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Sniper (90 second hero guide)

Greetings and welcome to 90 second hero guide featuring Kardel Sharpeye The sniper. Sniper is a ranged agility carry who excels at dealing damage from long range This however comes at the price since he has no reliable escape abilities His Q: shrapnel is a long range AOE ability that provides vision damages and slows the enemies in it’s AOE It stores up to three charges His W: headshot is a passive ability that provides stopping power with increased damage and slow when it procs on your auto-attacks. His E: take aim is the second passive abilitiy giving him his name since it increases his auto attack range by up-to 400 units. His ultimate: assassinate allows you to lock onto an enemy and after short duration fire are shot dealing up to 650 damage and mini-stunning the unit hit Sniper relies heavily on items like upgraded boots hurricane pike and shadow blade which mitigate his main weakness of his lack of escapes other desired items are desolator mask of madness daedalus and maelstrom Situational items that can be bought against certain enemies are silver edge, mkb, manta style, mjollnir and butterfly In teamifights try to stay out of sight of enemy initiators since being cc’d will most likely result in your death. Try to focus important targets with your superior range but don’t get too greedy because you’re very squishy this is the most common talent tree however you can modify it if you prefer the other talents So this is all for the Sniper guide if you’d like to see more videos like that press that like button and comment which hero you’d like to see next and until next time: “good luck and have fun”

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