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Sniper EFI 92mm and 102mm Throttle Bodies

Improving air flow to your engine is a proven
way to increase power. Sniper EFI’s 92 millimeter and 102 millimeter
billet aluminum LS throttle bodies improve your engine’s performance without breaking
the bank. Replacing your stock throttle body with one
of our Sniper EFI throttle bodies will increase air flow for more horse power potential and
also enhance throttle response. These feature packed throttle bodies have
enlarged bore sizes while the progressive throttle pulley enhances low speed drivability. A double return spring provides a solid and
secure throttle control feel. These four bolt cable operated throttle bodies
feature an adjustable throttle spot. The throttle bodies will require Holley’s
idle air control and TPS sensors. The billet aluminum throttle bodies are available
in both bright silver or black anodized finishes and proudly display the laser etched Sniper
EFI logo. It is important to avoid going with too large
of a throttle body as this might result in a lack of throttle responsiveness and negatively
impact drivability. For most mildly modified engines, the Sniper
EFI 92 millimeter should suffice. For big engines over 400 cubic inches, the
Sniper EFI 102 millimeter throttle body gets the nod. These throttle bodies are a great match for
our Sniper EFI sheet metal fabricated manifolds. Thanks for watching, to find out more about
Sniper EFI products, visit our website at

3 thoughts on “Sniper EFI 92mm and 102mm Throttle Bodies

  1. Do you have to have the manifold to see any type of gains with the 92 mm throttlebody? Even though I’m sure having them both helps the most

  2. Don’t guys have that for 2008-2015 Scion xB 2.4L 2AZ-FE camry engine?

    How much hp and torque will gain?

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