Slothsquadron’s CS:GO Weapon Mod Explained

This video looks into Slothsquadron’s changes
to CS GO in more depth. I’d suggest you check out the sub-reddit in the description of this
video which will remain up to date with the latest guides, tweaks and downloads. Every
weapon has been changed in some way and I’ll be going through the categories later on.
Slothsquadron took me on a fascinating journey behind the scenes to the numbers that define
each of the weapons of Counter Strike. They don’t look like much to the casual observer
but he has been watching them change for years. He began noticing inconsistencies with which
figures changed. Well, of course some are changed in the name of balance. You expect
that. But he started to point out interesting discrepancies with the changes. He even had
theories as to why they had occurred, explaining how some values had been left neglected yet
still included since the earlier games, while some updates would change MOST weapons but
leave others the same for no logical reason. One example of this is the Mac-10’s ridiculous
accuracy when climbing a ladder when compared with other weapons, such as the bizon.
His weapon balance project has 3 main goals: 1) To improve some questionable design choices
for certain guns. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding players
for using weapons in particular ways, provided it isn’t open to blatant abuse. It’s hard
to defend the accuracy of scout-jumping when in conjunction with hitbox problems, or how
the tec-9’s run and gun accuracy has been exploited in countless games. This mod reduces
the effectiveness of the said tactics, which go against the gameplay that most of CSGO
tries to encourage. First shot accuracy has been increased. Many
players from 1.6 had their tap-fire playstyle ruined once they moved to CS GO due to how
inconsistent core weapons were at range. Contesting long sight lines became about using smokes
and flashes to close the gap in order to compensate for this inaccuracy, rather than landing skilful
long-range shots. The level of inaccuracy that rifles should have has always been up
for debate. In short, this mod should make tap firing and bursting a lot more viable,
with spraying remaining mostly the same. Jumping accuracy is now more punishing, to
prevent players from abusing certain positions and the broken hitboxes. Another nice little
touch is that weapons such as the FAMAS and Galil now have reserve ammunition that’s a
multiple of their magazine capacity, so you now have 3 spare magazines rather than two
and a bit, which always seemed strange to me.
2) To improve the overall balance between guns while still keeping the meta-game similar
to its present form. This is the tricky one so it will require
playtesting to see whether Slothsquadron’s adjustments are balanced. The now-buffed deagle
may once again overshadow the other pistols, but hopefully this won’t be the case and other
pistols will still have a part to play in eco rounds, which should now hopefully be
more skill-based than before. He accepts that not every gun should be as used as the AK
or M4, but they should at least have some kind of purpose. I mean, COME ON. Look at
the M249! It’s a sorry excuse for a weapon. It even fails as a joke weapon when the far-superior
negev is also available! It has been reworked to become more of a premium rifle that can
one-hit headshot at long-range. In my opinion this is one of the most drastic changes in
this mod but I’m all for trying it out since it was as though the weapon didn’t even exist
before. I can’t wait to see if it’s used now that it’s been improved so much. Fire away!
3) To make guns feel more intuitive to use by making the relation between certain variables
more consistent. This means cleaning up a lot of the values.
We might not have consciously felt these inconsistencies but it makes the game less intuitive to learn.
To rectify this, Slothsquadron has introduced universal rules for the guns to follow, which
you can find a more detailed breakdown of in the description of this video. Part of
this has been a weight system, where the more a weapon slows you down, the more you’re punished
for running and gunning with it. Here’s an example. The AK slows you down more than the
M4, so it will be worse to run and gun with. The MP7 slows you down more than the mac-10,
so the same rule applies. However, some categories of weapons such as SMGs don’t get punished
as much for run-and-gunning, so although the MP7 slows you down more than an M4, it still
performs better when you run and gun with it.
It sounds obvious and yet isn’t how the game’s values currently work- and I don’t think that
this is intentional. The same logic has been applied to many elements of Slothsquadron’s
weapon mod. I’ll now go through each of the weapon categories
and list the changes. PISTOLS
He was influenced by Thorin’s well received video, The Pistol Problem, and has made radical
changes to how they handle. Pistol first shot accuracy hasn’t been improved as much as other
weapon categories, since they are suited for a different play-style which often requires
taking out opponents at close range and stealing their weapon. As stated in the previous video,
the aim of this was to move the strategy away from lucky sprays by making them more accurate
and skill-based when stationary and by reducing their effectiveness when on the move. Slothsquadron
said that he started with how they were in earlier games, in which the real problem was
how inferior they were when compared with the deagle in terms of pricing and/or firepower.
