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Skorpion EVO – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the thirty-fifth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Skorpion EVO. We first saw this weapon’s predecessor, the
Skorpion, in COD4 – and it returned in both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. Black Ops 2 marks the modern evolution’s first
entry, however – where this fully automatic SMG is unlocked at level 46. The CZ Skorpion Evo 3 A1 is a weapon that
originates from the Czech Republic, where it is manufactured by Česká zbrojovka. It is a compact submachine gun designed to
fill a similar role to its predecessor, with an adjustable folding stock for easier handling
in confined spaces, and a full complement of Picatinny rails for the addition of optics
or accessories. The design originates from around 2002 as
a Slovakian prototype, the Laugo SMG. This design was purchased by CZ, and developed
into the EVO 3 design in 2009. The weapon fires the NATO standard pistol
calibre, the 9-by-19 millimetre Parabellum round. In-game, damage is low: as the Skorpion has
no headshot multiplier, you’ll always need at least four shots to kill an uninjured opponent. At a distance, this quickly drops to a minimum
of six shots to kill – damage is not the Skorpion’s strongest suit, as it deals the lowest per-shot
damage in its class. As with its peers, penetration ability is
low. It is in rate of fire where the Skorpion makes
up lost ground: it is the fastest firing automatic weapon, spewing lead at a continuous rate
of 1250 rounds per minute. This is as fast as the Chicom CQB’s 3-round
burst: and paired with Rapid Fire you’ll see a monstrous 1893 rounds per minute dispensed
– although this might be overkill, coming at a considerable cost to your ranged effectiveness. Paired with its SMG-default superior hipfire
performance, this weapon is deadly from the hip: the faster rate of fire providing more
consistent performance courtesy of sheer volume of fire. Unaimed shots will prove almost as effective
as aiming down your sights, and gives you a reactive edge while taking an aggressive
tack – hipfire is definitely the Skorpion’s strongest trait. Recoil is moderate – and, paired with the
low ranged damage you will find the Skorpion is not an effective option for use over longer
sightlines. Aiming will allow you to more accurately direct
your stream of lead, which can prove useful at the extent of the weapon’s reach – and
you’ll transition to ADS in 200 milliseconds, the SMG default. Other handling traits are as expected for
its class, too – the Skorpion handles well, like any other SMG – and you’ll move at 100
percent of the base speed. Magazine capacity is fairly average, at 32
rounds – although given the rapid consumption you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself
reloading very often. Extended Clip will take your magazine capacity
to 42 rounds – and should be a very strong consideration for such a gluttonous weapon. Thankfully, such frequent reloads shouldn’t
impair you too much – as reloads are very quick indeed, at just 2 seconds flat. Our build with the Skorpion plays to its strongest
trait: the ability to quickly spew lead in the general direction of a close-range foe. A close-range ‘shredder’ class, then – designed
to turn the Skorpion into a bullet hose, and to support the aggressive playstyle that suits
the weapon best. First up, we elect the Primary Gunfighter
wildcard to permit the selection of three attachments for our gun-focussed build. The first of our attachment choices is a fairly
logical one for any build centered around hipfire: the Laser Sight. Equipping this illuminating option will reduce
hipfire spread by 27.5 percent – concentrating your cone of fire and allowing you to spray
with wild abandon at quite a considerable range. Even mid-ranged targets may succumb to your
hail, with the Skorpion dispensing a surprising amount of lead within a fairly small area. Next, we take an attachment which will prolong
your fun, and slightly extend your ammunition supply. Extended Clip grants an extra 10 rounds per
mag, which can prove decisive when you divulge your magazine’s contents recklessly. These extra rounds might allow you to successfully
tackle more enemies at once, and can save the need for a reload between successive engagements. Your reloads will be slowed by 10 percent
– but they remain quite sprightly, and the extra rounds in your total supply offer benefit
beyond Fast Mag’s more rapid reload. Next, our third attachment opens up some possibilities,
depending on your preference. As part of the ‘shredder’ class concept, FMJ
works well with the Skorpion: while damage is low, our ability to send a lot of lead
