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Slingshot VS Shotgun Day 2 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E03 /Survival challenge

– You wanna hear the
best sound in the world? (slingshot clicking) We’re gonna see if we can cruise around some of these back
roads, walk around a bit, get some grouse for the slingshot and some more with the
shotgun, and have some fun. I’m Zachary Fowler. And that’s the Wooded
Beardsman, and this is– – Season four of the
Wilderness Living Challenge. (funky music) (gunshots) – Yes! – [Zachary] The goal of the
challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating
nothing but wild food. So last October I headed up
to the backwoods of Canada to meet up with the Wooded Beardsman and do just that for seven days. Last time on episode two of the Wilderness Living
Challenge season four. 100 pounds of meat. – Probably. – 100 pounds of meat, two
beavers, almost a whole bear. Let’s get a canoe on there and get going. (mid-tempo funky music) (gunshots) Not a bad start. We just barely pulled down the road. First bite of bear meat. – Hard earned bear meat. – Cooked all the way through. Good and safe, yeah. – It’s gotta be (mumbles) – [Zachary] And now
slingshot versus shotgun, day two of seven-day
wilderness living challenge. Good morning. Slept in. A little bit of rain going on. Woke up at first light and was like, eh, it’s raining. No point in rushing this. Took us till 11:00 last night to get everything squared away. I believe I’m gonna actually
take a little bit of time too for myself and… Do my devotions. Read my Bible for a little bit. Sounds like the rain is slowing up. It’s been like two hours since I woke up. In here reading and
just contemplating life and all of its wonderfulness, and the beautiful sound
of the rain on my covering and being nice and dry and warm. I’m gonna venture out now
that it’s slowing down. – [Man] 40% chance of rain. (cool, ambient music) (Zachary sighs) Still a little bit dripping (mumbles) Mostly just from the trees. – [Man] Still have the chance
for showers and thunderstorms and also little disturbances
rumbling along this thing, will bring us a chance for rain. Expect rain to be heavy at times, especially this evening, and
then once again late tonight, so be prepared for that. 40% of rain. – Bit of a slow start, wet morning. Fire didn’t wanna take. We got it, though. We’ll get that beaver
chunked up a little bit. Cook through the night. It’s looking not too bad, I’ll show ya. Not too shabby for a bit
of a cook during the night. (chill music) What do you think? – I think it looks good. What do you think? – [Zachary] Yeah, it looks really good. It looks like it’s a tough chew. (both laugh) But she’s cooked through. Just, I don’t know. Breaking the pad apart, that’s not bad. – You don’t mind my hands in your meat? – [Zachary] No, don’t worry about it. Not at all. Still be good, it’ll be good. – Yeah, no, that’s good. I’m glad we put this on last night. – Yeah, that would have been. That was a good, by
putting it on last night it must’ve been a good,
I don’t know, what, five hours of kinda stewing
away through the night. Softened her up. And a little bit of a warmup this morning, throw some more of these chanterelles in, and some bear fat, and
we’ll put her on the fire once that’s hot enough. We can put some coals on
top and get it warmed up to a boil, rolling boil and be able to have ourselves some brunch. Here we go. Breakfast is on. What you got there? – [Wooded Beardsman] Seasoning salt. – [Zachary] Seasoning salt. – [Wooded Beardsman] It’s
the secret Wooded Beardsman ingredient. And it does a heck of a
job tenderizing the meat and making it palatable
when you’re eating it a ton. – [Zachary] Yeah. – Right? – I mean, if you’re by the ocean obviously you can have salt. – Yeah, you could have
brought salt for me. – Yeah, I could have
brought some sea salt. But the only other salt
you get from wild food is the salts and stuff
that are in the bones. All right. Look at this. It’s coming out, oh. Those little bits of meat
getting all burnt a little bit from the coals that were on top. It’s cooking up nice. Gonna let it cook with just the pan’s heat for a little bit. Let it slow-cook. Yee-haw. That’s awesome. (juices sizzling) Gonna rig my slingshot up
with some heavier bands. Guaranteed take-down for the grouse. Gonna go with a TheraBand. And one of my favorite, Warrior pouches, the Navy Seal. And I got some green
cold-weather bands in there too should it get a lot colder. Gets closer down to freezing, these will make a big difference. But TheraBand does pretty
decent in the cold. But the green precise cold
weather works really good. All right, gonna do a little practicing. Get tuned up ’cause I been
shooting other slingshots a lot lately. But I really think the
