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Smith & Wesson Pistols – Now with Crimson Trace Lasers!: Guns & Gear|S7

(gunshots) – I’ve come to believe
that any defensive handgun can be improved with
the addition of a laser. Paul, Smith & Wesson
has really gotten into lasers in a big way. – What we’ve done
is we’ve partnered back up with Crimson Trace, and so we’ve converted
those red lasers to a Crimson Trace red laser, mainly because
durability, reliability, you just can’t beat a Crimson
Trace, so we’ve done that. – So, we have both
the 38 Revolver, and you’ve got the 380 here? – Bodyguard 380, with
the Crimson Trace laser integral to the guns. – [Tom] Then, you also — – [Paul) One of the
things we did is — listen, we’re a company that
always is looking forward, moving forward, and we really
want to be a good partner, a good citizen, so
we’ve gone green. (laughter) We’ve gone green
with our M&P line. (laughter) Doing that, when I
say we’ve gone green, we’ve gone green with
Crimson Trace as well. We’ve actually put green
Crimson Trace lasers on all of our M&P line. – [Tom] And green, of
course, as we know, has a real advantage
because it appears to be brighter. The downside, of course,
is for a long time, it was hard to get much
battery life out of green. – You’re absolutely right. One of the drawbacks
to a red laser is in very bright light, it fades. – Right. If you’re at any distance,
you couldn’t see it. The green, however,
as you can see, just really pops
in bright light — – It does; it’s crazy how it — – [Paul] Against
a dark background, against a light background. That’s pretty significant, so it gives you a gun
that you can rely on during bright light. The neat thing about
Crimson Trace is they’ve actually developed it so that you’re getting good
reasonable battery life. – [Tom] Okay, also
got it for the shield? – [Paul] Across the board. There again, it’s that
front-activated switch. It’s patented by Crimson Trace, and it comes in our
9 and 40 full-size, and 9 and 40 compact, as
you can see, the Bodyguard, and also into our Shield. We’ve covered the
gamut across the line. We’ve gone entirely
green all the way across. – [Tom] These are available
from Smith & Wesson with the lasers ready to go? – [Paul] That is correct. You can just order them
straight from your dealer. – Wow, new lasers for your Smith & Wesson
pistols and revolvers. – Something else I really
like about the green lasers is that they have an ability
to penetrate bright light, and since everybody really likes to use these bright
white tactical lights
to identify things or search for things, you’ve got to be able to cut
through that white light. I’ve got a kind of typical
situation or scenario set up here in the
hallway here behind me. There’s a target. He’s silhouetted in the doorway. I can’t tell if it’s a
good guy or a bad guy, but I’ve gotta light him up. The first thing I have to do
is light him up and, hopefully, I’ll still be able to see
the green laser down there if I need to use it. Let’s see how this looks. (gunshots) (gunshots) – [Chris] The green light has
no problem cutting through that high-powered
white tactical light. That’s a great thing
about a green laser.

5 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson Pistols – Now with Crimson Trace Lasers!: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. So what? they come with an aftermarket part as an option to cheapen the price if someone wanted the gun and the laser at the same time. i think they need to make some Performance Center variants, and competition ones with flaired magazine wells and and weighted compensators for the slide. maybe make a package with the red dot included instead of dicking around with a laser.

  2. I look forward to the release of the very long delayed Crimson Trace LG-305G green laser for S&W J-frame revolvers. Crimson Trace officially announced green lasers for S&W J-frames way back in November 2012. (Yes, 2012.)

  3. I recently bought the SD9 with Crimson Trace. It is impossible to find a holster for it. It basically makes the gun useless as there is no way to carry it unless I go the "one size fits all" cloth type holster that flop about and don't hold the gun securely. What is the point of adding these attachments when holster makers won't make holsters to accommodate them….

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