towards a target makes the weapon quite suitable for tackling obscured enemies. FMJ will bump up your weapon’s ability to
pierce cover, which can prove decisive should an enemy decide to make effective use of scenery
to conceal themselves. The ability to cut through such cover with
your furious spray will erode a defensive enemy’s advantage, and also gives you the
ability to tackle entirely hidden enemies known to be lurking inside buildings. However, if you’re content with lower penetration,
then the Long Barrel attachment is another worthwhile choice that can slightly extend
your reach with the weapon: while only a subtle difference, this 16% damage bonus can add
a little extra reach with the Skorpion’s hipfire. Finally, if you can’t stand being on radar
– then the Suppressor isn’t a bad option, either – the lower damage differential making
the weapon an ideal candidate for a stealth role. Next, we move on to the perks – with a fairly
standard fast-moving loadout. First up is the predictable Lightweight: granting
a 7 percent movement buff, you’ll be able to get closer to your enemy more quickly,
which will enhance the effectiveness of any close-quarter weapon. If you prefer the suppressor to the damage-enhancing
options, Ghost works as a very viable alternative here for a total stealth approach – but this
does require an adjustment to your playstyle. Our second perk choice is non-negotiable,
however: Scavenger is a must with the Skorpion, as few other weapons have the ability to chew
though their entire supply as quickly. As you’ll spawn with just four magazines,
even with Extended Clip you’ll find yourself dry after relatively few kills: the ability
to resupply while on the move is essential for sustained use of the weapon. Next, Dexterity is a useful choice for any
rapid-paced aggressive build, lessening the time it takes to transition from a full sprint
to a ready-to-fire stance. This will allow you to start spraying down
an unexpected foe as quickly as possible when you encounter them – and landing the first
shot in a gunfight is a bellwether for victory. Also useful in skewing gunfights is the equipment
on offer – and paired with scavenger your choice here will be renewable. A tactical option like a concussion or flashbang
will prove useful for clearing rooms, stunning enemies inside before entry – but you can
equip a lethal choice here should you wish. Finally, a secondary pistol will prove useful
with the Skorpion – while reloading the weapon is quick, switching to a pistol is quicker. The KAP-40 best mirrors the Skorpion’s lead-spewing
ability, and suits a similar playstyle – but you can elect whatever works best for you. Switch to it when your mag is dry and there’s
still action to be had – or in the cases where you’ve expended all available primary ammunition. That’s our build – designed to turn the weapon
into a mayhem-fuelled bullet hose, as best fits a weapon with such a rate of fire. Embracing a close-range role is undoubtedly
the best tactic – trying to wrangle the furious bullet-flinging ability onto longer ranged
targets is a futile affair. The Skorpion is an effective close quarter
weapon with the ability to dispense a dizzying amount of fire within a short space of time. No other automatic weapon fires as quickly
by default, with only the burst weapons such as the Chicom and M8A1 briefly touching the
Skorpion’s output. This ability to rapidly spew fire, paired
with the swift handling traits of an SMG, make for a very consistent close quarters
weapon – unlike the slower-firing alternatives, you are less reliant on any one shot finding
its mark. Unfortunately, this rate of fire is balanced
with the lowest damage of any weapon on offer – on a per-shot basis, the Skorpion is outmatched
by all. The high output compensates for this, but
throws the issue of sustainable supply into the mix – frequent reloads can be problematic,
despite their short duration. It’s easy to find yourself left dry mid-firefight,
which will leave you exposed to a swift counterattack. You’ll find yourself similarly vulnerable
at a long-range, too – moderate recoil and low damage conspiring to make it very difficult
to direct an accurate stream of shots at any sort of distance. Still, with care such sightlines can be avoided,
and you’ll reap the rewards of the Skorpion’s fast and furious performance up close. This evolved arthropod spares no venom in
its output: a fearsome barb poised to attack. Any enemy foolish enough to provoke you… …will surely feel this weapon’s sting. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
M8A1. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Skorpion EVO – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. It might be just my console, but the PS3 copy of Black Ops 2 grants the Scorpion EVO 43 rounds with Extended Mags