Axiom’s gonna be the winner for the grouse hunting. So, see what she can do. I wanna make sure my aim is dead-on. I don’t wanna hurt or wound anything. Oh yeah, look at that. Fogging it right up with all the steam coming off of that. That looks nice. chanterelles, the fat. That is going to be, oh, that’s gonna be one delicious. Think I’m going for that one right there. That looks all fatty and meat. Oh, that seasoning salt. Mm. – [Wooded Beardsman] Makes it. – It’s so much to chew. I wish I had cut that in half. But it’s so good. It really is. Chris has made applesauce. (mumbles) Really good. Excuse me, I have to
speak with my mouth full. – [Wooded Beardsman] Are
you gonna eat that, bud? – I might have a little bit on my beaver. Beaver meat. But I’m still trying to stay in keto, so I’m gonna have a small amount so I don’t get too over-sugared. – [Wooded Beardsman]
This is like walking up to the buffet. – I know, this is like. – [Wooded Beardsman] Help yourself. So we’ve got chanterelles, we got bear fat, we got beaver meat. It’s seasoned to perfection. And then over here you have
dessert, this is applesauce. – That beaver is just
falling right apart now. I mean you tore it up, but
like it comes right to pieces. That’s definitely done good. All right. (crowd jeers) What do you think? – That was good. That’s a big hunk of beaver meat. – Oops. Missed the mouth. That beaver is amazing. – Glad you like it. – I love it. It’s so good. I just like. I don’t know. It’s just like real food. – It is real food, man. It’s trapper Canadian staple. From way back when people
were exploring Canada. That’s what people ate. Chopped the beaver, they sold the hide, pelts, and you ate the meat. Dive right in there. – What a mix. This is beaver, chanterelle, the big ole chunks of fat in here. Look at these sizes. These big old chunks of wiggly fat. – So you would recommend
people eat beaver? – Oh yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Just eat it, dive right in there. – That’s better than rabbit. It’s as good as goat, which
is like my favorite meat. It reminds me a little bit of goat leg, like the stringier part of the leg where it’s like, but
like cooked really well, stewed down like this, it
just melts in your mouth. It tastes pretty sugary? – Oh yeah. It’s like real applesauce. – Oh yeah. Wild apple applesauce. – That’s all left for me. I don’t know if I can eat all that. – Oh, that is good. – Isn’t it? That’s a wild apple tree. We find those in Southern
Ontario on the farm fields. They’re everywhere. Nobody will bother them
’cause they look kinda gross. You know, they’re all buggy and you gotta do a little bit of work to cut all that stuff out. But there’s nothing wrong with them. – There’s more protein. – More protein. – Little bug protein in there. – There’s a funny story behind that. Jeremy actually ate one raw and I think it made him sick one time. – Oh really? – Yeah. He was even throwing up. So I always made sure I cook these because there’s bugs
literally all through it. Leaving all sorts of you know what. – Mm-hm. – So, yeah. It’s what you get when you
don’t use pesticides, though, organic wild apples, no spray. – I’ll load up on some
more, go sit by the fire. And then we’re gonna
pack up, I think, right? See if we can’t get some more grouse. We’re not gonna risk
traveling I think today. It’s been off and on rain. So I think we’re gonna stick close to home in our day before we head up the river. See if we can’t pull
in some more provisions like grouse-wise. And then head out tomorrow. Say some grace. Dig in some more. Lord, thank you for this food. Mm. This beaver really is good enough that I feel like you could serve this in like a fancy restaurant easily. And people would be loving it till you told them what it was. (laughs) All right, stew’s on for dinner. We’re gonna head on down the road, see if we can get some grouse. You guys wanna hear the
best sound in the world? (slingshot clicking) We’re gonna see if we can cruise around some of these back
roads, walk around a bit, get some grouse with the slingshot and some more with the shotgun. And have some fun. (man mumbles) Got him! – [Man] Where you at? – [Zachary] Right here. Do you see my camera? – I actually do. – [Zachary] All right, grab it. – Okay. – All right. First grouse with a slingshot. I missed him up there on the road. He flew in the bushes. We went up into the woods after him. I found him up in the tree. I shot through a couple fine needles. I think that’s why I
clipped him along the back of the spine and he was
all flopping around. I jumped him in the bushes
here and finished him off. That’s why I didn’t bring
the camera for that part because I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave him to suffer. So, we got him successfully. Let’s see if we can get some more. Whoa. Look at the size of that. Wow. That is one big beaver lodge. That thing is 12 feet tall. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this big. There’s not even a pond here. This is amazing. Wow. The beavers that live in this must be like 12 foot across. What a good eating that would be, huh? (light music) Well, only one grouse
