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Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition – Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Switch

1942, most of Europe has been
crushed under the axis boot Making the war for North Africa crucial It has to end here The unforgiving terrain of the western desert That’s why I’m here Snipers! Snipers are needed at the wall Because one bullet can change history

54 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition – Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Switch

  1. This looks very interesting , never played the Series so this will be my first foray! Will it have motion controls and will the online multiplayer be there ?

  2. Thank you, guys, for bringing Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition to the Nintendo Switch!!! I'm glad this version will be a whole lot better than the inferior Wii U version. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. yeah right as if its going to look that good on Switch, don't get me wrong i love my Switch but please show ACTUAL Switch gameplay not edited footage from the PC/PS4 thankyou.

  4. When I found out that this game was coming to the switch, i almost creamed in my jeans..its a major go! I was just thinking about it and saying to myself, wouldn't it be nice to play this on the switch or do get to play it on the switch somehow? The only portable that can do that now, is a GPD Win 2 and that $800 bucks and even that it's not 100%! I almost spent that kind of money because how much I love playing the game.. To play this on a console that's portable and made to work with the switch is a godsend for me..I love this game and I'm not a big gamer.. I first got the ps4 for uncharted and once i was done, i was afraid i couldn't find a game that would really peak my interest as much as uncharted did..the sniper elite game looked cool and it was on sale for $9.99 at the ps store during a black Friday sale. I bought thinking, if this game sucks, at least I didnt spend $50 or $60 bucks for s piece of Sh#t game but I was so wrong… I was simply hooked. I was coming home from work looking forward to playing this game 7 year old daughter was right there playing with me. Now that it's coming to the switch, my commute to and from work turned alot sweater… Thank Rebellion Games for making the switch that much cooler to play.

  5. Sniper Elite 4 has been one of my favorite games in the past five or more years. I'm very excited for this, even though the controlls might be a bit clunky on switch.

  6. What about the very first sniper elite? I had to die so I could find where the enemy was hiding, cause I could not find him !!!

  7. Why are people obsessed with play Nintendo Switch when taking a dump your all sick in head having nothing better to do you need get out more

  8. These games need to be ported onto Switch:
    Dead Rising franchise
    InFAMOUS franchise
    Just cause 1-2
    Call of Duty (not including COD WW2, IW and BO4)
    Leave any other suggestions in the comments.

  9. I play sniper elite 1 until sniper elite 4 on pc even multiplayer…just a ton of hour andd i just bought nintendo swith watch this trailer omg…my 💰….gonna buy it

  10. I know I should be more patient but how much longer until Sniper Elite 3 is on Switch? The switch doesn't have much Stealth and Military Shooter type games.

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