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  1. Carried the CM9 for over a year now, for people considering buying, it kicks those other guns butt. The smallest, the lightest, super smooth trigger, very accurate, very reliable and only $350-$400. Recoil is fine, i can range shoot 100rnds no problem. Its longer puller trigger is the safest btw.
    XDS is an over weight single stack G19 size pistol

  2. the glock 43 shoots like the 19,23,26,27 muscle memory dictated i go with what i train with. hands down glock wins this battle as well as in .380 id like to play with the other guns but once again cant beat a glock. great video

  3. I have the XDS 9mm and at 7 yards I can get a ragged hole 1" that's stock too, no trigger tweaks. That's after shooting it at the second trip to the range.

  4. Epic video. I have yet to pull the trigger on a single stack 9mm. I think its because I have been carrying a G26 for almost 10 years now and haven't been put in a position where I said to myself I "need" a single stack. I do still want a G43 simply because because I am a self proclaimed Glock fanboy LOL.

  5. I mis spoke…I forgot that I bought an XDs 2 years ago. I sold it to buy a plane ticket to go to Hawaii. Good gun. I liked the grip safety that everyone hates.

  6. The Kahr cm9 is a pm9 for 400ish. They've simply used a standard barrel and simpler slide shaping.

    Kahr cm9 would be the more accurate comparison.

  7. I've been carrying my XDs 4.0 with standard big dots sights for a while and enjoying it. I got the essential kit so it was cheaper and came with just the flush (7rd) and the mid-cap(8rd) magazines.

  8. I'd say Kahr all day. I have tried the others other than the Glock and Hank is right, weight is the enemy when daily carrying. Plus the Kahr can fit in most pant pockets on a quick grab and go. The others stayed in my safe while I maid that quick errand run. After just 20 or so rounds I can tear bullseyes at 21 feet easily with the Kahr. If I were to look at any of tenths guns they tested I would go straight to the double stacks and get a good holster. Makes sense to me and most logically thinking people.

  9. I'm a little surprised that you didn't test the kahr cm9, maybe it was just that you had the pm9 available. It is the budget version, has comparable parts to the other models, the same trigger, and can be had for $350, which is best in this class for value. I think that changes the equation drastically. Plus you can get an entry level pm9 for $550, which puts it at the same level as the xds9. If you want a pricey single stack 9, you should have had the p938 or the kimber solo. Great vid with the most popular models, but you missed some opportunities to make a really great comparo vid.

  10. Both of these guys implied what my belief has been for a long time.,,they mostly carry g26/g19 (double stack guns) The .2 of an inch difference from a single stack vs double stack gun width is almost a non-issue for most iwb carry and zero issue for owb or shoulder holster carry. A g26 is the same weight as a xds9-3.3, has 3 more rounds with a shorter grip, and can accept 15, 17, and 33 round mags. Find a double stack if you are belt or shoulder holstering.

    In my opinion, single stack 9's are for pocket carry. The single stack 380 acp is the quintescential pocket carry gun/round (just like Yacyas said), but there are those who can't stomach the 380 as a small round, so the single stack 9 needs to be equally small to then fit in the pocket, which is why the kahr cm9 seems so perfect for this role. Yes it has 1 less round, an asset to have a shorter grip to draw smoothly from the pocket. Yes there is more recoil due to the lighter weight and smaller size than the others, but again an asset to pocket carry and a non issue for what these guys described as 7 yds or less. Anything over 18 ounces fully loaded in pocket is too heavy for pocket fabric. Anything over .9 in thick is too thick for pocket carry. Anything over 6 in oal is too long for pocket carry.

  11. Owned Xds 9mm. Liked it but not the weight. Iwb holster would be great with Xds, but never in pocket due to weight. I'm switching to a 380acp for carry. Looking at Sig P238 or M&P bodyguard. I like option of carrying in pocket.

  12. Get a Kahr cm9 329.99 and you can pocket carry it for a different carry option. only 4'' tall beats the (Glock 42) height 4.13'' and it's a 9mm not a 380

  13. Thank you for the video. I believe we the viewers would have benefited greatly if you would have allowed us to see the targets you were shooting at. In short by not seeing any or your target results made this less meaningful.

  14. I have a shield and absolutely agree that in its stock form the grip is way too slippery. A stipple job is a major upgrade and free if you've got some skill. I didn't like the heavy trigger either so I did the Apex upgrades on that as well.

    Where I draw the line is saying the sights can be changed out. My god the dovetails on that little gun are a total nightmare compared to any other gun I've done, plus they added red loktite to the set screw just to add insult to injury, lol. Break out the brass punch and 2lb sledge hammer and beat the living hell out of it–those are your sight installation instructions right there.

