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Sight Gears Handgun Drill | Fighting Pistol North Carolina Class (4K)

Mickey: What I’m trying to force into your
brain guys is that we don’t always have some flat static target at some predetermined distance. Things move. People move. So, for example, this is contact shooting
right? What sight gear do I need to shoot this target? Student: None. Mickey: Three, right. So, I don’t need any. Now, could I get a perfect sight picture? Sure. Could I have that number two where I’m kind
of wobbly because I didn’t take time to get steady? Sure. So here’s all the drill is. I’m going to give you a beep. You’re going to face this where you can’t
see the steel (steel target). [BEEP] You’re going to draw. [BANG BANG] Fire two. Step out… [BANG] One to the steel. I’m going to do it again. Ready? Two to rubber dummy. One to the steel. Shooter! Shooter ready. Come on. I did that in 352 without rushing… So, you’ve got all the time in the world. Have you obscured the steel where you’re
standing? Student: Yes. Mickey: Perfect. Shooter ready? Student: Ready. Mickey: Stand by. Good hit. Do it again. Do it again. 334 Very good. Here we go. Good. How about one more time. 287. Ready? Good, 295. Who’s up? This is a great drill at any distance you
can… you can do this by just having a smaller target out there as well. Step up a little bit. I want you to see less of that steel. Ready? Relax. Good. Try that again bro. Try it again. Ready Freddie. Make it up! Make it up! Give me another one. Good. You guys miss man, remember what did I tell
you this morning. It’s done. That shots gone. It’s like a bad girlfriend that you cheated
on. Start over. Do better the next time. Don’t be an ass. Buy her flowers. Who’s up? Maybe you didn’t cheat on her, maybe you were
just rude to her too many times. Step forward a few feet. There you go. Gotta load and make ready? Or are you good to go? Student: Load and make ready. Ready. Mickey: Stand-by. Good hit. You guys are ninjas. Ready? Student: Ready. Mickey: 326 was the last one. Make it up. Very good. Who’s up? Shooter ready? Student: Alright. Mickey: Good. I’ll have to swap that for the C Zone. Make this harder. Stand-by. Good. Here we go. Headshot on rubber dummy on purpose? Student: It was. Mickey: Very nice. very nice. Cool man, who’s up? Shooter ready? Stand by. Those misses man. This is the whole thing about being able to
refine that sight picture. Trigger press should be pretty static, but
you can slap away on that trigger up close. You can’t do that when your shooting forty
yards away. Do it one more time. Top that gun off. When we are doing these drills, don’t throw
your gun back in the holster empty. Who’s up? My name is Cody. I enjoy working out. Long walks on the beach. Cody: What? Mickey: So some of the dings we are hearing
that sound funny. You guys are hitting the black. Cody: Ahh… Mickey: Ok, so. Sights on these guns… most are regulated to about 25 yards. At that distance you may have to aim way higher
than you would think. Bullets travel in an arc. Good, 261. Do it one more time bro. Who’s up? Go for it bro. It’s actually not that hot. Student: Yeah, it’s not that bad. Humid. Mickey: The breeze… Stand by. Good. 219. Ready? 209. Shave a tenth off. 188. Again? First shot 89. That’s good man. That’s a blazer. Give me one more… don’t miss this time. First shot, 90. Awesome. Cool. So you guys are you getting the picture here?

10 thoughts on “Sight Gears Handgun Drill | Fighting Pistol North Carolina Class (4K)

  1. Very nice! The "students" are doing a great job. Any thug coming up against them is in for a bad day.

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