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SMAW – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the ninth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the SMAW. First appearing in Modern Warfare 3, the SMAW
returns in Black Ops 2, in a role nearly identical to the M72 LAW from the first Black Ops. The SMAW, or ‘Shoulder-launched Multipurpose
Assault Weapon’ is an American launcher based on an earlier Israeli design – the B-300 anti-tank
launcher. The B-300 was introduced in the late 1970s
by Israeli Military Industries: the US SMAW is essentially the same weapon with a few
modifications and standardised kit, and was introduced in 1984. It fires an 83mm rocket, of which there exist
a number of variants: the most common include the High Explosive Dual Purpose, or HEDP rounds,
ideal for use against bunkers, and High Explosive Anti-Armor, for use against tanks or other
heavily-armoured vehicles. The SMAW also comes equipped with a spotting
rifle, ballistically matched to the launcher for better first-shot precision. The spotting
round used is a rather unusual cartridge: a 9mm tracer bullet, contained within a 7.62mm
casing – with a .22 Hornet blank serving as a propellant. In any case, the SMAW has proven to be a reliable
and accurate means of tackling entrenched positions and enemy armour since its introduction
nearly 30 years ago – and it is only in recent years that the US Army has sought a more modern
replacement. In-game, the SMAW is an explosive weapon,
and so effective damage dealt is subject to a large number of variables. Employed against the enemy, the rocket has
a blast radius of a few metres, and you’ll kill an unprotected enemy outright within
a portion of this radius. When facing an enemy with Flak Jacket equipped,
only a direct impact will suffice – otherwise they’ll walk away – injured, but alive. When tackling air support, the SMAW will down
anything it comes into contact with with just a single rocket – but any counter-measures
the vehicle has will divert your shot, resulting in a miss. UAVs and Counter UAVs are easily despatched:
as are care package helicopters. Most other scorestreaks will require multiple
rockets: stealth choppers and escort drones require two, and the higher killstreaks will
need up to three. Rate of fire is very slow, equating to around
20 rounds per minute – or one shot every 3 seconds – when firing multiple rockets as
quickly as possible. Of course, this is only feasible as long as
your supply holds out – given that you only spawn with one rocket, it’s unlikely you’ll
reach this rate of fire outside of a Sharpshooter match. You can fire rockets freely, or hold your
sights for a moment on a scorestreak target to lock-on: this process is essential to reliably
hit aerial targets. Handling is slow all-round: while at least
recoil isn’t a factor, you’ll need to endure the 300 millisecond aim time before you can
fire. In addition, your movement will be slowed
to a crawl whilst you have the launcher equipped – at just 80% of the base speed. Being a single shot weapon, there’s no magazine
to speak of – after every round fired you’ll need to reload. The reload process is pretty slow, clocking
in at 2.5 seconds. Of course, this requires that you use scavenger – and that you have
picked up a resupply bag – in order to have a spare rocket. While I wouldn’t recommend centring an entire
build around the SMAW, it can form a part of an explosive-centric loadout. Such a build can be devastating against enemies
who tend to run in packs, but beware – your entire strategy can be rendered impotent by
the simple application of Flak Jacket. Nevertheless, it’s a viable route given the
flexibility of the Pick 10 system: and we open our build with an assault rifle of your
choice. You’ll need a bullet-based weapon to fall
back on occasionally, and the assault rifles have the benefit of offering an explosive
attachment to expand your available ordinance. The underslung grenade launcher may bring
back bad memories for some, but it does offer two extra grenades for your use. Following a parabolic arc, you can sail these
40 mike mike surprises through windows or over cover to strike obscured opponents. Next up, 2 perks from the second tier using
the Perk 2 Greed wildcard. Firstly, Scavenger will keep your explosives
resupplied, with the exception of the underslung grenade launcher. Each blue pack you recover will give you an
extra lethal grenade and a SMAW rocket – but note that enemies killed via explosion won’t
drop any resupply packs. Direct impacts with your SMAW rocket will
yield a resupply, however – so for continued use it pays to be accurate. Second up in the second tier is Fast Hands
– given our generous use of multiple explosive elements in this build, the faster switch
times and equipment throwing will prove very useful. In our third tier, Engineer can prove useful
to reveal the location of lurking enemies: toss a grenade or launch a rocket towards
equipment indicated in red to make better use of your explosive options. As an alternative, you can swap Engineer for
Flak Jacket – for those cases where your enemy adopts a copycat strategy. Next up, we’ll be using the Danger Close wildcard
to maximise the amount of explosives at your disposal, in line with the focus of this class. This option permits the selection of two lethal
equipment of your choice – Frag grenades work fine here, but you could swap out for C4 or
similar, depending on your preference. Toss them liberally, as Scavenger will continually
replenish your lethal supply. That’s our build – a demolition expert set,
with a pure focus on explosive damage. Effective use of the explosive weapons relies
on a certain degree of anticipation of your enemy’s movements, and use of map features
to enhance your chances of a kill. Most maps have natural chokepoints that can
be exploited to secure multikills – and in objective games, depending on circumstances,
there will be emergent chokepoints as your enemy funnels through towards their goal. It is here that you should strike – taking
advantage of predictable enemy movement will yield better reward. The SMAW is the most versatile launcher on
offer – none of the other choices will allow you to tackle both aerial scorestreaks and
your enemy directly. This makes it an ideal secondary for those
wanting to cover a larger variety of possibility: with a SMAW and scavenger paired, you can
deny the enemy’s radar advantage all game long – and clear clusters of enemies near
objectives, too. However, if you seek to specialise, the SMAW’s
limited supply can be an issue: the FHJ is by far the superior choice for tackling enemy
air support, and the RPG is better suited to sustained anti-personnel use. Otherwise, the SMAW suffers from all the usual
downsides of being a launcher: slow handling speeds, and unreliable performance when used
against the enemy, courtesy of Flak Jacket’s presence. Still, adaptability is a trait worth more
than most realise: and that is the SMAW’s key virtue. This weapon is capable of handling anything
your enemy might throw at you – a versatile denial your enemy’s entire efforts. Meanwhile,
all of the other launchers… …might leave you wanting SMAW. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
next LMG – the QBB LSW. Until then, farewell.