  2. I wish the original skorpion was in bo2! I want it as a secondary, like in mw3.That would have been a perfect slovakian class!

  3. 4 years later and this gun still destroys in BO2
    rather than flash or concussion grenades, i prefer a tactical insertion, to stay within enemy lines and keep on killing

  4. I use Fast Mag, FMJ and Rapid fire on Skorpion EVO. It's distance for max damage is already short as it is, so I don't mind lowering it, since it's a close range weapon anyway, plus the decrease in accuracy helps with hip firing so you don't have to struggle to keep spot on target. Even if you can't keep on aim, the FMJ will surely help you get the kill. For perks, I use Lightweight, Fast hands, Scavenger and Extreme Conditioning, to, of course, get to the enemy quickly, and take them out with ease. When it comes to making distanced kills, one would think Rapid fire would make this impossible, but if you click, rather than hold down the button, you'll find yourself getting the kill. Once again, the FMJ helps to increase the damage over those distances. To go along with the Frequent reloads, I incorporated Fastmag and Fast Hands together to make for a near instant reload. Basically, I look for speed in this class. Fast reload, fast firing, fast movement = endless kills.

  5. I would use this class set but drop the Laser to have the Ext. Clip, Long Barrel, and FMJ. Because the Skorpion EVO already has excellent hip-fire with or without the attachment, I could afford to be reckless for more power.

  6. 4 years have passed, I still think these videos are beautifully well done and have great research behind, thank you for your efforts sir.

  7. Whenever I watch your videos, I feel like a new SWAT cadet with my team, being briefed by my sargeant on the weapons that our division has on offer.

  8. Are you aware that the Tories' utterly disgraceful ads are playing on your channel? if I were you I'd switch off adds 'til after 8th June.

  9. Sounds like he's one of those guys watching animals that say," and now we see the Skorpion, it has the ability to spray down its pray with a highest rate of fire of its kind"😂

  10. I called this gun the quick fix. It kills so fast up close. Even beating shotguns upclose thats how good i was with this gun.

  11. YO WHEN IT COMes TO THIS GUN IS IN MY FAVE 5 COMING A CLOSE 2ND JUST BEHIND THE LSAT wbhen i use skorpoin i have LASER SIGHT extended mag and to make it more leatal i also use fast hans and fmj

  12. I love this weapon with Rapid Fire; not extremely useful – but fun as hell. Grab Primary Gunfighter, rapid fire, extended clip, and long barrel. The kick alone is enough to make it hard to control at range – but you'll practically have a horrifying shotgun on your hands with a horrible ROAR when you fire it.

    Baddie rounds a corner and a slight squeeze of the trigger will be all it takes to drop them. You can usually kill other SMG users before they can kill you if you both start shooting at the same time. It's hilariously awesome. There's no reason you should be pumping enemies with so many bullets so fast – but it's hilarious!

  13. I've been enjoying this gun quite well, my attachments on it are: extended mag(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), suppressor, and rapid fire. Very good gun for search, using it on dom or tdm isn't much of a good idea unless you have scavenger. The gun shoots fast but when you put rapid fire on it…. it cuts people in half whilst sounding like an animal of a gun.

  14. This gun looks both cute and evil, kinds like megan from drake n josh, its small but don’t be fooled by that

  15. Funny thing is, the playstyles and loadouts in these videos work in singleplayer as well, or at least they seemed to when I tried them.

  16. Scorpion Evo: Fast Mag, Fore Grip/ Holographic Sight
    Secondary: Any You Prefer
    Perks: Lightweight, Fast Hands, Dexterity And Extreme Conditioning
    Lethal: None
    Tactical: Concussion Grenade
    Wildcards: Perk Greed 3

    Try This Out For Yourself, As I Use This As An Aggressive Player, It Would Be Great For Almost All Situations

    Highest I’ve Gotten With This Loadout: 31 – 2 On TDM

  17. My favorite gun on BO2.
    My class with is….
    Lesar Sight.
    Long Barrel.
    Extended Clip.
    Blue Perk.
    Green Perk.
    Red Perk.
    EMP Flash .
    Secondary Weapon.
    I just love listening to this gun's firing sound. If only it had a bigger magazine like 50 round it would be a top tier weapon.

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