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SKS Rifle Field Strip

– [Voiceover] Hey guys,
it’s Alex C with TFBTV, and for today’s field
strip we’re going to be stripping an SKS rifle. The SKS was definitely
the 90s surplus darling, you could buy these for 30
and $40 out of giant barrels at pretty much any gun show. And, at that price point they
really were a great value, however, today a nice
example would set you back over 500 bucks which,
to me, is just absurd, and the value is no longer there. I really don’t know why
you’d buy one of these, at that price, but that
kind of besides the point. This is a Chinese SKS. There actually were some
commercial SKSs made in the 90s, but maybe that’s for
another episode of TFBTV. Let’s go ahead and make
sure this thing’s empty, by checking the chamber, see, there’s nothing in the
chamber of the magazine. Next up, to begin the
field stripping process, pull this little lever up, 90 degrees and then pull out. This will allow you to remove
the dust cover from the rear. At this point, you can pull
the carrier to the rear, lift up and out, and separate
the bolt from the carrier. You’ll notice it kind of
looks like an STG 44’s bolt and carrier arrangement. From here on out, you’re
going to grab this little doohickey here and pull it up. I actually use the firing pin to help, ’cause they can be a little stubborn, sometimes people use a
bullet tip or a flat head, but I’ve always found
this is pretty easy to do. Pull that up and then pull
the top hand guard off, and pull the piston out from the front. Set those aside for cleaning. Now, again with that little lever, grab it and pull it all the way up. Then, you can pull the op rod
out from under the rear site, and separate the spring from the op rod. Now, there you go, you
have a fully field stripped Simonov carbine, or SKS rifle,
as they’re sometimes called. These are fun shooting
guns, I remember when 7.62×39 was very cheap and
it was imported from China. It was the business, these things were, like I said earlier, a terrific value. However, it’s just not the case anymore, unfortunately they’re just
not being imported anymore. They’re still quite a good buy in Canada, where there is no 89 and
subsequent Norinco import ban. It is what it is here in the States, and it kind of sucks but, anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video and we hope to see you next time. (gun fires multiple times) (removes magazine) (replaces magazine)

100 thoughts on “SKS Rifle Field Strip

  1. No Norinco ban on Canada but the Chinese SKS's are still 300+ while the Russian start around 200.

  2. That has to be the ugliest SKS stock I have ever seen, haha. I have a Norinco as well. Great rifle. Good deer rifle here in Alabama where your shots are never more then 200m anyway.

  3. just got one. still haven´t shot it. 1954 tula mint condition and matching numbers unissued. for about 150 under average price here.

  4. Well prices on these were going to skyrocket eventually. What did you expect with the numerous bans in place? It is the same reason pre-'89 military rifles go for insane prices.

    Then there is the fact there numbers are nowhere near where its replacement is the AK is and was already obsolete when it entered production.

    The only source for these that are legal for us to import is the Balkans but they are a finite source as well considering there hasn't been any recent imports of Serbian SKS's in a while.

    Of course the two biggest elephants in the room is Obama who made more gun owners overnight driving up demand and limiting supply thus prices go up across the board. The other one being 7.62×39 and commercial 5.45 are the cheapest centerfire rifle cartridges on the market that is popular to shoot so demand for those guns increased as well. It is the same reason, for instance, the vz-52 in its original Czech caliber is less than $500 but the 52/57 can easily go for over $1,000, rarity and availability of ammo.

  5. Just to show how easy an SKS is to field strip, I disassembled and reassembled an SKS without any prior knowledge of how to take one apart. I'd say not bad for the first gun I've ever taken apart.

  6. me and my friends love shooting my SKS the only person who wont shoot it is my father and thats because of the SKS's slam fire history because of free floating bolt but out of 600 rounds only 2 slams.

    besides slam fire i hate how people like to put the sks into a certain group like its a gun you only see with criminal gangs and terrorist groups but its really a great gun

  7. I recently got two Chinese SKSes off Gunbroker for $325 and $360. They're still the cheapest self loading center fire rifles on the market, but the only reason for pay more than $400 for one is if you're a collector.

  8. You can pick up a beater Chinese Type 56 SKS from J&G Sales for $329.95, Classic Firearms has Yugoslavian M59/66 A1 SKS's for $420. I've bought from both and have been very satisfied.

  9. Up here in Canada I got a Russian SKS all matching except the mag sighted in and clean for $200 last year

  10. Somebody should make new SKS rifles here in the states. Keep them around $200, you'd make a killing. It's a handy all around rifle that can be made cheap.

  11. Got my SKS for 3 something at a local gun shop recently, always wanted one and I figured that it was the best price I'd likely find. Sad thing is that this one was new condition and still in cosmoline, and I'd recently passed up on grabbing one of two beat to a pulp SKS rifles at Cabelas that were priced at around 500, no excuse for asking that much.

  12. Oh the good old days when I could get a case of 762×39 to my door, from Cabelas for $85. f#*k a doodle doo!

  13. The average good condition Sino Soviet or commerical Chinese rifles sell for $350-$400.00. Unmolsted Russians of specific years and arsenals fetch bigger bucks and then you have the East Germans, NVA's, and North Koreans which are going to fetch bring back prices in the thousands.

