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Sniper Climbs Tree and Destroys EVERYONE. (45 Feet / 14 Meter High)

Clear!” Hey welcome back my friends were back in the castle field and Belgium, but today I’m switching back to my SSG 24, inspired by my good friend “Novritsch” check out his video. You haven’t seen it yet I really want to abuse my sniper rifles range So I’m climbing up high into the trees to get an excellent view of the field Our objective is to take over as many capture points on the map and hold them for as long as possible Do you have a grenade? Throw it in the bushes *Clear!* Right below me are about eight enemy players, and I really want to start shooting right now But I’m afraid of getting shot in my exposed family jewels I will wait until there’s fewer enemies left and hold completely still after every shot in the hopes of not getting spotted Hit! *Argh* A new round has just started and we switch sides, but I really want to try to get to my tree again But now we have to fight through a lot of enemy forces both in the capture points around it “Hit, Medic” *Hit!* “Hit?” Right over there Yeah, buddy, yeah, buddy Sitting up at an elevated position gives your airsoft guns a massive range boost since your shooting down I’m now able to hit people much further away After getting down from the tree, we got flanked by enemy players from the back We had to take these guys out in order to not lose the capture points between our spawn and the frontline “Hit” Thanks for watching guys check out silo If you’re interested in what different pieces of gear I’m using and make sure to watch our PUBG video Because there’s a whole bunch of new ones incoming Nothing

100 thoughts on “Sniper Climbs Tree and Destroys EVERYONE. (45 Feet / 14 Meter High)

  1. Why is the language different. Do you have to speak Russian in your videos. and if not Russian your speaking then what is it? And im also new so if you have a video on why you speak english then switch to the other language in the video then i don't know about it.

  2. I am a person that sees items that give you 1 time advantages in a game and that cost you a lot… well… airsoft is compared to that with the grenades and smokes etc.

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