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Sniper EFI BBD For Jeep CJ

You can’t beat the looks of a classic Jeep,
but don’t you wish your Jeep ran as good as it looked? Well with a little help from the team at Holley
and Sniper EFI, you can ditch that outdated fuel system and upgrade it to fuel injection
without breaking the bank. The Sniper EFI BBD is a bolt on EFI system
designed to replace the BBD carburetors found on most 1971-1986 Jeep CJs with a 258-inch
cubic inline 6 engine. The two 100 pound per hour injectors are capable
of supporting up to 350 horsepower at the crank. Are you tired of adjusting or rebuilding the
carb on your CJ? Or just embarrassed by its lack of performance? What about the fuel starvation problems encountered
on extreme inclines and off camper trails? Leave those worries behind. Sniper EFI BBD is the perfect solution to
your problems. Expanding on the tried and true versatility
and reliability of the original Sniper, our BBD EFI system shares the same great features
like simple four wire hook up, full-color touch screen, built-in fuel pressure regulator,
a Bosch wideband O2 sensor, OEM style sensors, and a self-tuning throttle body mounted ECU. It feels right at home on any trail rig, daily
driver, or weekend warrior. Not only will you get improved throttle response,
Sniper EFI BBD offers more power at wide-open throttle when compared to the stock carburetors. With the use of one of our HyperSpark ignition
systems, you’ll also have the ability to control ignition timing to get even more stunt pulling
power out of your inline 6. So whether you’re cruising the streets, surfing
the sand, or hitting the trails, put an end to your Jeep’s cold starting issues, vapor
lock problems, and fuel starvation issues with the accuracy of Sniper EFI. Thanks for watching, to learn more about the
Sniper EFI BBD system for your Jeep, visit our website at

11 thoughts on “Sniper EFI BBD For Jeep CJ

  1. are you going to create a version for 2300 holley flange replacement.. so all the cars that use a motorcraft 2100 2150 can be retrofit.. how about a custom throttle body for that to replace the holley 4000 carbs on 55 to 57 thunderbirds..

    can you also do a single barrel version to replace various 4 cylinder and straight six carbs.. think of all the 170, 200, 250, ford straight sixes.. and the 240 and 300 sixes in ford trucks and vans.. this 2 barrel sniper could actually be mounted on a 2 into one adapter so that might not be anywhere near as hard to do..

  2. What do you have for the ‘98 Jeep TJ 2.5L. That motor needs a Holley Sniper EFI and a thousand shot of Nitrous…

  3. So you guys mention the hyper spark ignition so timing can be controlled but it doesn't show up for the 258 on your website. Is it coming soon?

  4. Bought my kit after I was told that the hyper spark amc 258 distributor would be available in a few days. It’s been over a month guys….. when will the distributor for the 258 be available? Please give me a date, my jeep is down until I can get my hands on the hyper spark distributor for the 258..

  5. I assume that any vehicle with a BBD carburetor can take advantage of this EFI system. Right? I am thinking in slant sixes with two barrel intakes and BBD carburetors that where sold in Australia and central America in the 60´s and 70´s

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