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Sig Sauer SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace

The Sig Sauer SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace
is an update to their revolutionary SB15 Pistol Brace and is designed to give better performance
during single-handed shooting with AR15 style pistols.
Made from elasto-polymer, the SBX brace is designed to enhance accuracy and reduce felt
recoil on AR style pistols. It features a slimmer body and more flexible cuff than it’s
predecessor, ensuring a firm fit on any shooter. The Brace fits all pistols equipped with a
buffer tube between 1 and 1.2-inches in diameter and is easy to install. It’s ATF compliant
and made in the USA. Like all products sold by Brownells, the Sig
Sauer SBX Stabilizing Pistol Brace is backed by our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction

6 thoughts on “Sig Sauer SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace

  1. A little late Brownells, sales of this thing is going to crash thanks to the ATF and their ability to make their word law.

  2. Why don't we call this what it is – A Pistol Stock.  Sig was pretty slick to trick the ATF into approving this, but now you can go to prison for putting that thing up to your shoulder.  I will skip a long rant on how the ATF is totally unconstitutional and get to the point that there is no point to having an AR15 pistol, except if you are trying to replicate an SBR.  An AK pistol is shorter, more powerful, and more reliable, if we are talking strictly pistols. 

  3. Be prepared to buy the 88gr CO2 cartriges. It was harder to find than I thought. Any how the gun is awesome the belt feed works great.>>> The weight of the gun feels like a real rifle. After sighting in the gun I can get a very tight pattern at 50 yards. It will kill small game. Its my first 88gr pellet gun ,so far I like it alot. Alot easier than my break barrel gun.

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