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SLAP SHOT PHD – World’s FASTEST Shotgun Slug

Wow oh you better believe it buddy
this is the slapshot PhD shotgun slug with a muzzle velocity of 3,000 feet per
second typically a shotgun slug has a velocity of 15 maybe 1,800 feet per
second max but this company has figured out a way to drive a slug at velocities
faster than a German Mauser and even some five five six rounds now it may
seem impossible to get those kind of velocities out of a shotgun that has a
relatively thin barrel so let’s cut one open and see what makes this thing tick
now as you can see the slug is not metallic at all it’s made out of
probably Delrin and it’s quite light I asked them to put little markings on
there it so I’m glad they did that and that so we could see if it’s rotating in
the high-speed camera shots now normally a 12 gauge slug weighs about 28 grams or
one ounce this thing weighs in it up 6.8 grams or 105 grains or less than a
quarter of an ounce so they’re essentially trading mass per velocity
now if you were to try to drive a one-ounce slug to 3,000 feet per second
well you’d probably break your shoulder when you tried to shoot it but most
likely the gun would blow up because of the very high barrel pressures now I
really like the name slap shot because I used to play ice hockey and I love the
movie slap shot and pH D stands for personal home defense so there you go
that’s what these are made for now unfortunately these are for rifles
shotguns only however we will test one through a rifled choke tube just to see
what happens hey guys since a lot have you been
asking about how these phd’s perform out of a rifle choke we’re gonna go ahead
and check out that for you right now and test it up all right this plate is made out of
aluminum alloy not sure exact composition but easily blew a hole right
through that thing let’s look at the high-speed it’s very
clear that the Eifel did not provide enough spin on this slug to stabilize it
and it mostly flew sideways but boy what a flash you’d think we put some kind of
explosive in there but that’s just the flash of the what a little oxide or
whatever very impressive flash though all right
off later folks here we are again today we’re going to try out these new slap
shot rounds by Randy Teague I believe as a way to pronounce his name technical
enterprise innovation group and this is what they look like we’re gonna run them
today through a Mossberg 500 24-inch fully rifled barrel and that is a
Mossberg barrel so everything’s pretty much factory here and we’ll see what
they do downrange and we have a chronograph running today Thank You
patrons that’s our big purchase for this month Wow now using a fully rifled barrel big
difference in ballistics and stability yeah you could use a just a smoothbore
and shoot these and probably hits them at 10 yards but you’re not going to get
the stability so we’re at 2854 feet per second
looks like the vest caught it barely there it is yeah I don’t open get it out
of there flip that over pretty warm yeah all right now that bad this point I
aim was right here okay so even though that’s pretty good and I really don’t
have that sight zeroed in yet okay so that’s doing pretty good yeah what are
we getting it out of there if we can get that out of there there’s the back side yeah kind of I thought it had a chance
of going through that Kevlar but it almost did you just pulled it out the
rest of the way of your fingers you didn’t have to cut it or anything mm-hmm
Wow didn’t do Dougie’s t-shirt much good 3029
that’s more like it so we didn’t get with it it did not penetrate all the way
through which i think is the hole shouldn’t surprise anyone because that’s
what these are made for so you know you take out the bad guy or whatever and
nothing comes out the back yeah look at that nothing out the back got a good
bulge yeah show you its features is about about half-wave rich and a half
that was three inches of dry magazine before they were soaked okay
no we still have a solid projectile you can see the you can see the rifling on
on it that’s pretty good is it chipped or anything or it’s got a
little chip around the opening here but oh it’s all full of paper pulp yeah
didn’t open up though I don’t know if you’ll get it at it but I didn’t think
we’d get any of these recovered in one piece you see the little marquee put on
there for me a little little lying yep all these shots were filmed at eighty
eight hundred frames a second see we have good rotation good stability and
Danny is slowly adjusting his red dot on his shotgun to get it zeroed in Wow yeah
I don’t think I had a problem going through that little Jill velocity 29:59
little on the left side here that’s the entrance is the exit