  15. Man you are really doing an awesome job with your reviews, Good to see your reeling in the subscribers as you should Hank keep doing what you do we appreciate all the hard work that You,Lola,and Mr.Yackity Yak do to bring us up to date and on top of the newest coolest stuff on the market First.. 👍👍👍

  16. dude straight up lied about shooting the glock the best he shot all of the other ones better with the footage we were shown

  17. its funny to watch ppl butt heads over the accuracy game. they both think there better shooters than the other lol. they both suck tho

  18. It's ALWAYS personal preference BUT-(With that being said)!!! I believe the S&W Shield is SUCH an AMAZING WEAPON!!! In my opinion, the others don't Come close (I also fired the Ruger LC-9)!! It's an absolute HOME-RUN for the price!!! The price &&& difference between the Shield & the Glock is Absolutely PREPOSTEROUS!!!!!!! I'll NEVER Sell my 9MM S&W Shield (NO EXTERNAL SAFETY AS WELL)<=== THAT WAS Veryyy important to me!!!! NO CC GUN SHOULD HAVE AN EXTERNAL SAFETY (Only The Trigger)… Just My $0.02 Centsss LMAO God Bless You All, And CARRY ON Guy's!!!!!

  19. Nice to see the Ambulance on standby. Just in case someone blows a hole in their leg or foot. It would've been nice to see the new PPS and LC9s Pro.

  20. But he said that the Glock would have the lightest trigger?  What happened to all of the other 10-12lb triggers?  I'm so confused!

  21. my winner is the XDs, 2nd & 3rd is a toss up between Kahr and Flock, and 4th is clearly the S&W, not to put down S&W, they are my 1st in revolvers!!!

    Detroit 69

  22. My wife and I left a good deal of lead at a couple indoor ranges, mostly G43 and Shield…I guess H&K didn't sell enough p30sk's, Sig didn't sell enough 290rs's and Beretta didn't sell enough Nano's to make it into these comparison videos….. All three worthy of consideration. Drawing from Sara Lee, nobody doesn't like a Glock…. Love you man, but your videos are just too damned long……probably my short attention span…

  23. thanks guys for a good video. Glocks are a little over priced,but with so many,aftermarket parts,customizing is easy on the cheap. my opinion is the shield is decent,but trigger is crunchy out of box. The Glock's reset is great. this argument about axis angle, slide bite,cheap sights, etc…there's no gun that is perfect,especially for micro 9mm's , it is important to upgrade grips,even cheap rubber grip tape will vastly improve accuracy. I'd like to see feeding issues in dynamic shooting tests.(moving and shooting) and how these stand up to a variety of personal protection rounds. I'd carry any of these BTW. The thinner frame is what makes them super concealable. Adding a +2 mag extension doesn't really change that,but 9 rounds,(G43) is a HUGE upgrade. Just my 2 cents.

  24. Way too much emphasis on Glock — most likely because you have other Glocks — so "Glock is all you know". So, then just review Glock, and don't diss other guns.

  25. What's the smallest single stack 9mm? Was thinkin about getting a Nano? I'm not interested in LC9 and XD's. Thank you.

  26. Dam man this video was long and pretty drawn out. If I had to chose I'd go as follows: Glock 26 (even though it's not listed) but for real lol, if I wanted a single stack id go as follows: xds, glock 43, shield , kahr.. The xds can come with a stainless slide and is the best looking, it also has great sights and a nice mags. The glock is a glock and I am a big fan. Kinda sucks the mags aren't interchangeable being that it's a single stack but it's not bad. Sights are garbage like all blocks though.. The shield is ugly and the fanboys make me hate it. I've never shot this kahr but I'd never spend $800 on it.

  27. I carried a pock gun and it rusted do to my sweating, so for me a Glock seems the better bet. I don't think it will rust, but I can't say the same for the others

  28. just picked up the kahr cm9. I like glocks but kahr does this niche better
    the gun can shot accurate out at distance
    great soft shooting gun and the trigger wow better and better with use

  29. Love your channel Hank….but hear me!
    The Kahr is the supreme pocket pistol! I own 4 Kahrs. Light, small is the gold standard with pocket pistols. Lighter/smaller is the goal here. Duh??? Not how easy the takedown, the sights, the trigger, the price (within reason —- what is your life worth?)
    So, it's the Kahr for me and the all steel version is a SWEET shooter and it's only 22 oz!!!! All steel!!!!! Much less recoil but still smaller than all the others!!! And shoot it forever with the steel frame! What's not to like?
    The trigger is awesome!!! Many reviewers have pointed out the LONG trigger pull that is very very smooth as the main selling point for a self defense weapon. You don't want a light short trigger pull. It's not a competition pistol. The chance of a negligent discharge with a Kahr is negligible… The Shield is good, and a distant second. The other two —- not in the same ballpark. Truth.

