnction wanna know how it was ?

  3. I will say I preordered this for 360 and glad the frame rate, lighting, shadowing and graphics look nice., but YouTube never does the actual gameplay justice so I'm pretty relieved. This summer has been a big disappointment for WWII games as Wolfenstein: The New Order was boring as hell, unlike the awesome 2009 reboot, and Enemy Front was the most pathetic WWII FPS I ever played.

  4.  Why have they not done away with the health pack system? After all these years what is the point anymore? At least med kits can be found on soldiers.

  5. Looks like there isn't a difference in graphics between current and next gen for this game… Which means they spent time making sure EVERYONE was happy…. Haha looks like a fun game

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