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  1. My personal favorite is a great intersection of price and performance, the Vortex VMX3. It is available alone or with a unique swing mount for quick transitions.

  2. Absolutely, but you will need some type of mount. Either a side mount rail (if your AK has provisions for one) or a receiver cover with an integral mount or a handguard with a built-in mount. Since the optic is not magnified, it doesn’t matter how far away from your eye it is.

  3. Lucky you! Send me your PS90 and forget about this sight stuff! In all seriousness, this will fit very nicely on the tri-rail.

  4. It certainly will not provide an absolute cowitness and I have my doubts that it can achieve a lower 1/3. The best thing I have seen for co-witnessing on an AK is the Larue AK Irondot. There’s a good write up in the forums over at ak47: ak47 net / forums / t_2_219 / 163808_ html

  5. I think it would be a good choice for a rimfire rifle. It is parallax free. I would also suggest the Bushnell First Strike Illuminated Red Dot Sight, which is in the same price range. I think you’d be better off to spend the money on an optic, instead of the optic/laser combination.

  6. It is the best of all those things i have one on my AR and it is awesome. I have an Eotech as well and it realy isnt that much worse. The biggest difference is the Eotech is waterproof and the Sight Mark is only water resistant. It holds it zero with no proublems at all, and my sight has seen alot of abuse with no malfunctions, mind you that it is also over 2 years old.

  7. Depending on the firearm, the optic should provide an absolute co-witness – front sight, dot and rear sight in alignment, the dot on the top of the front sight post.

  8. The 14002 will give you the most options. You have a choice of 4 reticles to determine which works best for you in any situation (3 MOA dot, crosshair, 10 MOA dot crosshair & 65 MOA circle w/ 3 MOA dot). It's also night vision compatible, so if you own NV or think you might in the future, it would be a good choice. 14000 has a single dot reticle and isn't NV compatible. 13005 has 4 reticle options (3 MOA dot, crosshair, 10 MOA dot crosshair & 65 MOA circle w/ 3 MOA dot) but isn't NV compatible.

  9. Hello, i am french,
    The Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Sight (red dot)
    resists stand the recoil ,of calibers for 12 gauge shotgun ?
    thank you.

  10. yes you are missing something here… lol night vision setting is for night vision goggles, in other words its infared and ivisable to the naked eye

  11. I have the 14000 and I wished that I had gotten the NV model because the non-NV nodels are blurry when coupled with a magnifier. So if you plan on adding a magnifier I'd go with one of the NV's, The glass is better. Otherwise the 14000 digital is nice for non magnified

  12. @ Outdoorsurvivalist94, for front fixed sights, you need a riser that attaches to your rail,it will elevate the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Reflex Sight.

  13. how far can your face be from the sight and still see the reticle? I'm planning on getting one for my ak47 and i want to mount it on my front rail which is above the gas tube

  14. I saw a Sightmark sight at a local gun store in Houston going for $100. I don't know if the one shown on You-tube goes for this price.

  15. can i trust this Sightmark sight? im worrying about the parralex correction on this optic, can anyone tell me if theyre any good? im using an 16 in ar05

    If you guys are serious shooters, it WILL break on you eventually. I went down the same road a few times and I've wasted hundreds on cheapo red dots. Lesson? I'm never paying less than $300 for an optic again.

  17. I was just checking one of these out at Dunham's Sporting Goods, basically looking for a cheap holographic sight for my wife's ATI GSG 522-SD. They are selling them for $100.00. Both my wife and I liked the sight, especially the choice of 4 reticles to chose from. The one thing that really sucks about this sight, are the batteries – three CR1620's. I had a hell of a time putting them back in and gave up fumbling with the damn things. let the clerk put them back in. Definitely needs improvement!

  18. Hi OpticsPlanet wounder if you could help me im after a red dot for my airpistol its a webley alecto which has a rail i want to shoot it in light so i will need a lens with not allot of glare and dark situations outside and maybe a bit of magnification as my eyes are not that good many thanks martin

  19. It says the battery life is only 2 hrs thats kinda crappy i think but i do like the sight just need more battery life

  20. eotech has the price jacked up because they know the govt will pay it. Wake up, your not the government. Buy a sightmark! Works the same…..

  21. these less expensive sights are a good option when it comes to airsoft or air rifle or a 22. anything else they will not hold zero. you cannot compare these to an Eotech, they may look the same but are miles apart when it comes to quality and durability. you truly get what you pay for period.

  22. You don't need a riser, I just sighted my Armalite Ar in today, first with my Magpul Mbuis rear sight and stock front sight, re attached my Sightmark, tweaked my reticle and now they all 3 co witness each other perfectly.

  23. Does anyone here has issues with the reticles? my red dot looks like a coma, also I noticed halos around the other reticles. Also with the batteries, if I put new ones today and just turned it on and off the next day the batteries are drained out.

  24. Mine always shuts off when I fire rounds now.  Something inside is shorting out or something ><.  I can fire one or two rounds before the red dot shuts off and I have to turn it back on(or take the batteries out/reinsert them).  Anyone else with this issue?

  25. Will the reticle become fuzzy if I were glasses or contacts? My cousin brought in one of these when they came to our house for Christmas on their AR pistol and I had that problem. Just wondering if I could turn brightness down or something to fix this before I invest on my own sight.

  26. I run three of thees Sightmarks. My first in on a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge. I've put 500-700 rounds through it. I only had to readjust the elevation by a single click once. The other two are on an AR and a Ruger mini 30 they have never lost Zero.

    I love this product.

  27. I would say don't buy one, it eats batteries like they are going out of style. I install new batteries then shoot a few times then go to use it a couple days later and they are dead.

  28. I have had the sightmark QD (digital switch) on my Moss 835 for 3 years now.. I have punished the hell out of the sightmark with high recoil magnum shells.. And still going strong. No issues..Also, FYI. Get the digital switch model if you want water proof. The dial model is only water resistant.

  29. Junk, the screen and sight picture were great. the mount would not tighten on the rail even by adjusting the nut with provided mini-wrench. then the handle just snapped off.

  30. I have this sight, and it's decent, but my problem is it's loose even when the quick release is engaged on my rail. Anyone know how to tighten it? I never use it because of this and I want to use it.

  31. STOP!!! 1 major problem! Battery's suck, there are 3 littler pimples that god forbid you couldn't pick up with a pair of tweezers!!! WTF! Give me a AAA-A bat that anyone get without going to a specialty store…… Great optics, BATTERIES SUCK!!!!!!! Just like a good FLASHLIGHT! If I need special battery's, NOT REDIALITY available, NO SALE!!!!

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