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Sniper Elite 3: Official Trailer – “Tobruk” In-Game Engine

Sniper Elite 3 product not yet rated 1942 most of Europe has been crushed under the
axis boot making the war for North Africa crucial it has to end here in the unforgiving terrain of the
Western Desert That’s why I’m here because one bullet, can change history. Sniper Elite 3

100 thoughts on “Sniper Elite 3: Official Trailer – “Tobruk” In-Game Engine

  1. Выглядит в замедленнии просто шедевральноМожно смотреть как на воду огонь

  2. Looks great!

    First Sniper Elite was amazing but SEV2 was a disappointment. Bring back non-linear levels, use of medikits and bandages instead of automatically regenerating health and better enemy AI!

  3. I really, really dig their engine and work with graphics overall. They somehow managed to create a gritty war setting while maintaining colorful and bright visuals without blurring out half of what's going on. Warfare atmosphere, some stealth and mindless brutality – loved SEV2, will play this one.

    I wish they also made another AvP. The 2010 one surely was far from perfect, but it held amazing potential

  4. Please, please, please, PLEASE don't bestialize the Germans in Africa… That whole campaign was an entirely different thing than the rest of the war.

  5. My grandfather fought in Africa under the command of Erwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel.
    In 1943 he got a PoW and survived the war.

  6. Sweet, now all it needs is a working anti-cheat, and to be aimed more at multiplayer than singleplayer, and all will be good !!

  7. IF only WW2 can become the trend again. WW2 game were always awesome to play. This modern warfare crap is getting old with the same typical 'Jack Ryan' type character defeating the entire Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Middle Eastern or North Korean army and saves the day when the nuclear bomb is at 0:00:01…

  8. I think the scull brooked the wrong way…. On the entrance side the damage would be limited, with the debris going more in the bullets direction; the real damage should be inside the scull and on the path out from the scull on the other side… Just saying…  If they learn kids wrong stuff about bullet damage physics in this way; where should the world end?   >irony<

  9. Чет после пару миссий первой части у меня какие то сомнения … Задача главного героя будет не меньше чем  – найти и убить дедушку Каддафи или захвата всей африки в одиночку

  10. Release now! I want to go "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR NAZI BALLS FRITZ!" and watch in glorious slow motion as a bullet rips through his bollocks!

    I'd also like to see some new interesting features, like lots of different weapons, as it's Africa with the British great chance for a lee-enfield or an anti-tank rifle. (c'mon who wouldn't want to see a 55 break someones skull?) and other things like soldiers surrendering because you've killed all his nazi buddies!

  11. I love this game looks amazing 0.0 !!! Please the next sniper elite plays in winter , russia or westfront 1944 . But first in the desert 😀 thanks for this cool trailer cant wait .

  12. Full of turkey and not planning on moving for the next few minutes? Perfect time to watch some X-ray Kill Cam! Sniper Elite 3 official 'Tobruk' trailer

  13. Glad to see a game that shows the British side of WWII, be good to get my hands on a Sten that can be seen throughout the trailer.

  14. Please Rebelliony,

    you are the best Developer for Aliens vs Predator games!
    I beg you, please do a new Aliens vs Predator game!!!

    A lot of People would really appreciate it, and I really hope you dont care
    what the USK would say just do it like the Aliens vs Predator 2010 ! That game was
    a Masterpiece! I hope you will read my comment and maybe answer me 🙂

  15. Nearly at 100,000 views on the Sniper Elite 3 Trailer – Tobruk. Thank you so much everyone! Official Sniper Elite 3: In-Game Engine Trailer – "Tobruk"

  16. I wish media and gaming companies would be more discreet about what they allow to be shown on YouTube, especially as a father of two young children. Discretion.

  17. Hey there, good work with the saga! but i hopes the game should be more MOD friendly this time…to extend the life of the game

  18. im happy to see you guys not only come out with v2 but now a v3!
    have you guys thought about a hunting game? nothing is worth a shit now days in the hunting section. deer hunter the 2005 season was the best deer hunter game ive ever played and nothing comes close to it. the hunter sucks those guys are greedy and so i wont play it at all once i figured out how much everything was.

    anyway im glad you guys are coming out with V3! hope i can scrounge up the money for it when it comes out. right now and for the next 2 years i'll be in a bind trying to clean off and build a house on some land i recently came into.

  19. Cautiously optimistic for this game as I was pretty disappointed with SEV2 after it became extremely linear and limited player choice in completing missions. I've heard Rebellion say in the newer trailer that they are trying to make things less linear though and that makes me happy if true.

    I am also not a big fan of the new xray killcam in SEV2 and 3. I think the gore in Sniper Elite 1 looked much better. It's much more impactful to see the bullet enter a guys face or body, then for face or  body to turn into a skeleton everytime the moment before the bullet  hits. You are fighting people, not skinless skeletons.

  20. I really, really love your Zombie Mods one and two. Please, please make part three too. Awesome game. Thank you very much for this masterpieces … excellent gameplay and atmosphere. Outstanding…

  21. Sniper elite v2 is the best game! 
    I hope it exceeds 3 Sniper elite! 
    Gamertag: alancd46 (xbox 360)

  22. I have high expectations for this game. I played 1st one on my PS2 then demo of V2 (made 1337 long video which is my the most viewed one so far even though I knew less then nothing about proper editing 😉 on my PS3 along with the full game. Looks like I will be playing shit-ton of v3 on my PS4 🙂

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