99 thoughts on “SMAW – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. You can have danger close with two c4s. You can throw one and detonate by double tapping X or square on ps3. (Sorry. I play xbox). Then you can throw the other c4 and do the same.

  2. Yeah… what sucks is that Israel used to be a big country until it gave up it's land to their "Friendly" neighbors…

  3. 100 destroys, so play domination or Arms Race where scorestreaks are most prevalent. as for RPG, which is 100 kills,domination or demolition, where you are likely to find a group of enemies together at one spot.

  4. I was being spawn trapped by a VTOL warship and when my teammates tried to lock on with the FHJ they kept getting killed. My response= spawn in with smaw and hipfire the thing down. Works a treat

  5. you can still one shot a stealth chopper if you aim at it but dont let the smaw lock on and free fire,if you do that the flares wont deploy

  6. Boy, did you just reply to something I posted 3 months ago? Anyways the whole Potato thing is just to rub salt in the wound, or so to speak. Basically calling him stupid for being obvious.

  7. I'm trying to get more camos on it I can't get the double kills no one is ever close by each other any tips anyone

  8. Talking about the actual SMAW, it doesn't have lock-on, so why has the SMAW in this game got lock-on? It's not even modified, they just added the abaility :/

  9. I like your video exspecially this one cause the smaw is one of my favourite weapons but I have a guestion could you please make a video about the FIM-92 Stinger? That's my favourite weapon too. Cause its very large and much bigger than the RPG-7. Thank you. You're doing good man cause it's as thik as the smaw. These are my favourite weapons. The smaw and the FIM- 92 Stinger. Keep it up.

  10. I like these videos. seeing the launchers bios, I think of them as three types, versatility for the smaw, pure support for the fhj, and pure assault for the rpg. just wanted to say…

  11. @tom19021 go on domination or hardpoint. you would be suprised how many people pile up on one flag or one hardpoint

  12. at 1:12 he sees you holding the launcher, gets scared and runs away. but you blast his ass anyway lmfao

  13. I would change 2x frag for 1x frag so I can put on flak jacket and then I can also put on another attachment on the assault rifle because of getting rid of danger close too.

  14. Dood use it on hardpoint. Easy multi kills. I went 17-0 with just the smaw (and 17-3 with my HAMR) its the best combination u can have 😀

  15. You could remove danger close to receive a perk from the first slot, preferably Flak jacket or lightweight, and also give you a tactical grenade, in this case, EMP would be useful to instantly down ground based scorestreaks.

  16. Wao, it is what i m looking for, this kind of help. i need to impact kill 5 guys, 4 dobles and explode a guy with a vehicle and that video give me all that i need, THANK YOU dude, you video really help, i m running to make all those changes.

  17. wait, it can lock on to things??? WTF have I been doing all this time! I get lucky when I hit a UAV with it then 😂

  18. well,the build is great for an anti-scorestreak and anti-personel build,but i would reccomend to sacrafice a lethal for flak jacket,in case you get caught in your own explosion

  19. Oooooh ok. yeah. it wasn't literally a 308 necked up for a 9mm with a 22 hornet glued to the primer pocket lol. its literally just a special bullet. issa 308 necked up for a 9mm 200 grain looking round. the 22 hornet looked more like 22 lr but either way, its inside the 308 lol. I was so lost lol

  20. Note : even tho' it doesn't give additional ammo on spawn, Scavanger is essential for any build that has a SMAW in it.

  21. "Every other launcher … may leave you wanting SMAW 😏". I see what you did there you MAGNIFICENT GENIUS 😂😂😂

  22. My first launcher to ever be gold, this ka boomer is my second favorite launcher in the game (first being the rpg) it’s a good all-rounder launcher and one of my favorites in the entire series. Since you can’t put attachments on it (no duh dumbfuk) I’ll just say how I think about it a sentence. Blow em up to smaw pieces. get it? No ok sorry.

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