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Smart Pistol MK5 – Titanfall Weapon Guide

Technology is truly an amazing thing – from
ablative armour to compact jump packs, every pilot bristles with artefacts of high-tech
warfare. Give someone a gun that aims itself, however
– and the complaints never end! This time, we’re covering the Smart Pistol
Mk5. This fifth-generation weapon system is designed
to integrate perfectly with the Titan pilot platform: taking advantage of the optical
sensors, heads-up display and IFF capability. This means much of the targeting work is offloaded
to your suit – and as such the smart pistol is relatively low-tech in appearance, not
too dissimilar to a conventional handgun. In fact, the gun provides little more than
a simple point and click interface: most of the fancy electronics is hidden within the
weapon’s projectile. The Mk5 fires an advanced 9mm round, with
an onboard guidance system steering it towards a pre-programmed target. The system is fired with a conventional charge,
with micro-thrusters capable of adjusting the bullet mid-flight. While underpowered as a conventional cartridge,
the smart pistol is designed on the premise that even a small calibre can be critically
effective when striking the right spot. Now, the Smart Pistol is a bit of an oddball
when it comes to practical use – with two modes of operation available. When held naturally, the weapon will lock
onto hostile targets, and is capable of landing critical headshots when doing so. This helps to minimise the number of shots
needed with the weapon, but does require that you wait for a successful sequence of locks
before firing. Enemy minions are the easiest targets to acquire
– taking between 100 and 200 milliseconds to lock on. Grunts will require just a single lock, whereas
the more resistant Spectres will need two to despatch. Enemy Pilots are considerably tougher to tackle
– you’ll need three locks to kill with a single volley, and each lock can take up to 800 milliseconds
to acquire. Locks can be secured on separate targets simultaneously,
as long as they lie within the weapon’s scanning zone – a 45 degree cone by default. Close-range targets will permit faster locking,
with the weapon able to home in on enemies within a 20 metre range. You can stack up to 12 locks before firing,
meaning you can potentially slay a large number of opponents with just a single trigger pull. You engage the free-fire mode by aiming down
the weapon’s sights, where you’ll lose the auto-targeting ability but will be able to
manually direct your shots. This can prove more effective against enemy
pilots, but you do lose some effective damage as a result: an uninjured opponent will take
4 rounds to kill. Versus Titans, the weapon performs quite well
on a per-shot basis, but the semi automatic fire and limited magazine capacity may mean
you’ll need a few reloads to doom a foe. Effective range is quite surprising, in that
there is no damage drop-off whatsoever: the only issue at a longer range is landing shots,
which can be difficult on a moving target. Recoil is tolerable if you moderate your rate
of fire, but a lower than average intrinsic accuracy and a need to land 4 shots on pilots
will hamper effectiveness. While the consistent damage is nice, there’s
no getting around the fact that the Mk5 is best in closer quarters. Hipfire performance is quite good, but despite
this it is far better to acquire a lock before pulling the trigger – a single precise volley
will always prove more effective than indiscriminate fire. Rate of fire is capped at 480 rounds per minute:
this is dispensed automatically when locked on, otherwise it comes down to your trigger
finger to dole out semi-automatic fire. Magazine capacity is on-par with typical expectations
of a handgun: 12 rounds by default, or 18 with extended mags. When applied accurately, this is normally
enough for most needs – and in any case, reloads are very quick, always taking under 1.5 seconds. Handling is generally very good all-round,
as the smart pistol is a lightweight weapon: you won’t need to aim when locking on, but
in the cases where you do it will take just a quarter of a second to raise your sights. Switch times are rapid, too – and you’ll move
at the highest possible speed: 100 percent mobility. The Smart Pistol’s primary purpose is for
rapidly tackling large groups of weaker enemies, minimising the time that you’re exposed on
radar. It works particularly well in a mobile stealth
build, as you will need to avoid direct combat. The weapon’s iron sights are simple, but adequate
enough for the times you’ll need them – a simple rear notch and front post combo with
yellow indications. As the weapon is intended primarily for close
range use, there are no optical attachments available. You are offered three choices of mod, however:
First of which is Enhanced Targeting. This will speed the pistol’s performance,
decreasing lock delays and permitting acquisition over a longer range. It does narrow the targeting scan range to
36 degrees instead of 45, however – making this option more effective against tougher
targets slightly further away. The suppressor will keep you off your enemy’s
minimap when you fire – although this does come at the cost of some effectiveness, as
you will find locks take longer to acquire. This can severely hamper your performance
against enemy pilots, but if you can successfully exploit the stealth benefits – this may not
be an issue. Finally, the Extended Magazine grants 18 rounds
in place of 12, extending your ability to tackle large groups – but, given the rapid
reload times this is of limited utility. Overall, the Enhanced Targeting mod is the
most effective option, extending your targeting envelope and speeding acquisition. However, the Suppressor can also work very
well within a stealth role – but you should seek to avoid enemy pilots, as your only advantage
will be in striking from an unseen position. Avoiding direct confrontation should be your
priority whichever choice you make – the smart pistol works best when used in a covert role. Quickly harvest your enemy’s minions and otherwise
prey on the unaware: then swiftly return safely to the shadows. Your cloak will be an indispensable part of
your loadout, then – while only partially effective against enemy pilots, it will allow
you to traverse the battlefield with decreased odds of attracting enemy attention. Along with stealth, mobility is another important
consideration: while you don’t necessary have to elect the Enhanced Parkour Kit, taking
less obvious routes can help you to evade your enemy. Wallhanging is a particularly effective tactic:
the Smart Pistol doesn’t require you to aim down your sights, so you can cling hidden
out of sight while your pistol aims for you. Also useful is the Minion detector: this will
let you see where enemy grunts and spectres are located: a vital companion to the smart
pistol, as these lesser enemies should be your prime target. It’s important to remember that while the
automated targeting makes the slaughter of weaker enemies effortless – facing enemy pilots
is an altogether more risky affair. The Smart Pistol Mk5 is a unique weapon that
is purpose-built for a mob grinder role. There is no weapon more efficient at tackling
enemy minions, with a field of grunts yours to reap with just a single trigger pull. This makes for a potent choice in battles
of attrition, where quickly racking up an advantage will accelerate your titan build
and put you in good stead for victory. Unfortunately, the Smart Pistol does not fare
well against conventional weapons: the slow lock time versus enemy pilots and limited
effective range will put you at a distinct disadvantage against an aware enemy. In many cases your secondary weapon may prove
to be the more reliable choice versus pilots: the smart pistol pales in potential fire rate
and damage when bypassing the targeting systems. Still, the Mk5 is a weapon designed for quite
a specific role, and fulfils it rather well. So, if you’re looking for a weapon with a
little targeting assistance… …there’s really only one smart choice. Thank you very much for your presence, and
do join me next time – when we’ll be covering the R-97 Compact SMG. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Smart Pistol MK5 – Titanfall Weapon Guide

