*shrapnel* Please, save me! OYOYOYOOYOY HELP ME, SAVE ME It’s all clear, he’s got stuck HELP ME BLYAT! HELP MEE, WHY THERE IS NO HELP? NO! It’s all because someone *beep beep* chat: SNIPER FUCKING LUCKY I FUCKED YOUR MOUTH yes hope you understand that you hurt my feelings? who is it it’s sniper, season is open whe-where are you? out of your sight hahaha *paramparampam* say bye to your life how are you going to kill me? stahp scaring me *sniper reloaded* How is it? Did I make your cheekbones tremble? I like it! I’m aiming for you can you feel it? HEAAAT! *hahaha* my finger itches on the trigger oh no, NO! READY SET oh, you can’t hide from me *BOOM* you are on the death list he’s dead, how did you do this? *THIS IS HOW* +Agh’s scepter; assassinate now makes 2,8x crit this is unbelievable with these powers I can be a superhero where can you go without me? I’m now MR.SEX *sick Russian rap* *I’m tired from this Monkey King *extinction book* *list of rare and extincting animals* *good patch* subtitles made by Alexander “sux3ss” Alexandrov It’s a 10 minute job, but it makes the channel “international”

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