100 thoughts on “Small Arms of WWI Primer 016: French Savage 1907 Pistol

  1. Historical fact: The .32 ACP cartridge was rendered obsolete by the improved stopping power of Mae's dirty look at 16:19.

  2. Another great episode; this one was long enough but not too long. Although I'm not sure that is possible. Thanks!

  3. This Savage 32 was my first pistol purchase over 30 years ago. She is still loved and cherished. Thank you both for sharing more information on one of my favorite pistols. Gunny Z

  4. Be patient with the subscribers. At some point you will reach a tipping point and you'll get a whole bunch of subscribers.

  5. A woman that picks a beautifully blued pistol over a diamond? That's my kind of lady! Another great episode, really enjoying these still

  6. If I were Othais, I would've been a little reluctant to hand over the gun to Mae after saying that- loaded or otherwise. I'd probably be screaming, "Please, don't hit me!", in the shrilliest voice possible. 🙂

  7. I use to own one, before they became a prohibited weapon in Canada (no thanks to India). First time I took a couple friends (their first time to shoot a handgun) to shoot it at my range, we all got more holes in our targets, at 15-20 metres, than 2 cops who were on the same 25m range, shooting 9mms, with big mags, at 10m! Damn fine little gun. Got me lots of grouse, all of whom "lost their heads" over it!

  8. FWIW: The French government, prior to taking the initial batch of 1907 pistols, obtained 50 for evaluation serial numbered 00001-a through 00050-a.  I stumbled across one of these and now have it in my collection.  I have seen a photo (pg. 132 of "Savage Pistols") of one other, 00023-a, and it does not have the large SAVAGE banner on the left side as does mine, but has the lanyard ring.  Mine has the ring holes, but no ring. There's been discussion the guns had the hole drilled with the loop added in France, or added in the US and many lost in use.  It's interesting two samples survived the French testing, two World wars, 100 years, and made it back to the US.  Also the variation with and without the SAVAGE banner that became standard for those later ordered by France.  Makes you think the French took whatever was in inventory for the 50 samples or asked for variations to then select what features they wanted.

  9. i'm kinda starting to use this and Mae's reviews to create a list of "If I can get my hands on one I'll buy"

  10. Will you guys ever do a video about a gun called a Chauchat? I remember coming across this gun before on tv called Mail Call and the guy said the ones the US got from France were awful guns but I have also came across a youtuber, Ian from Forgotten weapons, saying it was actually a not an absolutely awful gun and what the US got was an awful bullet conversion chauchats for, I think, 30-06. I think you probably could be the best guy to explain what happened and provide the best answer on weather or not this thing deserves to be stereotyped as an awful French gun. Continue the great work guys

  11. Minor note, but at 4:20 you mention the Grant Hammond. IIRC, I don't believe the Hammond was in the 1907 trials, but rather was submitted to the Ordinance Board just prior to U.S. entry into WW1.

  12. where are you city/state? would consider loaning firearms for review, but am not going to get involved in shipping!

  13. Another great video! That's a great looking gun. Jay's voice over was hilarious, too. I hope he gets featured in more episodes to come!

  14. Not that I don't enjoy these but I'm hoping you will get again to a gun that actually has a relevant service record such as the Russian Mosin–Nagant rifle.

  15. I've got one of these with the other mag release. You use the tip of tour ring finger. It is a natural move and the mag just drops out if done correctly. I've seen the pinky finger release and it looks awkward. Most people don't have too much strength or dexterity in their pinky. The change looks very clever, it's a toggle release. One style you press low and the top toggles out, the other you press the top and the bottom toggles out. I have two magazines for mine and I think they were not original. they have an upper and lower notch so they would work in either model gun, another clever move by Savage. It's a shame they left the pistol market. Imagine what they might be making today.
    I have a fondness for old unusual pocket autos. This is the prettiest gun I own. It looks like a work of art deco. At the range I always get asked what it is and people are always surprised by the 10 shot capacity in such a small package.
    Love you guys. Keep up the great work… Who owns all the guns behind you? I'm so jealous!

  16. Of all my Dad's guns, the 1907 was the one I quietly asked my Mother for after he died. I enjoyed your presentation.

  17. I didn't know you had a Savage 1907 video. While watching the Ruby one, i had my military model 1907 in my hands (i like holding 'thinking guns' hehe), so when the Ruby video ended and this one rolled up next I laughed. Anyhow, these really are great pistols. I agree too, i don't know why the double stack mag didn't catch on for so long, cheers.

  18. What a treat to get to see such a gorgeous piece of engineering. I love the rotational inertial delay; which could easily be made a little more functional. Let's put this one back in production too !! I think I'm going nuts; but I'm having a great time watching this series.

  19. I have one these guns, passed down from my grandfather. It shoots horrible, it couldn't hit the broadside of barn at 5 feet! Maybe mine needs a new barrel….. after handling the gun it has to be completely oiled to keep it from rusting, as it all steel, except for the fragile grips……. funny, 4 or 5 years ago there was nothing much about this gun on youtube….