today with the slingshot. That’s all right. We got plenty of bear to eat. This will taste pretty good. We cook her up with the bear fat. And I found some lobster mushrooms, which are like this cool mushroom that’s not its own mushroom. Basically it colonizes other mushrooms. They’re really easy to
identify if you look ’em up. You can’t miss it when you find ’em. And they’re a good, tough,
like stewing mushroom. So it should be really good. So I took it down to the water, gut it, which is just a cut and
pull out its insides. I left the heart in there, and I took the gizzard and cut that open and cleaned the rocks out. Now I just gotta peel out this tissue here from the gizzard. A little tough to eat. And inside here are these
two muscles of the gizzard. There’s some rocks in there, and the bird will grind
with the rocks and the food until it’s able to work that
into its digestive system. The ribs on the front end of the beaver that we haven’t finished cooking yet, looks pretty, not exactly
store-bought meaty, a little more red. But it was very delicious. And we’re utilizing
everything that we have taken as far as game. The hide is being cleaned by the person who had the license to traffic. And they’re gonna take
that and sell the hide. And it was a nuisance beaver,
it was trapped that way, permission-wise. So this is very sustainable, healthy hunting that went
on and went into this. We’re not just taking animals
just so we can eat ’em and get views on YouTube. We want to enjoy life. Mm. Yummy. Well, it doesn’t look as
appealing in the dusky light of dusk. (laughs) But I’m sure it tastes
just as good as before. Everything’s broken down so much from, what is this,
like a third cooking now on this beaver? – Yeah. – Mm. It tastes just as good. – Beaver still hitting the spot? – Oh yeah. Especially after trekking around all day. – It’s better than it was before. – It is, it’s softer and juicier. It tastes wicked good after
trekking around all day and trying to get all
those grouse and stuff. So I guess I won that challenge. Just because we didn’t see many. But that was a blast. It was fun. – It was a hard hunt. – It was disappointing that
we weren’t able to find more. But you know. – The weather’s not helping us out. – No, no. – It’s too rainy and miserable for birds to even want to show themselves. – We just deserve a pat on the back for not just sitting
around when it was rainy and miserable all day. Getting out there and trying stuff, trying stuff to see
what we could make work, kinda thing. – Keep ahead of our food. – Yeah. We have so much food. – We don’t know when we’ll run out. – Yeah. – If we were living out here
we’d have to keep going. – Oh yeah. – You can’t just be
like, okay, we’re good. – Right, just because we
have 100 pounds of bear meat and like, what, 15 pounds
of bear fat, maybe 20, I don’t know. – Yeah, about that. – Yeah, something like that. I mean if you’re not
counting the fat that’s still in the bear meat that’s, you know. So, yeah, gotta keep ahead of the food if you wanna keep the weight
on and keep surviving. Especially being that this
is just early fall and. – Thriving. – Thriving, thriving, and
winter will be coming. And so if we just started saying, hey, we got good enough food
for a couple weeks, we’ll just eat it. – Right. – And do nothing, next
thing you know winter comes and you’re really really hungry, and then the chances of
getting stuff is even slimmer. So, I’m gonna enjoy my food. Next time on Wilderness
Living Challenge season four, join us as we finally push off, heading further into the Canadian outback for the next six days,
leaving civilization behind and bringing only the food
that we’ve harvested so far and whatever else we
can find along the way. New episodes every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. All right, the rest of the
beaver is fogging up the lens. She’s in there, the rest of the beaver. For tomorrow’s meals. Nothing like clean teeth. I use Earthpaste made by Redmond. Real salt and Redmond clay. It’s all natural spearmint toothpaste. And man, doesn’t it
leave you feeling, ooh, all that much fresher. Look at all the junk in my pocket. It’s like five pounds
of stuff in my pocket. I’m a pocket hoarder, I’m bad. There we go, all zipped in and cozy in my hammock here. This thing’s comfortable. I had a great night’s sleep last night. I’m looking forward to it tonight. It’s pretty cold out there, but with my underquilt from Outdoor Vitals and my Zero Degree Summit
bag from Outdoor Vitals I should be snug as a bug. Get a good night’s sleep. (yawns) And see you guys in the next video. So thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe and check
out the little bubble here. Here or here, whatever side it’s on. Chris’s channel there. You can go over there and watch his take on today’s adventures. And we will see you in the next video. Fowler out.

100 thoughts on “Slingshot VS Shotgun Day 2 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E03 /Survival challenge

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