  1. This gun gets a lot of hate, but I don't think it deserves it. Do you realize how hard it is to learn how to play Titanfall? If you aren't constantly moving you die, and since it's multiplayer on;y you're going against skilled players while you have no idea how to wall run. The smart pistol bridges the gap, it lets you get used to the movement system, while not being a perfect shot. There are many guns that can kill a player much faster than the smart pistol, but it lets the noobs kill good players, and that's why the people who are good don't like it. Unfortunately that's the whole reason it exists, because if you can't even get a kill when starting you'll just quit.

  2. The Smart Pistol was a great idea but one that need more development. It role was a weapon that could be use while jumping and jetting (when aiming can be hard).

  3. I mostly just use this gun for frontier defense….but I use it sometimes when I keep dying constantly in PvP game modes

  4. It was so much better in the first titanfall. It's there for players who are still trying to learn the game but not very powerful against pilots.

  5. I like the gun but for all of those complaining: Would you not mind the gun as much if you had a on hud warning system that tells you if your being tracked by the smart pistol and should cloak disable the tracking so you can have a hard counter(Idk if the cloak thing is already a feature)

  6. people give this weapon a lot of shit because "it aims for you" without realising that any other gun can kill you faster if you just aim.

    "but it aims for you and kills you, it's a no skill weapon, especially with enhanced targeting!" so, you're telling me that they're more effective when they aim? it's made for flanking and taking out huge groups of trash mobs. if someone manages to sneak up on you, they flanked you. they earned the kill. take a Wingman and you're more effective using that since the TTK is faster on a revolver than a small caliber handgun.

  7. Respawn should hire you to do descriptions of the guns for Titanfall 3, your voice is perfect and you wouldn't have to do the research yourself lol

  8. Ah, the game that started all the futuristic bullshit

    Titanfall did it good, but cod took futuristic warfare and fucked it hard

  9. I know I'm about two years too late on this but the best use this gun has got is it makes all the douchebags and @ssholes reveal themselves openly. It could be used by psychologists as a test for sociopathy the way teachers use the Heads Up Seven up as a test to see who the cheaters are. Smart pistols are Lower than even ticks and pilot sentries. People who use them with out guilt and remorse are full blown psychopaths.

  10. I will never get over how soothing his voice is while talking about guns, he'll make anything sound entirely dangerous

  11. Damm, it is so enjoyable to watch and hear this it sounds so professional. Like I am listening to a scientist talking about the cure to cancer or something 😛 Awesome.

  12. The smart pistol, at least in the first one, was not overpowered at all. Dont get me wrong, the gun itself does indeed take no skill, no argument there, but to work with the gun is the part that takes skill. Lets take a look at Reinhardt from Overwatch. Stay with me here. His hammer swings is the same case. To do damage with it, go in front of the opponent and swing. No skill to use the hammer. But, what does take skill is the positioning, gamesense and teamwork to work with it. The smart pistol is the same thing, your ability to dodge, be positioned in the right places, and the work with your teammates to potentially cover your long lock on is what working with it takes skill for. Even then, an average player with average aim will mow you down in a 1v1 against the smart pistol in Titanfall 1.

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