  20. What would be a good price for a 1907 in .380? I want to give a friend a fair price for his, but I'm having a hard time finding anything about price for these guns that aren't .32 or .45.

  21. I really enjoy your videos, love the history and of course Mae's shooting. Who doesn't love a woman with a gun who knows how to shoot. Please keep them comming. Thanks.

  22. Was reading American Rifleman the other day and thought to myself, "this historical article sucks! I'm just going to watch c&rsenal." You guys are part of the future of gun culture.

  23. I have one of these wonderful little guns. I already knew it was good but its always nice to see that someone else enjoys it too.

  24. Mine isn't quite as shiny, but the magazine drops right out with the press of my little finger. It's a pleasure owning and shooting this gun that is indeed a designer's dream.

  25. Good video! I just bought this gun in 32 cal. for $100 at a flea market. It shoots but it's in rough shape and one of the grips is busted. But it is the French military model with the lanyard.

  26. I have one passed down from my grandfather, manufactured in 1912. I love this gun. If Savage were to reintroduce this today I would purchase it without a second thought.
    Thanks for the in depth info and background on a truly under-appreciated piece of American handgun history.

  27. Just discovered you and couldn't be more pleased with the content. You sir, are erudite and a skilled orator and Sweet Mae displays a skill and knowledge of the use of obscure weapons uncommon to most collectors. Great Stuff!

  28. I have an 07 that was made in 1912 in 32acp 11 rounds of 32 is probly enough for most humans to not shrug off… the gun is extremely reliable and accurate.. It always cracks me up when 9mm guys say 9mm bullets are sooooooo advanced now that it is JUST LIKE a 45 acp.. I would postulate that the 32 is sooooo advanced now that it is JUST like a 9mm.. in any case.. a gun made 100 years ago holds 11 rounds of (arguably) good ammo and is more reliable than most modern semi autos and.. less recoil than say a PPK cause.. well .. it is a sorta kinda locked breech. It is light and SLIM and has a good safety and.. BTW.. is striker fired with a hammer.

  29. Why no "War Were Declared" montage (at 13:34)? Is this special effect a modern thing that didn't exist in early 2016? Love the show but had to rewind when you said it without such fanfare 🙂

  30. Wait, is this the first sighting of "war were declared" in Primer? Well, I guess not sighting as such, the card isn't there yet, but…

  31. 2 years later, and I'm going to be that guy. What's the song used during Mae's shooting segment? Gimme.

  32. My grandfather worked security at a river dock on the 60-90s he carries this as his duty gun. It was my Great grand fathers  back up from WWI. My uncle my owns it I shoot it three to four times a year.

  33. Being a bit too generous with the praise. This pistol does not hold open on last shot. Even the Hahn, Roth, and Steyr Mannlicher locks back on empty. Then there's the Luger and Colt 1911.

  34. So glad you did that recent episode with Ian from Forgotten Weapons else I wouldn't have discovered this channel, seen all the previous 15 episodes and I'm hooked. You guys are great, all of you, and I laughed out loud at the voice overs on Mae's shooting, I hope she's still doing the majority of the narrating but it was a nice and unexpected surprise and the jokes were great; "I thought this was supposed to be smokeless?". I'm 3 years late but I hope you've got the success you deserve since!

  35. Love these videos. I don't know why it took me this long to find your channel. Love it! Thank you for such detail and history.

  36. Also love that Mae does the shooting. She is beautiful! I wish my wife was more into guns. Females have so much potential for shooting. I honestly think they have an edge over men.

  37. Honestly I don't know why you sure the little emblems you do when you bring up a cartridge. Was out at table I just don't understand what you're wait and circle beside a picture of the cartridge is supposed to mean. I would like to so I can understand better however

  38. Got one the other day. I have to say mine is difficult to cock, very heavy spring. As a consequence the slide is difficult also, not at all the way Mae makes it look. It may have improper springs in it. A younger and stronger friend had the same observation. Otherwise a nice little pistol, well made, not very common, this was the first I'd seen in a shop.

  39. Does anyone else find the hammer spring on the pistol to be very heavy/stiff? I've never encountered a hammer so difficult to cock.

  40. Buffalo Bills ad reminds me of a Facebook post with the misspelling of "tried" as "tired"….unless he meant to say "tired"?

  41. I finally picked up a Model 1907 at auction a few days ago. Great little pocket pistol. One of my favorites. Right up there with the Colt 1903/1908 Hammerless. However I had no idea that the French used the Savage pistol in World War One. I have many books about World War One weapons and not one of them list the Savage being used by France. Good work. I am now subscribing to C&Rsenal. You and Ian at Forgotten Weapons.

  42. just picked one up, sold basically as a shooter. I'm blown away by the fantastic bluing and general craftsmanship. Reminds me yet again why I love these old pistols.

  43. Brother just gave me his for my 21st birthday. Pretty neat little gun with some interesting history behind it

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