100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 3 (SE3) First Official Cinematic Teaser Trailer

  1. "Sniper Elite 3 sees American OSS agent Karl Fairburne". It's because whether you like it or not, video games are often subtle political statements. It's to suggest that the Allied war effort was American- based. Hell, historians argue about that in 1945 Invasion of Germany and the Normandy landings, but CERTAINLY not the case in the African campaign. The US was only there for a very small period of time in comparison, which is why I think it's questionable having a US protagonist.

  2. @Rebellion Remember, Consoles like to play multiplayer too. maybe you could put that in at the start. and also split screen co-op.

  3. Bring down the Anti-white system with a consistent message:

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, white countries for EVERYONE!
    Its GENOcide.
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  4. None of the allied or axis soldiers were fighting for "Diversity" and the GENOCIDE of whites via mass immigration and "assimilation" imposed on ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

  5. British-American invasion in 1942, my point was America had no where near the significant impact they did in Europe of the Pacific theatre, since the battle for North Africa started in 1940.

  6. Okay I didn't put my comment across perfect, but the war in North Africa started in 1940, y'know when America said they don't wan't to get involved? But like everything conflict or war that followed they did. Not that you had any territory to defend in North Africa like Britain and France. Now go pursue your intro rapping career.

  7. I give the American's their credibility for supplying a large number of tanks. None the less I wish Rommel had survived the war.

  8. A remarkable man, predicted D-Day on gut instinct despite all evidence pointing towards a Dunkirk invasion.

    I wouldn't be surprised if assassinating Rommel is in the game, if not definitely DLC

  9. Cant wait for this, i am glad its highlighting the fighting that took place in the African theatre during the war, as not so many games do

  10. Depending on the time period, if it is after 42' it is more accurate but anything before hand with Rommel included in fighting or assassinating as you said should be left the the British as after the battle of El Alemain he went back to Germany, before sadly being executed in Valkyrie..

  11. Rommel wasn't executed, he committed suicide in exchange for the guarantee his family would be cared for and his involvement in the assassination attempt was covered up. He was given a state funeral and the cover story was he died as a result of his wounds when his staff car was strafed by Allied planes a few months earlier. His involvement with the assassination attempt on Hitler wasn't know until after the war.

  12. Nah, this will be Sniper Elite 3. V2 referred to the V2 rockets in the game. It didn't have a numbered title… kind of how like the Resident Evil films don't have numbered titles but they're all sequels.

  13. awesome. i am deffinately getting it. the reason why i like this game so much is because it takes place in ww2 and i love ww2 games. keep up the incredible work.

  14. on console? wtf, it is not a game to be used with controller…. unless you use the non realistic bullet effects i.e. no wind and bullet drop

  15. Holy shit, I'm not even tired of V2 and now V3 is coming. The terrain looks beautiful, graphics too, I'm just hoping for greater distance shots.

  16. The comments here seem to agree that the man in the car is Rommel. Looks nothing like him though, so are you guys sure it isn't just some lower military rank dude who is also bald?

  17. Sniper Elite 2 sucked after a while, it was a tubeshooter with to many interruptions with their "kill-cam" and skeleton shots. boring as fuck.

  18. my hope for this game is BIGGER levels, like in the first sniper elite, maybe some blending in by wearing nazi uniforms like in the first, i swear v2 was so dumbed down, i ended up selling it, never even played the tacked on multiplayer, it also seemed alot was sacrificed for good graphics.

  19. Вы дебилы AMD, такой api…….а вобщето, да пошли вы нахуй бестолковые гниды

  20. aslong we are not pushed to do cqc battle it great , i like old sniper elite where it up to you how to complete objective and there many way to go to the place

  21. Amazing gonna be a great looking game and loved the 2nd one make it more then one location mix up the areas and a good story be nice to continue upgrades with Stealth and burtal take downs like the game it self include a knife character is a deathly sniper who will do anything to complete the mission and flanking tactical advantage to the player and tactics like shoot throw bullet holes Grenade holes being able to do any approach we like from any angles open environments be awesome Vietnam be a good place to spread the game to also not like one area like world war 2 had the city's only I can see a lot this game can have to it's potential 🙂 good job tho guys

  22. جميلة اللعبة بصراحة الجزء الثاني بتاعها حلو قوي، متعرفش الجزء الثالث هينزل تورنت أو على ماي ايجي امتى؟ 🙂

  23. @Rebellion Please make a game set in World War One, and maybe make the main character a German Sniper, because that would be so awesome(it wouldn't have to necessarily be told from their perspective, but it'd be cool) And the game should have you working with teammates, and should feature Trench Warfare. Please consider doing something like this! 😀

  24. I was so surprised when the bullet blew up the truck instead of hitting the guy in the head. Great work on the interior design of the truck by the way.

  25. Iim gonna guess this has something to do with the cold war? A lot of the russian soldiers took off to africa to try and secure war plans. Idk though i loved these games look super sick

  26. кто как и я играет в пиратскую версию игры Sniper elite-2 на PS-3 ,ставьте лайк чтобы Rebellion было приятно:)

  27. this is by far THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED
    its got all my favorite things ww2, sniping, etc
    i just cant wait to see what will be in this one but i like how the v2 dlc weapons will now be standard in 3 i hope i just love the m1d and lee enfield

    but im a serious gamer and ive played several games but one like this just never gets old for me

  28. Sniper elite v2 is the best game! 
    I hope it exceeds 3 Sniper elite! 
    Gamertag: alancd46 (xbox 360)

  29. Ppl gvin out about the wee u sold more then ps3 so what.this s ment to be abt the game play the story and the x cam inprovment .just saying.

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  31. Please do realistic damage! Clipped arms, legs and other … That was missing in this type of games, a sniper weapon has a lot of damage and it would fit the title …

  32. Why not make a game 'sniper elite' on the german way? Where you can collect german medals, like the Knight Cross with oakleaves and swords etc… That would be so epic 😀

  33. I am a professional player of the game Sniper Elite V3 are interested in one question. Why are you game developers in the game you have built valhak official cheat? (this is where you can mark an opponent through binoculars and light body in white). The Sniper Elite 1 this was not. Why do you do with it? Is it possible to mark the opponent, I think not! It is unacceptable. For such a mark in the Sniper Elite 1 cheaters got banned!

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