I was saving room for more shots that’s a good idea like your thriftiness
will just move it around right we had full pass through on the Jill and we cut
it in a magazine it looks like there’s one two three four impact points here
Wow so let’s see what we got here peace that’s the back side it has the you know
the gel is actually really tough on projectiles yeah get the hydraulics yeah
peace okay I’ll be good pretty much most of it there excellent yeah
all right here comes the slug again no problem with disability just a little
bit to the left again and look at that cavitation boom very impressive alright here we go getting its sight
getting it in closer but did go through that’s the million dollar
question no okay full penetration tactical Santa now that one that’s the shell that I
took apart and reloaded so that’s probably why our speed was off okay we
got three full ones and we caught it in number four Wow
is it in one piece it appears to be in one piece so far Wow yeah
oh nice that’s the problem with hollow points you plug that with dry material
dry material whether it be clothing or whatever and a hollow point function
ceases to function Danny made a minor adjustment once again to his red dot
sight slowly zero in this thing in for 14 yards and eventually he’ll get it I
trust me he’ll get it I’d say that was about dead-on yeah
that’s getting better our velocity was 2901 that’s a big hole plate hasn’t moved
from where we shot it yeah it did not move at all – just just burrowed right
through that thing and it’s nice once you get 0 din he’s right on target now
at least close enough he hit the orange sticker there oddly we didn’t see a big
old flash this time like we did when Nick first shot this through the rifle
choke maybe someone can explain that I I don’t know why transistor radio
technology against some modern technology okay I’m ready when you are oh yeah I think that was dead-on all
right I think we’re getting that scope sided in there definitely Wow
it is an old radio there’s some old stuff for you youngers guys it all that
on our watch these days yeah surge silvertone hydrostatic salt wet sawdust in a gallon
jug I know it’s like he should have froze it
I know that was the intention but I forgot to freeze it we’ll do it later on
though no pykrete yeah people want to see that
and I want to oblige Wow 29 23 28 and since these are slop shot
we thought we’d shoot a puck thank you how to computer I don’t know if you
still watch my videos or not but there you go finally should your puck yeah
it’s this the irony is too great okay I’m ready when you are
all right let’s see what we can do oh wait wrong sport oh yeah I noticed that
our targets got smaller and smaller and smaller and Danni is definitely on the
money now okay we’ve got a 50-yard shot have no
idea where it’s gonna go if it shoot at 14 yards so I’m gonna
hold it dead-on like the 14 yard shots that’s a good idea
we’ll see what we get I think you’ll get on there it’s a 2 foot by 2 foot piece
of pub particleboard like shelving ok I’m ready when you are speed comparison
or accuracy comparison or whatever federal foster slug yep 6 1 ounce 16 10
feet per second should be interesting you’re on the orange I think a slapshot
which higher velocity probably a flatter trajectory just shot hi is this proof
that you can’t sight in a scope and shoot anything out of it there’s a slap
shot and there’s our one ounce federal foster slug nice clean holes yeah yeah
fifty yards it’s not bad that’s not bad at all rough tuning on the scope so if
it that’s a head shot comparable yeah yeah
slap shot well there you go I think they’re gonna be really happy earth if
you have a 50-yard effective range with that that’s that’s plenty you know turn
your scope to those I think they’d be consistent yeah because he had just did
the scope for 14 yards things changed quite a bit when you push it out to 50
yards so that was our last one so luckily he he hit the plywood and it was
still rising and being a light slug or just not dropping you know it’s just
it’s gonna be interesting to compare the this the 16 hundred feet per second slug
to this thing going close to 3,000 we didn’t chronograph that one cuz it was
in our way do it with a high speed from the impact point yeah yep all right I’m sure that the slapshot being so
light decelerates quite quickly however it is still traveling much faster than
the foster slug not much but it is faster at 50 yards but the biggest
difference I see is the very flat trajectory of the slap shot and you can
actually see the the foster slug kind of diving downwards anyway I hope you guys
enjoyed this video thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “SLAP SHOT PHD – World’s FASTEST Shotgun Slug