  30. this was a terrible review. they chose to review the kahr pm9 when there is an affordable version the cm9 which is basically the same fucking thing but can be found online new for 300. they weren't even clear in their choice, it took them an hour to "kinda pick a winner"

  31. the kahr cm9 rapes all these bitches. smaller, looks slick, and reliable as fuck. Ppl say too small or not enough rounds when they compare single stacks…that's the point is a small ass gun and shouldn't be a primary carry unless you have to for like work etc. that's why we have the glock 19 bitch

  32. Half an hour to find out you are two glock fanboys.   When evaluating the shield and glock you said they were pretty much the same ignoring capacity and size making the glock price ridiculous.  Do it again but eliminate the glock and add the MK9elite.

  33. As an Arizonan, I find it comical that they are wearing short sleeved shirts and sunglasses with snow on the ground on a cloudy day.

  34. Everyone trips about the XDS weight. This is my gun. The added weight serves purpose in reducing recoil and isn't that noticeable once you wear it and get used to your setup. I love the XDS. Shot it compared to a glock 43 and a shield. It's head and shoulders above the rest. Not to mention it's the only gun in this group with a rail, fiber optic sights, and the stainless mags drop so smoothly.

  35. I wish they sold the G43 in store to the general public in California.  Its so stupid that they don't……bullshit. Probably gonna get a Shield

  36. I agree and disagree with their recoil and trigger opinion.  I own a CM9 and have shot the XDS and Shield on many occasions.  I find the recoil in harder on the XDS and Shield, maybe bc I have a pinky extension.  Not to mention I love the CM9/PM9 butter slick trigger pull. For these reason, I purchased the CM9 for my daily carry. Not to mention its easy to carry being small and light.CM9 vs PM9 is mostly cosmetic, resulting in the CM9 being almost half the price.

  37. Thank you for bringing us together. I mean it's a black and white thing but not with this channel all I gotta say is 👍🏽👍🏻

  38. If only one, it would be the Kahr for me, however, it would be my Kahr P9 since it's light enough plus I love the trigger.

  39. Kahr PM9 won for me. I love the weight(or lack thereof) and the fact that it feels like the Glock 43 should. IMO, the 43 feels like a normal grip with an acorn between your hand and the grip. I own a Gen4 G19 as my full size pistol.

  40. The Guys Voice you hear is a unfucking believable "GREAT" leather holster designer/maker !!! A true "CRAFTS MAN" !!!
    The two guysin the video from beginning & at the end of the video are complete "DINKS"; they can't make up thier minds, they don't know thier ass from a hole in the ground; if this gun is like this , then this must be this , oh but wait, this ones lighter, but, this one's this way…
    Dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Find the man whom's voice , is the man whom makes the High Quality Leather Holsters, he's the only real man here with brains.

  41. Mr. Strange, is there any chance you'll do another of these videos with this line up, but include the new Honor Guard pistol from Honor Defense??

  42. Great video, but Hank you have a very bad habit. Watch the video at 9:38 and 10:27. particularly at 10:27. When after the slide didn't lock to the rear, the next trigger pull resulted in a click. That could have meant a hangfire. Your next action was to turn the muzzle towards your chest.

  43. I carry a glock 26 and the CM-9 the CM-9 is a good pocket gun and the G-26 in my Galco ankle glove, both very dependable.

  44. I just thought this was a terrific video .

    The Kahr PM 9 is a niche pistol !
    Kahr's PM Range is their Highest Quality pistol range !
    The PM 9 has a seriously high quality barrel +P Approved ! ! !

    A Kahr PM 9 is the best quality available and the best single stack in this video !



    The best CCW / EDC 9mm ammunition ever produced is ;
    124gr 9mm GDHP +P

    and in my world will most likely cost me my life !

    I can never recommend any firearm as a CCW / EDC , other than a DOUBLE STACK 9 ! ! !

  45. So he's not a fan of the bar dot sights on the kahr and not a fan of the 3 dot sights..sooooo, he's just not a fan of sights?? Wth?

  46. What the hell is with the THUMBS?? Is this a new style ? Floating your thumbs doesn't make it any better……………retarded I think !!!

  47. Good reviews
    But people get mad because they carry different guns, they’re all good in common but who likes to carry what and why that’s different
    Don’t be hater

  48. Lol xds all the way had all them guns and the xds always came out on top it shoots like a champ
    It is a bit on the heavy side but that makes it shoots better then the lighter guns and the sights are amazing out the box the mags are better hen you think it's just a small battle gun lol have fun y'all

  49. Im considering getting the Kahr cm9 for my first cc pistol, i wound appreciate some pros and cons from people who own it, thanks.

  50. Not sure what state this was filmed or what their laws are but AZ law states you cannot discharge a firearm within 1/4 mile from any road or structure. You can see cars driving by just hundreds of feet behind them.

  51. I’ve owned a Kahr CW9 for five yrs now. I really bought it for the price point and the DAO. I see DAO as one less manipulation when it’s time to go. When I carry it; it’s +1, so I’ve got 8 rounds. Never had a single stove pipe or failure to eject.

  52. I just watched this video and like the xds best but couldn’t help but notice that you work the slide a lot towards your middle just looking out for you…

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