  14. These were very popular in Australia during the late 80's and early 90's. Hearing of the US ban at that time makes me wonder if it was responsible for the Au market being flooded. There must be thousands buried in barrels that weren't surrendered when the laws changed.

  15. Any chance does anyone know what makes an SKS legal in Cali?? I've been trying to buy one but every time I find one its always some how illegal here in Cali. Yes I live where retarted inbred pussy ass liberals that believe guns magically kill people and created by evil but there are a lot of gun enthusiasts such as my selfie.. Please help if you can

  16. Can someone explain to me what's all about this US gun ban ? I'm french and I don't understand the big deal with an old school rifle like the SKS

  17. Bought my Russian SKS for $200 (taxes incl). Surplus still isn't too bad, all things considered. $175 for 700 rnds or $295 for 1400. Considering ammo costs here in Canada, that's actually good.

  18. I'm disappointed by all the "not worth it" comments.

    If you were lucky enough to pick one up for $30 to $80 bucks, good for you. However, if you bought a new car in 1994 the average cost was $12,350.00. In 2014 the average cost is $33,560. In either case their value goes down as you use them.

    We’re long past peak supply of surplus SKS’s. Prices going up as supplies run out shouldn’t be a surprise. You can still pick them up from $330 to $425 for an unissued Yugo.

    WASR-10's are starting at $600. Though not as functional out of the box as an AK the SKS is better built than a WASR and easier to shoot accurately.

    A fairer comparison would be to the Mini 30 which starts at around $550 used to $750 new. Love or hate the Mini, the SKS is priced way below it. So even if you love the Mini, and hate the SKS I think you're hard pressed to say the SKS isn't priced appropriately.

    While it is a shame you can't pick one up as an impulse buy like you would a candy bar any more. The current price point isn't bad relatively speaking.

    Just make sure you want one before spending the money. The price is a bit higher then just pocket money. If you do want one, don't wait until they're the same price as a WASR.

  19. Literally right before the big gun scare post SandyHook, a buddy of mine got an SKS for 200 flat including fees… And immediately after they doubled in price and havent come down since. Gun owners fucked themselves over believing the 'theyre coming for your guns' hysteria. I was trying to tell people not to panic buy because the market will think those inflated prices are normal. Well, were living in the aftermath of that.

  20. That was not a full field strip. You didn't take out the magazine or trigger housing group or take the barrel and receiver out of the stock.

  21. It even looks Chinese…. I wouldn't trust it. lol It will work once then you'll have to throw it away. JK I'm making fun of anything Chinese bought from the dollar stores.

  22. I actually picked up one of the commercial ones with an ATI "Dragunov" stock at an auction about a year ago for 200 bucks! Love the thing!

  23. I actually picked up an M21 0296 Norinco for around $420 recently. While that's still a lot of money, it's in great shape and was still caked with cosmoline in a ton of places that required me to take it apart nearly completely (like the gas tube, recoil spring, and inside the bolt carrier) and I don't think it's been fired more than once or twice. All the serial numbers match except the magazine, oddly enough, and it didn't have the spike bayonet or cleaning rod. I took it to a range last weekend and it was a lot of fun to shoot!

  24. this gun was the first ever I bought with my own money complete with bayonet an kit and rod, payed 125$ in cash when I was 16 still one of my favorites to shoot

  25. I still think the 350-450 price on the Chinese type 56 SKS is a good buy. You're getting an all milled/machine forged rifle. Semi auto with a 10 round internal mag, strong wood and steel construction. The damn thing is beyond rugged, and nearly as reliable as the AK platform. Something like that today would easily run you $1,500+ to produce and buy. I paid 500 for my Tula Russian 1954 SKS. Happy with that price. I think it's kind of a case of "If I knew then what I knew now." I had to pay 400 for my Swiss K31 but no one can deny that to produce and buy that kind precision/quality bolt rifle new today would easily run you $2,500.

  26. These can still be found in Canada for $200-250 a piece. With our dollar being as low as it is right now that would only be about $150-186 US.

  27. Just picked up a great condition (for 1952) Russian model for $230CAD, sure it’ll be great bang for buck for a first gun

  28. I actually inherited a Norinco from my father who got his really cheap back in the 90's, it's in great condition….gonna sell it lol. Don't care to fire it at all, why would I when I own a VZ and an AK?

  29. Just bought a Russian SKS (53 I think, still looking) For $230CAD…so about $20 USD !!
    Been shooting a long time but this is my first SKS. It's in my lap now and I'm pausing the vid as I go to figure out how it actually works, so thank you for being concise in your description and not adding annoying music that only you think fits the video.

  30. Paid $200 in 2012. Put a tapco stock on it and I like it better than my AR. It’s heavier but it shoots better. Straighter and it eats the cheap ammo all day.

  31. I was able to luckily get a free Un-issued Yugo SKS (My dad bought two of them for $45 bucks a pop in 1996 and gifted me with the other when I turned 18. It will most definitely be an heirloom that is NOT for sale).

  32. Why would someone buy this today? Because states with bullshit gun laws are a thing, and for those of us that arent able to have certain guns or have a 10 round limit, this may be a better alternative. Especially in the FUDD ass state I live in. No point in having an AR if I can't use 30 round mags in my opinion.

  33. Thank you so much just purchased a sks and luckily before I went to shoot I seen this and 100 percent would have had slam fire my pin was stuck solid

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