  1. Talk about shooting it out of a smooth bore you might hit at 10 yards. This looks like you aren't even shooting 10 yards. A blind man could hit at 10 feet. Why can't any of you show something that can shot 50 even a hundred yards, He couldn't hit at 10ft let alone 100 yards. Disappointing.

  2. 2:08 wow you rarely ever see something like that in real life. I've shot gas tanks propane tanks and many of them and only once did I see something ignite and when I least expected it. My gf and my brother were shooting at an empty but recently used to hold old gas 55 gallon barrel. All of a sudden they hit it with some 9MM and that 55 gal drum went about 20 feet in the air! Normally shooting stuff has no explosion effect conditions must have been just right.

  3. You guys go all it's not all the way through or didn't go through yeah but I don't think I'd want to get hit with the Shockwave going through that I mean I bet you that felt like somebody hit him Square in the chest with a sledgehammer if that was a real person forced going through that I bet you is phenomenal books that make your heart skip like 5 6 7 8 maybe 10 Beats cuz I don't know if you guys ever been punched in the chest yeah I bet you that has more punch do it then a normal person punching power yeah I know I wouldn't want to get hit with it

  4. OK, it's velocity has been proven. But, in terms of penetration, I don't see much sense in using it instead of any "standard" slug (aka brenneke). Either for hunting or for self defense.

  5. And its lead-free, (for those that know how toxic lead can be to the human brain.) Hockey pucks are not soft; I was surprised by the penetration.

  6. Discribe the speed of slug in meter/second please! Will be more easy to calculate the cinetic energi of slug.

  7. You wouldn't break your shoulder with 1oz going 3000fps. The barrett .50 cal is a 700grn bullet hitting 2900fps doesn't break your shoulder. Now the GUN that's a different story.

  8. He had the slap shot intersecting the line of sight at 14 yards perfectly(ascending), but because of it being light, and still traveling at an upward angle(from where it had to meet the line of sight at 14 yards), it was still ascending at 50 yards. The heavy slug just happened to pass the line of sight twice, it was descending at 50 yards. I hope that makes sense… Who knows how far down range that the slap shot slug would have descended, and intersected with the line of sight again. 150 yards?

  9. Great video. Very well done. Respectfully a few questions: What is the backstop on that range? It just seems to appear the cars are traveling in the line of sight, but I know you guys are all smart and that cameras can cause deceptive videos. Also, I shoot Mossbergs, a few different ones, and do you think they will create a version in 3 1/2 inch 12g? Thank you – Paul Bouchard, WRJ, Vermont..

  10. They should of put a Steel or Tungsten spike in the hole, and then test it for Armor piercing capabilities….

  11. What the hell is behind them when they're shooting looks like some tanks or something hydraulic tanks? That place doesn't seem like a good gun range how can you add cellino that the area behind them is clear of people?

  12. i thought it was going to push the vest all the way through the dummy,,,,, sorry for not being politically correct on the word dummy,,, cant believe it blew through that hockey puck

  13. looked like the first shot was tumbeling too much and smashed sideways onto the Plate …. more service area = more energytransfer
    when danny shot it with his fully Rifled Barrel it was stable and just pierced the plate with pointed energy.
    but someone might already told you 😀
    videos from 2017 never gets old

  14. The flash occurs because your converting momentum to heat and causes the surface layer to heat to incandescence. You notice it occurs whenever hitting a metal plate regardless of the metal type (ie lead)

  15. THAT'S a great slug!
    And you guys are a great channel!
    I can't believe the idiots at YouTube demonetized you
    It's completely ridiculous

  16. well had to look you guys up again the bastards at you tube have taken you out of me feed even though i am subscribed.

  17. Most tactical shotguns are cylinder bore and id say tactical shotguns are used for home defense so why make a home defense round for rifled barrels only?

  18. I don’t think the plate is aluminum. It looks like a Winton pewter plate (in their Queen Anne pattern, BTW) and those are almost all tin with a little copper and bismuth.

  19. Im a bit late to the party, but i have a Suggestion on why it didnt flash. Maybe because there were less surface area at first contact. The first one went sideways and maybe transfered a bit more energy then the second. But hey, thats just a theory, a gun theory ^^
    Sorry for my bad english, i am from Austria 🙂

  20. I can’t imagine the pain if it was little bit heavier and shot with metal stock🥶😱

  21. Was that truck giving a blast on the air horn trying to tell you guys you just skipped one on the highway dead in front of my truck.