They’ve all been adjusted differently to compensate for this. In general they’re more expensive
though. The Deagle now sits at $800 as the premium pistol. It is the only one-hit headshot
pistol against helmet-wearing enemies and functions very similarly to how it did in
earlier titles. The P2000/USP have also borrowed from past games and no longer have a slower
rate of fire when compared to other pistols. The Glock feels similar to its previous iterations
but retains a lot of its benefits that CSGO blessed it with to try and keep pistol rounds
fair. The Dual Berettas were buffed significantly and should make for an excellent option on
pistol rounds if you are willing to pay $650 for them. The P250, Tec-9, Five-Seven, and
CZ75-Auto all see a lot of changes to keep them viable as eco pistols, though playtesting
will show how viable they really are against the deagle.
RIFLES As a crucial backbone of the game, the rifles
have remained almost the same, though the accuracy buff promotes precision rather than
spam. The M4A1-S sees a few changes such as harsher damage drop off with distance which
should better balance it with the M4A4. The more expensive SG553 and Aug are the only
ones to have been completely reworked to reduce their reliance on their scoped option, by
making unscoped recoil easier to manage. Scoping is now more for long range tap shots rather
than full on spraying. Hopefully they see some use in competitive play.
SNIPERS Now that rifles are more precise they begin
to encroach on the sniper territory, so the recent movement nerf has been almost completely
reverted to make the scoped weapons more effective again. The scout is slightly more expensive
and can’t scout-jump, but deals slightly more damage and has a more powerful scope, similar
to the AWP’s. The snipers are now more accurate when scoped to reduce unfair misses. The AWP’s
kill reward is back to $300 again. The autosnipers have been made more different
in function. The scar20 inflicts less damage, meaning that it will now take 3 leg shots
to kill. To compensate, it is a lot more precise if tap-fired. The Terrorists’ G3SG1 has been
made cheaper and more precise. With these improvements, perhaps terrorists will have
a sniper rifle better suited to their offensive play-style.
SMGS SMGs remain the best weapons for spraying
when on the move but have been toned down in some areas, particularly when jumping.
Recent improvements to the run and gun aspect of both the MP7 and Mac-10 have been reverted
since they were overshadowing other SMG and pistol choices for eco rounds.
SHOTGUNS This class provides cheap, risky weapons with
high kill rewards. The spread has been tightened up for all but the Mag-7 and the Nova can
now wallbang just as well as the other shotguns can. Some of them now deal less damage but
fire more pellets to compensate which reduces the randomness of the shots further. The XM1014
now has a faster fire-rate to help it play a part in anti-eco rounds. Terrorists seldom
use shotguns, especially the slow and underpowered sawed-off, so it has had significant buffs
to its running speed and spread, which should also indirectly help with damage. Its maximum
range has been upped since before you wouldn’t even hit the broad side of a barn if stood
more than 650 units away! All shotguns are now less accurate when moving, meaning that
you should stop to shoot for mid-range shots. It will be interesting to see if people begin
opting for shotguns when in defensive positions after these changes take effect.
LMGS These weapons still won’t see much use in
competitive play but have had $700 knocked off their prices and now regain accuracy faster
after firing. Slothsquadron believes that the M249’s accuracy was incorrectly calculated
following the transition to CSGO so it has been improved and now also deals about as
much damage as the AK47, giving CTs a one-hit kill rifle but at a price premium! It now
has a more traditional, easier to learn spray pattern which makes it behave more like a
rifle. Even the Zeus has been adjusted! It is now
just as light as the knife and always does 100 damage, meaning that people can no longer
survive the attack. It is perfectly accurate unless the player is jumping or on a ladder.
These script files were originally designed by Hidden Path Studios during the Counter
Strike Source era and while Valve has adjusted them to fix many of the problems with weapon
balance since the game’s release, their solutions have often been messy or incomplete. He believes
that they have gotten better with them recently, but still haven’t fully mastered the control
they could potentially have over the weapon variables.
By analysing the weapon script files, he has found far tidier solutions to problems and
has concluded that there’s more to the system than meets the eye. Slothsquadron has been
working on this project for over a year. I warned him not to get his hopes up as it would
be unlikely that any of his changes would be officially added to CSGO. That it was his
word against the playtesting from hundreds of thousands of players and a hundred tournaments.
But he replied with something that made me believe.
All he wants is for people to know just how much can be changed. That a lot of the things
that players may have thought were set in stone can be altered and that suggestions
CAN be implemented. And even if Valve doesn’t make changes now, learning about these design
philosophies and potential solutions will help them in the future.
And that concludes my more in-depth look at the changes. If you need MORE INFORMATION
still then check out the description of this video.

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