Smith & Wesson 500! Farm Girl Shooting S&W 500 revolver. The largest production handgun made!

So we’ve got 500 grain now that’s serious… another first. oh mama… yikes! After I’m tired already! You ready for this, I guess so. Shooting the Smith and Wesson 500 wow was that high? shooting another round Damn! Slow motion shot from largest production handgun made. Another shot give a burst of recoil to Farm Girl’s hands and arms! Farm Girl now dressed in a black evening dress, shoots a melon as a target. God! Nice shootin’ Farm Girl! The shot then the melon explodes in slow motion Farm Girl holding the huge 50 caliber revolver Making sure we don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions. Ready for this? I’m ready. We’ve got our nice hollow points. Let me see those in your hand. That’ll stop a bear won’t it? Yeah. What is that, like three pounds. Laughing. alright. Whatcha gonna shoot Farm Girl? I’m gonna shoot that cinder block ready for this? I’m ready.

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