  22. Fire is a result of compression ignition. Same reason diesel explodes. As the distance between the slug and the plate increased, with the slug sideways, there was a buildup of pressure that couldn't escape fast enough. As pressure increased, so did temperature, eventually resulting in the air being hot enough for a flash of fire against the plastic slug.

  23. What does Taofledermaus mean or stand for or whatever??? Has the original host ever even shown his face before or is he like Wilson the neighbor on Home Improvement?……

  24. I don't think making this slug a hollow point adds much. I would add a metal plug instead, something light like aluminum or brass.

  25. I cant help but imagine what it would feel like to shoot a 1 oz slug out of that shell without the gun blowing up

  26. The flash is not the aluminum oxide coating on the plate, as aluminum oxide doesn't combust. Aluminum metal vapors would give a flash, but that would probably happen in a jet on the far side of the plate. It's much more likely that it's the plastic of the slug vaporizing and igniting.

  27. 13:48 I already figured since the slapshot round is rather light, it was going to shoot high being scoped in at 14 yards. For a 149 grain .308/7.62×51 zeroed at 25 yards, the round's ballistic arc will rise to 3 inces above zero between 125 and 175 yards and then start getting dragged down. The Slap Shot was more comparable in speed to a .308. At 14 yards, the ballistic arc for the slap shot, was definitely angle higher.

  28. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  29. Love your chrony,,,,,,wait,,,I have the same 1… slugs are sure stable..cant believe it went through the puck… should be good for 200 yards with a scope for deer

  30. Delrin ?… Polyoxymethylene (POM) ?… As with many other synthetic polymers, it's produced by different chemical firms with slightly different formulas and sold variously by such names as DERLIN Ultraform, Celcon, Ramtal, Duracon, Kepital, and Hostaform ! /// wikipedia says it who has never been mistaken 'bout anythin'!

  31. YouTube needs to knock their bullshit off and just let the video play……it keeps stopping and gas done it on a lot of videos involving guns

  32. The round carried less friction through the second shot because it was fully stabilized in flight. The first round which tumbled had alot more drag as it flew. Drag=Friction.

  33. Would like to see you guys test these at 100, 200, and 300 yards to see what kind of accuracy and drop you get out of them

  34. I like high-speed JHP shotguns slug … but the bullet when shooting must run straight out. Like a rifle (not blocking the barrel when it hits the target, it loses severity and accuracy in the medium term.)

  35. You are a Dota 2 fan? because you background sound look like the main theme from Dota2 game =D
    You get one more sub just because of this =D

  36. It's possible that the choked barrel heated the slug enough to make it combustible and what you saw was the slug igniting.

  37. TAOFLEDERMAUS – This one’s for Danny … I love the JöergSprave impersonation ho, ho, Ho! I subscribe to 200+ channels & your two channels are close at the top of my list. Hearing Danny impersonating JöergSprave is like combining two good things into one excellent thing!

    Again, I applaud YouTube for placing this video in my recommended feed. Amongst all the criticism & YouTube bashing, someone there has done something right. Perhaps you have a fan inside YouTube?

    Anyway, enough typing: I gotta get back to your viddy! (I paused you at 8:29… I hope you weren’t driving at the time 😮 )

  38. Okay so I recently made slugs from jb stik it's jb weld In a putty form and putting a muzzle loader ball in be bottom , I haven't shot them yet , as I haven't gone to my farm since last week and I just made them lastnight, but I would like to see them tested out of smootbore and rifled , but I'm not sure if it will foul up the rifling or not but it's in the wad

  39. My thougts on the plates.
    The plates may have inconsistent materials and oxidation throughout.
    Aluminium oxide + a large friction force causes the flash.
    Just a theory, would like to know others thoughts on this as well.

  40. The reason you didn't see a flash is because the round hit straight (less surface area) so it punched through cleaner without expelling all of its energy and causing a bigger reaction like the first shot which was sideways.

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